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To protect the data from corruption or loss on cloud storage, it is possible to store data twice in the cloud storage service for redundancy. Keep data in two places at the cloud storage service for protection against redundancy as well as to safeguard the data from corruption or loss within the cloud. The data of the user is not stored unencrypted in its local hard drive, or on cloud storage. If the data is essential users are able to enable duplicated files on any folder and the files will be replicated across several cloud providers for greater redundancy. The system is designed to ensure that the user’s most frequently-used information is locally stored for better performance.

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Stablebit Clouddrive

Additionally, copy the most important elements in the cloud drive to safeguard it from corruption or loss within the cloud. StableBit CloudDrive analyzes the drive and layouts of file systems in order to determine the most important data structures like master file tables and directories indexes. It does not require overhead for the full duplication of drives however it still provides protection against data corruption for the most crucial drives data structures. Free download StableBit CloudDrive, a full version of the independent offline installation for Windows it’s an encrypted virtual hard drive powered by cloud technology. Create a computer disk that is a virtual one from a physical disk.

Upgrade the cache SSD to a larger one by detaching the cloud drive from it before reconnecting it to another SSD. With DrivePool’s feature for file placement, users can decide which folders are stored in the cloud and which should be saved locally.

Users can reduce or increase the size of their drive at any time without removing it when it is being used. Through the years, customers have shared with us how much they enjoy our products and our customer service. Every week, we give our customers free retail licenses to our products.

Stablebit Clouddrive Features

Save your actual data to the cloud service you prefer. StableBit CloudDrive is a secure virtual hard drive that is powered by the cloud. Keep your data on the cloud provider of preference or locally. StableBit CloudDrive is a secure virtual hard drive that is powered by the cloud. You can store your actual data with the cloud service you prefer. The data is immediately encrypted at the time it is written into your cloud drive. Your data remains completely secure up until the moment it’s read out by your cloud drive.

Your data is not stored in an unencrypted format in your local hard drive, or on the cloud. It analyzes layouts of the file system and drives to identify the most crucial data structures, such as master file table and directories indexes.

Stablebit Clouddrive

You are, however, the only person with the only key that will access your personal data. No one else can approach us for help to read your data. StableBit CloudDrive emulates a real SCSI drive, with full Plug and Play support. The feature guarantees that the user drive is mounted quickly and without the requirement to download everything out of the cloud. The local cache is run within the kernel and is designed to be fast and efficient. The features provide interesting ways for StableBit CloudDrive that may not require cloud services in any way.

Create duplicates of the most crucial areas on the cloud drive to safeguard it from damage or loss within the cloud. There is no requirement to remove the user drive in order to alter the size of the cache. The new size of the cache will be applied immediately. Some data elements can be stored in caches according to user use over the course of time. Discovers the data you access the most often and stores it locally for quicker access. All data can be encrypted with the industry-standard AES-256 and a secret password that you only know. It is impossible for anyone to snoop on or access your information without your permission.

How to get Stablebit Clouddrive Free

Since StableBit CloudDrive creates what look like real drives, users can easily utilize StableBit’s DrivePool for combining various cloud drives to create a single virtual drive. StableBit CloudDrive uses low-level kernel-based encryption for optimal performance and full support for round-trip encryption. With the feature for placing files, users can also determine which folders will be stored on which cloud provider. This means that when the user browses through the contents of their drive, no data needs to download from the cloud. StableBit CloudDrive comes with a prefetcher that detects the sequential access to data and downloads the data that the users are planning to access prior to needing it. You are the only key to gaining access to your information.

StableBit Scanner A revolutionary scanning device for disk surfaces, a monitor for the health of your disk, and an advanced file recovery system. StableBit DrivePool – A modern disk pooling software that allows duplicated files. StableBit CloudDrive A secure virtual hard drive that is powered by the cloud. Creates a virtual drive that is identical to an actual drive. It stores the actual data on the cloud service you choose.

Stablebit Clouddrive System Requirements

  • Memory (RAM): 512 MB of RAM required.
  • Operating System: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
  • Processor: Intel Pentium 4 or later.
  • Hard Disk Space: 50 MB of free space required.
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