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A broad range of sophisticated graphics controls that work with WPF Windows Forms, SilverLight, WinRT platforms. Actipro Software is a leading manufacturer of the highest quality Windows Forms controls since .NET was introduced in the first place, and was the first control provider to launch commercial WPF control. The Microsoft WPF DataGrid can be used to display a variety of information in a grid made up of columns and rows, with many options to alter the appearance and behavior. Actipro gives back to the community by offering two extensions that make using the WPF DataGrid more simple than ever. Actipro Views provides a set of panels and controls that allows animated fluid motions for the child elements’ arrangement. Different animations are available for elements that enter or leave the panel or even elements shifting to a new position or changing their size. A variety of built-in animations are available that permit elements to be easily moved and sized faded moved, rotated, or translated.

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Actipro Controls Suite

Shared Library A collection of common controls as well as useful components for WPF-based applications. The ribbon is a simple way to create an office-like user interface, that conforms to every Microsoft specification.

The bar controls are built on a command/command link design pattern, which allows for central updates that can be applied to each display of a command link on the User Interface. This allows for the complete customization of runtime for the user, much like the tools available in other products such as Visual Studio. There are a variety of premium add-ons that work with the WinForms SyntaxEditor, which provide powerful syntax language implementations that include options like parsing, code outlining syntax errors, IntelliPrompt, and many more.

Actipro Micro Charts comprises a collection of charts that display quantitative data. They’re designed to display clearly in small areas. Common uses for micro charts include dashboards, reports, and grids. Each control comes with its own unique design specially designed to facilitate input from keyboards, mice touch, pen, or keyboard.

Users can make use of the application on WPF, Win Forms, SilverLight, WinRT platforms, and other platforms. With the rich and graphic charts, users can look at the information and data to improve their outcomes and produce reports. It has standard controls as well as navigation options such for Explorer bar Breadcrumb the breadcrumb, as well as Zoom controls. For hands-on convenience, the application supports Ribbon for a user-friendly MS Office-like interface and ease of use.

Actipro Controls Suite Features

The Actipro Windows Presentation Foundation Controls include a huge set of UI components and controls for developing stunning Windows Presentation Foundation desktop apps. More than 100 WPF control and components are included in a range of products that enhance your application’s user interface with a variety of features and functions. Actipro is a top provider of high-quality user interface controls for the popular Microsoft UI platforms like WPF and also offers solutions for other platforms, too. A variety of components and controls are available in a range of products that enhance the user interface of your application with extensive capabilities and features. Docking and MDI A complete docking window and multi-document interface solutions.

Actipro Controls Suite

WPF is Microsoft’s newest technology, which has become the main focus of designers since its introduction. The Actipro Shared Library can be described as an open control library that is used by every one of our WPF controls. It is a collection of extremely useful components and controls that you can use in your applications. PropertyGrid allows the entirety of the properties of an object that are displayed possibly by using categories. The editors that have been pre-defined to modify properties are generated automatically in accordance with the property type and custom property or category editors are easily built that allow for complete customization for the editor experience for properties. Edit box controls for standard .NET data types, such as dates times, dates numbers, numbers, brushes sizes, colors, enumerations, and many others. Other controls include a regex-based masked textbox, auto-complete boxes, calculator, calendar for the month as well as star rating, stop sliders for gradients, as well as different color component pickers.

How to get Actipro Controls Suite Free

The NavigationBar controls are identical to the one that is found in Outlook it allows navigation through various panes of information. It features a beautiful user interface that uses buttons to select the pane of navigation that is selected. Actipro Gauge offers a full collection of linear, circular, and digital gauge control and LED light sources as well as toggle switches. SyntaxEditor is the most popular syntax-highlighting editor control available for .NET UI platforms, offering many of the features available within the Visual Studio Editor. The styles used to highlight can be fully customizable by the end-user for every code language. Actipro Controls Complete collection of advanced development tools comprising a wide range of WPF controls, Win Forms, SilverLight, WinRT for the .NET platform.

The complete source code for the product is available under the form of an alternative Blueprint license. All topics of documentation related to the product as well as the complete API reference are accessible for browsing on our site.

Actipro Editors includes a collection of masked and part-based editors, covering everything from currency entry to date/time. The library features animations that transition between content elements drop shadows and toolbars and context menus and menus, Popup buttons, Radial Sliders, rings, radio buttons list rating controls, and more. The professional themes are applied automatically to our controls and may be applied on native controls from WPF too to ensure uniformity across all apps. Creating stunning user interfaces using our extensive selection of UI controls can save cash and time. Install the NuGet applications from in any project and then easily update them as new versions become available. They produce an AST and report syntax mistakes which are then displayed as waves within the editor.

Breadcrumb is a re-implementation of the breadcrumb which was first introduced in Windows Vista’s Explorer. The control is used to select just one item from a hierarchy of data, similar to the TreeView but with smaller screen space.

Many editing features are driven using standard .NET attributes like BrowsableAttribute, CategoryAttribute, DisplayNameAttribute, etc. Filtering, sorting collections, read-only display along with nested properties as well as deep customization are all available. Wizard dialogs make the user experience of the applications by taking complicated task and breaking it down into easy steps. Actipro Wizard can be described as a light control that can be used to create wizard dialogs while complying with standards.

Actipro Controls Suite System Requirements

  • Memory (RAM): 512 MB of RAM required.
  • Operating System: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10.
  • Processor: Intel Dual Core processor or later.
  • Hard Disk Space: 50 MB of free space required.
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