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The elimination of the middle step in the component helps make the process of archiving quicker as well as more effective. Another key aspect that this program has is its capability to secure the 256-bit AES data.

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It allows the user and developer of the program to save to the archive as often as feasible. Direct streaming is extremely important and effective because it has the capability to eliminate the memory of the bitmap, as well as the information of the BLOB. These libraries typically require an additional step and applications to be able to access the object’s data at minimum twice for the end-user. It is able to save a global component that is archived and the component for each entry individually. In this case, the long file names are accepted. Direct streaming with this DIZipWriter is extremely efficient because it does not require a lot of temporary files or middle memory. Many zip components need temporary intermediate files in order to carry out this task, and it somehow is integrated into the archiving process by writing and reworking.

The component does not make use of or store any files in temporary format for its job and therefore does not use a lot of memory. By using the component you are able to make a compressed archive for all entries, or even the desired comments generally. This means you can make use of the input streams from one side, and then convert them to compressed documents on the opposite side. DIZipWriter is a crucial component for making good pkzip compress documents with Delphi. The main features of this section are within the class that is the foundation of TDIZipWriter. There are current strategies for creating compressing chronicle files.

DIZipWriter lets applications write to archive entries in as many instances as are required. This allows the creation of an archive entry before the initial chunk of data is made available. Enhance DIUtils.pas Unicode preparing to help Unicode Code Points go from $10FFFF to $. It’s a complete offline installer standalone installation that includes DIZipWriter free download.

Below are some notable characteristics you’ll encounter after DIZipWriter no-cost download.

DIZipWriter Features

Documents that compress well by using PKZip are among the various organizations that are supported by this sector. Direct streaming with the DIZipWriter is thought to be extremely efficient and doesn’t require lots of caches. Thanks to it, the user is not required to use an intermediary for the storage of the data.


DIZipWriter was created to function as a Delphi component that can create PKZip compatible ZIP archives. Archive output is entirely stream-based and can be used in conjunction with every TStream descendant. DIZipWriter thus writes in a direct way to memory, files, or databases BLOBs. Functions for working files as well as archives that are based on files are accessible. It’s not hard to use and easy to utilize. You do not need to be concerned about an indefinite interface for placing information away. This section doesn’t make use of any impermanent files for its work, so it doesn’t use a great deal of memory. In this section, you are able to include notes to all of the entries in a single compress record, or in general.

This way encrypted archives are created with digital signatures that are secure and appropriate for transmission via the internet. Zip files that are compatible with PKZip are among the other formats that this program supports. Direct streaming with this DIZipWriter is extremely efficient since it doesn’t require lots of cache or cache.

How to get DIZipWriter Free

We offer a fully functioning and extremely compacted DIZipWriter file. If you have issues with any of the installation setups, contact us. Then, boost DIUtils.pas Unicode preparing to assist Unicode Code Points that range from $1 to $10FFFF.

One of the most intriguing aspects of this section is its ability to stream data legally to compress documents. Many compress documents require transitory middle of road documents in order to perform this process, which streamlines chronicling tasks by revamping and altering. In the case of this section, the primary points of this section are in the class that is called TDIZipWriter. Finally, By using these methods, you can convert the most reliable documents from a read-ring into a zip file. Finally One among the fascinating features of this feature is it can stream data in a secure way to compress documents. Therefore, it’s not difficult to use and easy to utilize. You do not need to worry about using an indefinite interface for storing data. In the event of a problem, using this feature, it’s possible to add comments to each one of the entries in a single compress record, or in general.

It is possible to convert streams and memory buffers directly into an archived zip file as well as other cases. DIZip Writer is believed to be a Delphi component to produce a highly compatible PKZip, as well as the ZIP that is archived. The archived output is based on TStream and is able to directly write files, memory, or in the case of databases, BLOBs.

A lot of zip components need temporary intermediate files to complete this task and, in turn, combine the archiving process with rework and writing. Eliminating the intermediate steps of this component makes the process of archiving much more efficient as well as more effective. Another key characteristic in this part is the security of 256 bits AES encrypted data. This way encrypted as well as secure digital signature archives can be created that are appropriate for internet-based transmission.

DIZipWriter System Requirements

  • Memory (RAM): 1 GB of RAM required.
  • Operating System: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8/.1/10
  • Processor: Intel Pentium 4 or later.
  • Hard Disk Space: 10 MB of free space required.
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