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“convert Field Type” menu item has been added to the tree view “convert Field Type” menu option has been added to the right-click menu within the tree view. It allows you to convert the kind of field to the type that is targeted. This feature makes use of the “$convert” operator and aggregation pipeline parameter, which requires MongoDB server versions 4.2 or greater. Additionally, we’ve created a code template named “convertFieldType”, which can be directly integrated into The script editor. Today, we are extremely delighted to announce the launch of NoSQLBooster 6.0.
The built-in language service is aware of every possible method, completion properties Keywords, variables including MongoDB collections names and field names and operators. From the beginning Ctrl-Space, Alt-Space is an acceptable trigger. Get More Softwares From Getintopc

NoSQLBooster for MongoDB

Password 123

In addition to the method and type definitions hover can now be used to show a document and an example for these aggregation clain techniques. NoSQLBooster 6.1 also includes enhanced mouse hover for the new method of aggregation chain and aggregate Operators.
Perform tasks that define and import/export, restore/dump or run scripts with a scheduled timetable. NoSQLBooster 5.0 is on its way to release and we’re pleased to show how far we’ve gotten with the release candidate! We’re hoping to gather some feedback on this RC to make sure we launch NoSQLBooster 5.0 correctly If you’d like to give it a test, now is the time to download the RC by clicking the links below. The biggest improvement of version 5.1 is that it allows users to see the MongoDB GeoJSON objects quickly. GeoJSON is a format for storing geographical data. GeoJSON is a standard for recording geographic data structures by using JavaScript Object Notation.

NoSQLBooster for MongoDB

NoSQLBooster for MongoDB Features

Enhanced document viewer Reload feature, which forces fetching and refreshing from the server after it is clicked “Reload” button is clicked. Correction of GridFS upload errors, where the file’s size file is smaller than 256k, null characters are not filled correctly. Updated, for non-registered users, the export function is restricted to a maximum amount of documents.

The update is only a slight upgrade that aims to improve the speed of opening the Script editor, to alter the standard code templates for opening collections, along with some minor improvements and bug fixes. NoSQLBooster 5.1 has significantly enhanced the hover feature of the editor of code. Alongside type and method definitions hover can now be configured to display a sample document for MongoDB users. NoSQLBooster 5.2 also improved mouse hover for all methods of aggregation chain.
Optimized the operation performance when deleting a large amount of data rows in the table view. The “capped”/”sharded” status can be seen in the caption on the collections node. The popup dialog box is not displayed Set various export options and click Execute.

You can remove the columns you want to exclude from the results of the query by adding the negative sign (eg. “_id=”) to the names of each column. The MongoDB query returns implicitly the _id field. See the following example to eliminate that column from the results of the query.

How to get NoSQLBooster for MongoDB Free

Fixed, an error that occurred when exporting to CSV, “Exceeds the maximum number of rows permitted by Excel sheet …”. Corrected, a single member of a set of replication that is opened directly in the object explorer occasionally fails to function properly. Corrected, an issue that occurred when the passwordDigestor feature of the procedure “DB.createUser()” did not function.

Object Explorer can use the “CTRL” and “Shift” keys to select various items. If the application is operating in a multi-select status the context menu offers various relevant actions based on the kind of node you are selecting. This illustrates how to import the CSV file into the collection. In a transformer, we added a field called important in the import document. In a transformer, we added a field titled exportDate in the document that was exported. It is a field that “transformer” returns a plain Promise or object, in the event that a return value is null, this document will be skipped. NoSQLBooster for MongoDB 4.6 upgrade integrated MongoShell to 4.0 and adds support for all of the new shell methods and operations that are part of MongoDB 4.0. Multi-Document Transactions and New Type Conversion Operators.

For more information about MongoDB 4.4 Read The Release Notes for MongoDB 4.4. In this release, it has been greatly simplified the code for export and import, as well as the import and export function now only requires one function. While the code has been made extremely simple, customization is still very effective and we now have a parameter known as a transformer that permits pre-processing exported and imported data. The program and all files are inspected and manually installed prior to uploading. The program works flawlessly and without any issues.

In addition to allowing you to install it on your system with minimal effort, this program also has a user-friendly layout with a variety of intuitive useful features. Version 4.7.2 will be a small upgrade that primarily aims to make it easier to open the Script editor and modify your default code template for opening collections. This version lets you visualize GeoJSON Objectsand mouse hover enhancement for MongoDB operators, as well as some helpful minor enhancements and bug fixes. This version supports the ability to export one click into XSLX and viewing in spreadsheet format within Excel, object Explorer multiple selection options, the ability to import CSV files, and a variety of enhancements to ease of use and bugs fixes.

System Requirements For NoSQLBooster for MongoDB

Before you start NoSQLBooster for MongoDB free download, make sure your PC meets minimum system requirements.

  • Memory (RAM): 1 GB of RAM required.
  • Operating System: Windows 7/8/8.1/10
  • Processor: Intel Dual Core processor or later.
  • Hard Disk Space: 100 MB of free space required.
Updated: September 20, 2021 — 10:39 pm

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