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File Magic enabled users to efficiently manage and index documents, which can be saved on the storage media. File Magic retrieved documents instantly to edit, annotate, and/or integrate into your existing business software. File Magic also enabled a company to transfer or share documents over LAN or e-mail, fax CD, or printed hard copies. Get More Softwares From Getintopc

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File Magic

The application is able to protect files, however, it isn’t able to encode multiple files at once. The interface of Magic File, which resembles Windows Explorer plagued by misspelled labels as well as for instructions, but it’s relatively easy to grasp. Its security features were astonishingly efficient, allowing users to protect files using passwords and choosing among five safe algorithms. Our tests showed that Magic File efficiently encrypted specific files, but it was unable to secure the folders of multiple files. Magic File doesn’t allow you to erase the original files or offer a safe file shredder.

File Magic Features

SplashData has been a major security application and service for more than 10 years. SplashData’s password security and record management software SplashID Safe has more than 1 million registered users across the globe and hundreds of corporate and business customers. SplashData was founded in the year 2000 and is located in Los Gatos, CA. File Magic is a powerful desktop companion software that can allow you to wirelessly synchronize to the mobile version. There’s a way to open ALL kinds of files1 on your computer without the need to download or purchase expensive and complex software.

At the time, Westbrook Technologies discontinued any support or development for the product. But, Triangle Solutions Technology continues to provide customers who use File Magic, various levels of support. This is an inventory of signatures for files that are used to identify and/or confirm the contents of a file. E-File Magic was founded by an accredited Public Accountant and Software Engineer. E-File Magic is able to support a broad range of forms and is currently adding more.

Its Magic.ini document is a no-cost text file format that can be edited with any other text editor. Magic xpa also provides the INIGet and INIPut functions to allow accessibility to the Magic.ini file within the project. Install and expand to accommodate more users, create workgroups, or set up an enterprise-wide implementation with minimal cost.

The encryption level and password levels are both high, so you can be sure they’re safe. You can also utilize it to alter any of the attributes on a file and you can also use Magic File to see files that have a binary, octal decimal, or hex codes and edit the code.

Provide significant cost savings through smart indexing and automating the process of capturing metadata from your documents, which includes emails. All documents are directed to an in Basket or Folder, and Document Type which will eliminate the cost of data capture. Create documents using Microsoft Office and then save the documents straight in to Fortis or File Magic. By using File Magic, you do have to spend your time looking for a different application for each file you want to open. Drag and drop the file in File Magic, view it and then you’re done.

There aren’t any concurrency controls for using this Magic.ini file. If you are running a Multi-user system, this Magic.ini document is used among several end-users, it must be used solely for read-only use when deploying. A plan to write to the share Magic.ini document by multiple users at the same time could result in one user erasing the update that the others have made. With CDExpress customers, clients or partners will have instant access to the information and documents they require, ensuring an uninterrupted communication process and efficient information exchange. Utilize any CD or DVD recorder and your documents and information are easily accessible to be viewed, searched, and output. Take a look at Fortis as well as Fortis SE- they are an effective application for managing documents produced by Westbrook Technologies.

How to Get File Magic for Free

We believe we have the most universal file viewer available and have millions of happy users from all over the globe who agree with our opinions. File Magic lets you browse and edit any type of file, such as images, videos, music documents, and more. There’s no need for multiple programs when one program manages everything.

Reduce the steps needed to transfer Word, Excel, or e-mail into a system for filing. Making the purchase of a new piece of software every time you get an update can become costly quickly. Select from Optional Services like Print & Mail, E-File by Excel, and BULK TINS Matching to avoid penalties for filing based on incorrect information and also the ability to save your data that is in IRS format.

However, the safety of your personal information is very crucial to us and that’s why we made sure to do. If you own a smartphone, phone, you can make use of Multi-Factor authentication, which adds another security layer to your account. Install Google(r) authenticator or similar software, and then enable it in your profile.

Now, you’ll have to enter your email address, password, and a time-sensitive rotating code for access to your account. File Magic’s first release File Magic was initially created in 2009 and was immediately a huge success. When we launched our first version we received more than 1,000 downloads from many nations around the globe. Since then, we’ve seen a significant increase in our user base as well as with the positive feedback of our users, we’ve added a variety of useful functions and features throughout the process.

Strangely enough, even though you are able to create executables that self-decrypt, users must still have Magic File installed on their PC to be able to open files. Magic File allows you to change the properties of files and display them in a variety of ways. Unfortunately, as with its interface badly written Help file contains a lot of misspellings and can confuse users more than assist them. Perhaps you’re using accounting software and you are looking at an open document that relates to an invoice that was presented to a client. Supporting documents can be managed with File Magic 5 Series.

File Magic System Requirements

  • Operating System: Windows 7/8/8.1/10
  • Memory (RAM): 4 GB of RAM required.
  • Hard Disk Space: 10 MB of free space required.
  • Processor: Intel Dual Core processor or later.
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