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The planning development portion that we provide in our novel-writing software was specifically designed to assist the planners. It gives a structure to insert a premise, short synopsis, and story skeleton. It can also assist in submitting your story to agents and publishers.

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The Novel Factory

Allows you to break down the story into structural sections and save them separately. It is designed for beginner and professional writers as well. We don’t claim any intellectual or creative work by our users.

The Novel Factory makes it simple as is possible by organizing your data in a tedious manner providing helpful tips and suggestions at the right moment, as well as providing inspiration and helpful sources. Make use of the special sections for characters, locations, objects, and more to track all the information associated with your novel quickly.

It allows you to write the introduction, synopsis, and also select the outline for your story during the stage of planning. Create an outline for your novel and also learn the procedure of creating. Create and publish content using the assistance of a full collection of tools for writing. The licenses are per user not per computer, which means you can install the Desktop version, or access the Online software on as many computers as you want, as the software is intended for personal use only. If you’d like to do this, you must get in touch with us, and after we’ve confirmed the details of your Desktop license details, we’ll send you coupons. The Version Online requires continuous service to be running and hosting and is built on a subscription model.

The Novel Factory Features

We respond to all legitimate requests, so if haven’t heard from us within two business days, it’s likely that we didn’t receive your email or our response was rejected by your email service. You can try contacting us on Facebook and Twitter instead or add us to your whitelisting address. If you’re already a Desktop user who wants to switch to Online then you must enroll in an annual or monthly subscription to Online. If you choose to sign up for an annual license, you’ll be eligible for discounts that are equal to the cost that you spent on the Desktop license – basically making your Desktop license is completely free. There are a lot of people who believe in the existence of two kinds of writers: the pantsers and planners. Planners are those who prefer to plot out their story ahead of time, while pantsers are those who… write on them in their own way without knowing what direction the story will go. Simple Novel Writing SoftwareFlexibility of usability has been a major priority from the beginning and our novel-writing software is useable right from the first time you open it.

The Novel Factory

The Novel Factory Crack application is designed to let you design the skeleton of a novel and also help you learn the writing process. The application lets you write stories in structural sections and save them separately. The user-friendly interface allows you to follow the outline you have created. The Novel Factory Crack allows users to write the outline, synopsis, and premise and choose the structure for their storyline during the stage of planning. The program offers different templates that you can modify quickly. There’s a tab for submissions in which you can save the editor’s notes as well as the follow-up. Novel Writing Software Character Screenshot The novel writing software comes with one section that is specifically designed to track characters and all the flaws they have.

No learning curve is required, there are no days, weeks, or even months to master the method before you begin writing. It’s a novel-writing program specifically designed to assist with every aspect of writing novels from the beginning to the final publication. It’s an extremely efficient and comprehensive software that allows you to begin writing your novel. Another great feature is the ability to add multiple images of your characters, that can be uploaded either from our library or your personal computer. However, you don’t have to believe us on this.

How to get The Novel Factory Free

See all of your characters View all your characters in the overview or click them for more details which include introductions information, basic details such as questionnaires view synopsis, background, and notes. The Novel Factory includes jam-packed with useful features for novelists, including the plot template, character questionnaires, and word count data. Utilize the step-by-step guide to master the process of writing while you write your first novel. The Novel Factory is novel writing software designed specifically to aid in every aspect of writing a novel from the beginning to publication.

The Novel Factory can be described as a novel software for writers. It is designed specifically designed for writers. Get more productive and have the novel completed! It is a benefit to writers of all levels, from the beginning to the top of their game.

Our money is in the right place by giving a free 7-day trial to let you test what we mean. The software has been designed to be as simple as it can be, by handling the complex task of data organization by providing useful advice and tips at the appropriate time, and offering the motivation needed and tools. A free download The Novel Factory complete version offline standalone installer for Windows It was created to aid in all aspects of writing novels. The Novel Factory to Windows 10 is developed and upgraded with the help of Novel Software. All trademarks registered, including names of products and companies as well as logos, remain the rightful property and rights of the owners.

Purchase the Novel Factory writing software and focus on your novel from the first idea through your final manuscript. Novel Writing Software Roadmap Probably the most beneficial feature for novices yet easy to slip into the way for experienced writers who know the ropes. The Roadmap is likely the most helpful feature for beginners however it is easy to put into the way for experienced novelists who are already aware of how to write. The Roadmap includes the most tried-and-tested theories of top writers and novelists, with practical, bite-sized tasks for beginners to learn the art of writing while writing their very first novel. Make use of the sections to arrange all your notes from the beginning, and everything is accessible with just a few clicks. There’s a tab called Submission that allows you to store the notes of the editor as well as the follow-up.

We don’t go through our social media accounts as often as we do our emails, therefore it might take longer to receive a reply However, we check often and respond to genuine requests. For now, we suggest that users stick to one of the Online as well as the Desktop version. It isn’t possible to seamlessly move the work of the Online or Desktop versions. We are working on this in version 3.0. Imagine not having to look for that piece of paper that has a plotline you wrote down last night. All of it is in one place using the Novel Factory writing program. It’s great for aiding in the organization of a novel, and also provides you with entertaining visuals to create your characters and places look more realistic.

The Novel Factory System Requirements

  • Memory (RAM): 512 MB of RAM required.
  • Operating System: Windows Vista/7/8/8.1/10
  • Processor: Intel Pentium 4 or later.
  • Hard Disk Space: 30 MB of free space required.
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