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Thea for Rhino can be run in interactive mode within Rhino’s Viewport as well as the Thea Darkroom. Choose your preferred Viewport and let Thea Render provide you with the ability to instantly visualize your scene. Get More Softwares From Getintopc

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Thea Render

Nvidia 5.0 Min compute capacity is required for Nvidia OptiX denoising during interactive rendering. Nvidia 3.0 Min compute capabilities card is required for Nvidia OptiX denoising during production rendering. Nvidia OptiX Denoiser can be used only in version 10.13 and is only available for production rendering only using Nvidia 3.0 Min compute capabilities card. Relight lets you create endless images with just one render. If Relight is turned on, each lighting in the scene can then be changed and used to create various lighting configurations during post-production. A material name that begins with 2×2 implies that the textures used are 2048×2048 resolution. 4×4 is 4096×4096 “process” means that a procedural texture is being used.

Thea Render Features

The Fog preset lets you regulate the amount of fog as well as the top and bottom locations, and also creates unique photorealistic renderings. Thea for SketchUp is compatible with each of NVIDIA as well as Intel artificial Denoisers with Intelligent, providing GPU and CPU-accelerated denoising, both for renderings that are interactive and production-ready. Each Relight set-up can be saved to The Relight Editor section as a Snap and later loaded back into the Darkroom to further edit or exported as images as a file.

The result is images that have a greater quality of dynamic and effects previously unattainable. The random color can be described as a procedural effect that could be utilized to create variety to your model instances to create unique visual effects, such as trees, grass, bushes wood floors, and so on. The HDRI is set up using a Darkroom setting for display and exposure to make it easy to drag and drop in your scene.

In the course of installation, a new subfolder titled “Birch Tree” is created within the Materials Data folder. A set of 118 top-quality materials to decorate your models with professional-grade texture maps of high resolution. A set of nine high-end materials to decorate your model featuring high-resolution professional texture maps. An assortment of top-quality materials to decorate your models featuring high-resolution professionally designed texture maps. After installation, a brand new subfolder called “Thea Concrete 01” is made under the Materials the data folder.

The ability to translate, rotate or scale objects when using Interactive Rendering mode is faster than ever, particularly when rendering complicated scenes. In addition, there’s the Cloud material preset that allows you to add volumetric effects to specific solid groups or parts. These models can be saved in normal Thea Content Browser folders and organized in the way you want. Proxy Material Editing offers the option of reverting back to using the standard materials.

When you install, a brand new subfolder titled “Metal Flakes Car Paints” is created in the Materials Data folder. The textures are set up with cubic mapping, which makes it easy to drag and drop directly onto your models. You are able to visit the forum page for full instructions. The textures were set up with cubic mapping to make it easy to assign (drag and drop ready) The only exception is the ones that have displacement.

The related forum for specific instructions or read our short tutorial on cubic mapping. The textures have been set up with cubic mapping for easy assignment (drag and drop ready). When installing two new subfolders known as “Birch Trees I” and “Birch Trees II” are created under the Model Data folder. Additionally, there is a Birch Tree Material Library that allows you to alter the leaves of Birch Trees according to the seasons.

How to Get Thea Render for Free

A powerful engine paired with the ease that is Trimble SketchUp(r). Non-biased, or Interactive Render modes with the pleasure of rendering within the SketchUp view. Enhance your models with precise content, without restrictions. This Fresnel Ramp procedural gives incredible flexibility to control a variable reflectance in relation to the angle at which the model is viewed. It’s intended as a replacement for this Fresnel curve parametrization to suit glossy and coating materials, as a better approach to achieve a natural appearance for a wide range of materials.

If you own the Education License, then switch to the Node-Locked / Educational tab, click the Browse button, and then select your license document (.dat) you obtained via Altair University. Altair University. When you install Thea for SketchUp make sure to set the path for Thea Temporary and Thea Data folders. Thea Data Thea Data and Thea Temporary folders to be in a place in which every user has access to read and write.

A collection of 14 distinctive premium materials, as well as 10 close-up versions to decorate your outdoor architectural pavements with professional-quality texture maps of high resolution and two different versions. When you install the material, a new sub-folder called Brick Walls is created under the Materials Data folder. A name for a material that begins with 2×2 indicates that the textures are 2048×2048 resolution. 4×4 refers to 4096×4096, and the list goes on.

Note that if the plug-in isn’t licensed the image resolution will be reduced and watermarks are added. Out-of-Core rendering is possible when a scene is not able to fit in the memory of the graphics card and is able to use the memory of the mainboard instead. Make use of the sophisticated material presets that are available inside Thea in Rhino and design nearly all possible material using an intuitive editor. Thanks to The Online Repository integrated into the Materials tab, you will have access to thousands of materials that are ready for download.

Customization plays a significant role in the application’s range of functions. A side panel that has various tabs, including materials lab, environment unbiased, objective animated, interactive, and instancing will ensure that each object is fully manipulable. Technology in computers allows today to create art that is almost a mirror of real life in terms of quality and quality. There is a variety of specialized software that is used along with an efficient hardware configuration. In addition to the many other applications of its kind, Thea Render gives you the ability to examine, edit or even create 3D items from scratch, and render them with a robust component.

Thea Render System Requirements

  •  Operating System: Windows 7/8/8.1/10
  • Memory (RAM): 1 GB of RAM required.
  • Hard Disk Space: 550 MB of free space required.
  • Processor: Intel Dual Core processor or later.
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