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You can however upgrade or install Dotfuscator Community 6 by going to the Dotfuscator Downloads page and clicking the suitable download link. The first number of the version number, which is before the initial dot. This is the Dotfuscator’s main version. If the number is 5 then you must complete the upgrade procedures on this page to ensure you can make use of the most recent Dotfuscator 6 functions and security updates. This page will help you find out what version you have, the steps you can upgrade it to Version 6, if required, and which features were added and/or removed from the previous versions.

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Dotfuscator is a program that does the combination of code obfuscation optimizing, shrinking, and hardening .NET, Xamarin, and Universal Windows Platform applications. In general, .NET executables can easily be reverse-engineered using free software, potentially exposing algorithms, intellectual property rights licensing, as well as security mechanisms. Dotfuscator Professional Edition is an application created to defend the .NET applications you’ve put an enormous amount of effort against reverse-engineering and counterfeiting, and theft of intellectual property. Our expert assistance team is available via email and phone and is supported by our comprehensive online documentation and knowledge base. Due to the importance of software, it’s not surprising that 9 of the 10 biggest technology providers employ PreEmptive Protection on their apps that are worth protecting. Dotfuscator Community offers a wide range of security and protection features for applications instantly to developers using Microsoft Visual Studio.

Visual Studio Code does not come with these tools. You must install them using an SDK or an alternative IDE. PreEmptive is a renowned world leader in security software for Desktop, Mobile, Cloud as well as Internet of Things applications. We assist companies in making their apps more secure and secure from attacks and hacking to protect Intellectual property rights, confidential information, and revenues. Dotfuscator is compatible with all versions of .NET including Xamarin, .NET Core, .NET 5, ASP.NET, and UWP applications. PreEmptive Protection also works with the Android and Java platforms, JavaScript, and iOS applications. For more information about the advanced protection options for applications that are available in Dotfuscator Professional, please visit our Dotfuscator Overview page. You can also look at the comparison of Dotfuscator Professional to Dotfuscator Community.

Dotfuscator Features

In the case of side-by-side installations, The DOTFUSCATOR_HOME variable refers to the version of the Dotfuscator that was installed at the time of installation. If you want the variable to reference an alternative version, you can update the environment variable in your system to reflect the installation location of the different versions. Dotfuscator is integrated directly in your Visual Studio project file (e.g. “.csproj”) and runs on Windows and Mac. The initial integration is simple and will automatically secure your app with every release mode build. Advanced Renaming, control flow, metadata stripping, encryption of strings, and other transforms offer the greatest level of protection. Dotfuscator Professional provides the standard .NET Obfuscator which is ideal for enterprises that require ongoing support maintenance, as well as software updates.


After installation, if haven’t previously activated Dotfuscator on your machine the activation tool will be launched. Below are some examples of tools for development (IDEs and SDKs.) that Dotfuscator uses when you use it with the Windows Installer. Certain kinds of build agents are also compatible with the Windows installer. See the Build Agents for more details. “It’s very simple to use and your software doesn’t create an unnecessary burden or cause any problems to my usual process of releasing versions. It’s quite the opposite. It’s effortless. Don’t alter it.” Dotfuscator lets you block user strings included inside your assembly. strives to become the primary source for information about file types and related information about software. We devote countless hours to researching different file formats and programs that are able to be used to open, edit, or manipulate those files. If you have to publish your script online, however, you do not wish to allow anyone else to alter or access your source code Dotfuscator Professional Edition might lend you assistance. In addition, to make certain that the string in the source code is not derived by other people, this utility can also erase the non-essential metadata as well as the information used to debug. The other benefit of this method is that the application is smaller in size.

How to get Dotfuscator Free

“Microsoft along with PreEmptive Solutions announces an enhanced version of Dotfuscator Community Edition to be integrated into Microsoft Visual Studio”. We choose programs we are confident can manage or open a kind of file.

The ability to hide control and distribution strings within your assemblies, which allows you to identify the source of software leaks. Older versions of Visual Studio. Dotfuscator Community 6 isn’t supported by the current versions that are part of Visual Studio. We suggest that you upgrade to a more recent version of Visual Studio or move out of Dotfuscator Community to Dotfuscator Professional. Visual Studio was released in version 5. Visual Studio only shipped with Dotfuscator Community 5.

The capability to integrate multiple assemblies in an assembly, making it much more challenging for attackers to identify the purpose of the code elements as the separation of interests is now eliminated. The capability to obscure sensitive strings, which makes an easy search of decompiled code difficult. Intellectual Property Protection Additional renaming options such as the Enhanced Overload Induction(TM) and random identification choice. For References in the Attribute Library update procedure, refer to the Updating from Community page of the Dotfuscator Community User Guide. For CLI update instructions follow the Updating from Community 5 page in the Dotfuscator Community User Guide. If you don’t already have Dotfuscator installed, upgrade Visual Studio first and then look up the installation instructions. Find out how to upgrade the free version of Dotfuscator Community available within Visual Studio.

Dotfuscator safeguards you and your .NET applications from risky dangers like piracy theft of intellectual property and hacking. Its protection is primarily effective when the .NET software’s source code is not linked to the application. PreEmptive Solutions’ Dotfuscator is a .NET Obfuscator, Compactor watermarker, which protects programs from reverse engineering and makes them more efficient as well as smaller. The Community Edition is available with every version of Visual Studio and comes with basic features for protecting applications, including the ability to obscure methods names, etc.

Furthermore, Dotfuscator Professional offers tighter integration with Visual Studio and is licensed for commercial use. Users who are registered with Dotfuscator Community get access to other features, like command-line support, making it easy to incorporate Dotfuscator Community into your automated build process. The registration process also grants access to an integrated tool that is used for decoding obfuscated stack traces. This User Guide discusses the PreEmptive Protection which is Dotfuscator Community 6. Based on the history of your installation and the version of Visual Studio you might be using Dotfuscator Community 5 which is the previous major version. If this is the case, it’s time to upgrade as it is essential to ensure that your code is receiving the latest security measures. If you remove Dotfuscator it will remove DOTFUSCATOR_HOME from the registry and take it off PATH, however only if the location is compatible with the version removed.

Download Update To download the latest version that is included within Visual Studio, open Quick Launch (Ctrl+Q) and then type Dotfuscator. Linking integrates several assemblies in one simple for managing executable.

Dotfuscator System Requirements

  • Memory (RAM): 512 MB of RAM required.
  • Operating System: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10.
  • Processor: Intel Dual Core processor or later.
  • Hard Disk Space: 50 MB of free space required.
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