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If pre-coded columns have been created, color-coding must be done manually. Users can create custom import filters that allow them to define rules to filter the Microsoft Project import dynamically based on any field. To ensure that you have the most current version of the program, we send you to the developer’s website. It is simple to import schedule information from Milestones Professional or any other Windows software program. Copy information from another program to the Windows clipboard and then paste it into Milestones Professional.

Milestones Professional

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* Create a hierarchy of schedules that can be used on the Internet/Intranet. To display specific time periods, you can set update headings. Simply uninstall the software from your old computer and reinstall it on your new computer. Milestones Professional can be installed on two devices by each named user. You can manage your large number of projects and programs by setting deadlines and selecting the right resources.

Milestones Professional

OnePager Pro add-in for Microsoft Project creates Gantt charts and project timelines using Microsoft Project data. KIDASA Milestones Professional users switched to OnePager Pro because it was easier to use, easier to update, and produces better-looking reports and charts. is the premier resource for information about file types and related software. We have spent hours researching file formats and software that can open or convert those files. Make sure that the version you have installed matches what was purchased. If you have Milestones Professional 2021 but have Milestones Professional 2019 installed, the program keycode for your version 2021 purchase won’t work.

Milestones Professional Features lists all software directly from the manufacturer. We don’t host the downloaded files, but we will point you to the latest, original downloads. Milestones Professional lets you track and graph data, calculate between columns, and display status stoplights for quick reporting. * You can easily publish any schedule to the Internet and company intranet.

You can manage large projects, track numbers, show results, and publish to the Internet with powerful features. At-a-glance schedules with indicator symbols and percent complete pie reports. Use color themes, outline-level shading, and templates to create instant formatting. OLE Automation allows you to convert data from Excel, Artemis, and Access to create presentation-quality schedules. Use our schedule viewer to share schedules with others. Or, you can copy and paste schedules into PowerPoint, Word, Excel, or Excel for distribution. The track earned value and create Gantt charts, timelines, and basic Gantt charts.

Milestones Professional offers powerful project tracking and scheduling capabilities, as well as ease of use. You can quickly create presentation-ready schedules with the click-drag and drop method. You can customize your chart with many connectors and symbols.

OnePager can support up to three levels of nested swimlanes. These can be viewed at the different portfolio or outline levels. Milestones Professional comes with 147 native milestone shapes. Any Microsoft Project column can be used to group, sort, label, and color-code tasks dynamically.

How to get Milestones Professional Free

KIDASA Software, makers of Milestones Simplicity, also offers Milestones Professional. Milestones Professional offers all the features of Milestones Simplicity, plus a few more. After Milestone Professional 2017 Free download, you can enjoy the following key features. You can add tasks/milestones manually, which causes data integrity problems with Microsoft Project. Swimlanes are created using user-definable text in the “code field” and will not work with Microsoft Project’s native WBS database.

We would love to hear from you if you have any questions about the types of files Milestones Professional is capable of processing. A Stoplight SmartColumn can display a variety of indicators symbols. The Stoplight SmartColumns are a fast and simple way to add stoplights. * Add the schedules to other documents such as PowerPoint, Word Excel, Excel, and other Windows documents.

The program can also generate color reports that add impact to project presentations. You can customize your reports with a variety of connectors and symbols. It can import schedules and projects from Microsoft Project, as well as create beautiful Gantt charts and timelines.

Milestones Professional lets users create schedules that they can print and distribute. It also includes a handy viewer to help those who don’t have Microsoft Project or Milestones. Project schedules can also be saved as PDF and copied to PowerPoint. You can also publish your schedules online using an easy-to-use feature.

It is also time-efficient and helps you create projects in a shorter time. This application can also be used to collaborate with Excel and other applications. We can conclude by saying that Milestone Professional 2017 is an exceptional application with powerful tools to manage different projects. It should be tried at least once. Milestone Professional 2017 is available for free on Windows. It supports almost all architectures and versions. The setup file can be used as an offline installer or standalone.

Milestones Professional System Requirements

  • Memory (RAM): 8 GB of RAM required.
  • Operating System: Windows 7/8/8.1/10
  • Processor: Intel Dual Core processor or later.
  • Hard Disk Space: 300 MB of free space required.
Updated: October 5, 2021 — 2:02 pm

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