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Cross was added to the Variants Display dropdown in the document Options mode. This allows for the variant’s visibility to be more prominent. Options have been added for Not Fitted Text as well as to configure the text. Get More Softwares From Getintopc

Altium Nexus

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The.The MODEL command has been modified to add the generation of special symbols for specific SPICE components. A suitable symbol from the Simulation Generic Components Library is automatically selected when a supported model-kind has been selected. This allows you to place the selected model as a symbol directly onto the schematic. The Projects panel entry displays the Save to Server link. This alerts you to save any modifications to a document belonging to a project. The Save to Server dialog opens. You can choose the documents to save by clicking the link. Click OK to save the document to the server. The Save to Server link is gone from the Projects panel.

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The dedicated NEXUS FAQs page provides detailed answers to frequently asked questions regarding the Altium NEXUS design. By creating a digital thread that spans domains and disciplines, companies can establish traceability and interactivity. This allows all parties to monitor performance and status. The new ANSYS EDB Exporter extension allows you to export your PCB layout as an ANSYS EDB format file for use with ANSYS Electronics Desk. Open Project dialog: Search, browse and open Managed and unmanaged Projects from one dialog.

Generic components are placeholders that can be easily replaced later by real-world, parameter-matched components. This release introduces standard Generic Components. These can be quickly placed in a design and do not require the user to search for a particular manufactured part. The design space commenting has been significantly improved in terms of graphics, usability, and relevant information. It is also backward compatible with comments previously posted.

Altium Nexus

Ctrl+Arrow is a popular shortcut for nudging a select component one grid-step. This technique supports the Component Re-route option. The routing is updated as the component gets nudged. The Manufacturer Part Search panel now delivers faster results when a category has been selected or a search within a particular category. This makes it possible to view a complete history of design reviews.

Added the PCB.Rendering.MultiselectionDrag option in the Advanced Settings dialog that allows you to control the number of primitives displayed when dragging multiple selected objects. PCB.RigidFlex2.0 – This option allows you to use the RigidFlex 2 features of Board Planning Mode.

Click next to your sign-in credentials at the top of the design area, then click Licenses from the drop-down menu. Altium NEXUS allows you to open as many documents as you like, but only one can be the ‘active” document. You can make any necessary updates to the active document by placing it in the design space. The tab of the active document has a gray background. Documents that are not open at the moment display with a charcoal gray/black backdrop. You can automate the creation of part numbers within your PLM instance and then propagation as Server Parameters in the NEXUS Managed Project. As part of the Altium NEXUS design software, you can also publish your design to the PLM instance. To control the data that should be sent to the PLM, the publishing operation uses a publishing template. This publishing template is part of the PLM integration configuration.

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Simulation interface updates include a new Sim Dashboard panel, a revised Sim Model dialog, and other updates. As an alternative to the Analyses Setup dialog, the new Simulation workflow is available. A comprehensive selection of ready-to-use Simulation Generic components is also included.

The 3D PCB can be exported as an image using the new Export command. This allows the user to control the image format and resolution. This system lets you see in real-time who is editing or viewing a shared document. It is made possible by document sharing data that can be freely flown between design clients through an Altium Workspace. A series of new status icons and a Collaborators Bar allows collaborators to see the visualization. Additional file locking logic is also available.
This condition could cause a version conflict. The dialog allows you to choose whether to revert your local changes or ignore the remote soft lock. Rigid-Flex 2.0 supports all types of rigid-flex PCB designs. First, the object-level enhancements to board regions and bend lines were made. This update includes the Board view mode in Layer Stack Manager. This greatly simplifies the organization and definition of substacks in a rigid-flex design.

The server’s browser-based interface allows for management through the Projects page. This interface allows you to create new managed projects or use the Altium NEXUS Create Project dialog. Alternatively, existing projects can be made quickly available to the server. These components and their part options are kept in the NEXUS Server. A component is stored as a series of revisions of a uniquely identifiable Component Item.

You can quickly access frequently used functions in the Active Bar. The cursor will show the object, which you can drag to place it in the desired location. If a white triangle appears at the bottom of an icon’s icon, it means that there are other icons. To display a list with additional icons, click and hold the cursor above the icon. Then select the desired command/icon. Altium NEXUS offers several license options, each tailored to your specific needs. You can get started with Altium NEXUS software quickly and efficiently using the licensing system.

Each one of these functions more as a template. You can edit them to meet your company’s needs, name and save them as a process definition. Once activated, you can use all the other definitions. Supply – Interactively review the work-in-progress BOM data from design documents. This includes entries for Manufacturer and supplier parts data that are derived from an ActiveBOM document. Altium NEXUS and NEXUS Server now support Managed Projects. Managed Projects are designed to simplify the development phase of the project lifecycle. This feature can also be used as a foundation for collaboration services by providing centralized storage under the control of the NEXUS Server.

Altium Nexus System Requirements

  • RAM: 4 GB
  • Operating System: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
  • Processor: Intel Core i5 or higher
  • Hard Disk: 3 GB
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