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Webcam Surveyor Webcam Surveyor is the fastest and most efficient webcam software that runs on Windows PCs. The application is fast and uses a small amount of memory, and needs a minimum of 10MB of disk space. Webcam Surveyor helps monitor safety and notify you when something happens. It allows you to record videos in the presence of people who are not yours or to determine what happens to your PC when you are not there. Motion detector – observe your home or office, and record any motion. If the motion is detected you can set up different actions within the application, including motion-activated recording, email alerts motion capture mode others.

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Webcam Surveyor

The Command-line interface enables you to manage the webcam’s recording by sending parameters to the launch line of the program. These commands can be used to control the webcam recording using Windows Task Scheduler or manage the program using the hidden mode. You can install the application over the earlier version of Webcam Surveyor. The majority of the properties are stored in a folder called WSSettings.was within the Application Data directory of the application. For installing an app, just start the setup file that you downloaded via the Internet then adhere to the instructions.

Broadcasting – Just by pressing the one switch, users are able to stream webcam footage over the Internet or a local network. It lets you see what’s happening in your office or at home in real-time. With its advanced motion capture feature, you can cut down on time and space on your disk by recording only the frames that contain the motion.

Webcam Surveyor is a complete software that includes video surveillance as well as recording tools for video. This software allows you to capture all video activity as well as function as a motion detector and send alerts to be triggered by certain events (send an email or upload images to an FTP site whenever it detects motion). The built-in browser lets you efficiently organize captured videos and images. This software lets you keep track of any video activity, use it as a motion detector and send alerts to the program when alerted by certain events (send an e-mail or upload photos to an FTP site whenever it detects motion). Webcam Surveyor is a simple and useful application that is designed for recording video and monitoring. This software can stream quickly and effortlessly live video on a network capture webcam footage capture snapshots and keep track of every motion.

Webcam Surveyor can capture webcam streams, as well as videos, were taken using input devices. Capture images and videos then upload them to Facebook with one click and then adjust the settings of your camera.

Webcam Surveyor Features

Capture time-lapse videos – With this option, you can shoot images with a webcam with fixed intervals of time that span the interval of one hundred milliseconds to the tens of hours. The software can capture the sequence of photos directly to a video file. This allows you to create a time-lapse movie without the need for additional steps. Webcam Surveyor is a free video surveillance software download that is filed in the category of video software. It’s released via El Software Solutions for Windows. The software can be licensed shareware on the Windows operating system by video capture software. It is able to be downloaded as a no-cost trial until the expiration of the trial. The Webcam Surveyor 3.8.6 Demo is accessible to all users of the software as a no-cost download, but with possible restrictions, but is not the version that is the full version of this software.

Webcam Surveyor

It is not necessary to commit a lot of time to watch an archive of videos. The program will operate in the background and will be looking at the fixed point you have selected. The program supports continuous recording all day long, and the ability to see the video while recording. The software supports recording all the popular formats, including audio and video, and it records single frames, and even digital zooms to record. With this program, you’ll be able to connect your webcam to your computer, and then watch any movement before your webcam. Auto-start features and built-in scheduling tools allow you the complete automation of capture from webcams and also use the software when in the background. Webcam Surveyor is a simple application that allows you to convert your PC into an electronic security system for video.

Webcam Surveyor System Requirements

  • RAM: 40 MB
  • Operating System: Windows -XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
  • Processor: Intel Pentium IV
  • Webcam
  • Hard Disk: 10 MB
  • Display: 16 Bit color display or higher
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