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We’d like you to know that occasionally it is possible that we do not have a malicious software program. To ensure that we continue to provide you with the safest catalog of software and applications Our team has incorporated a Report Software feature in every catalog page. It relays your feedback to us. Editing inline is a challenge in most database management applications in cases where space isn’t enough and there aren’t many alternatives that are easy to access. When you use SQLiteManager 4, a special pop-up window opens when you select a cell that offers plenty of space and various options to choose from.


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SQLiteManager is a GUI SQLiteManager is a database management tool for sqlite databases that has a user-friendly interface with high-speed and sophisticated features. SQLiteManager lets you access and work with sqlite 3, sqlite 2 in-memory databases, AES 128 encrypted databases as well as REAL Server databases.

The creation of new components, the execution of scripts, or performing other tasks is possible using separate windows. For creating an index it is necessary to create a name, select the table you want to target, and then select at least one column. The appropriate code is generated automatically within the same screen. With SQLiteManager you can make, edit or manage your sqlite database more quickly and with less effort. It offers a user-friendly interface and simple and easy-to-understand functions that go along with it. It lets you create tables, indexes, and complete many tasks more efficiently without writing a lot of code. You can check your databases and analyze them as well as create charts of various types and more, all without any effort.

There are numerous GUI tools to manage SQLite databases, ranging from freeware to commercial licenses. Firefox extension that allows you to manage your SQLite databases on your personal computer using your browser. Thanks to a strong printing engine, you can now modify and preview your prints. BLOB images are recognized automatically and printed. The print engine is powered through simple SQL queries that you are able to modify at any time. The ability to export PDFs built-in on the two platforms of MacOS X and Windows is an absolute requirement. The Foreign Keys are also integrated into The table editor.

SQLiteManager Features

The main benefit is that it doesn’t require any network protocols to access the data stored as well as be copied and moved more quickly. With SQLiteManager’s strong and efficient features, sqlite databases will be managed more efficiently and more easily. It is possible to perform a variety of analyses on your database and create various charts. The program lets you select between pie or bar charts and radar, scatter, Venn charts, and QR codes. For instance, pie charts can be created in 2D or 3D. It can also be concentric.


It permits you to create tables and browse them views, triggers, views, and indexes. It lets you insert, remove and update records in an extremely intuitive manner, and it also supports any SQL commands, and more.

With native ads blocker and a free VPN, Facebook access, integrated messengers, and much more. Based on our scanning system, we have concluded that these flags are most likely to be genuine positives. Based on our scanner software, our team has found that these flags could be false positives.

It is the same user interface available in both MacOS X and Windows versions and you can buy a multiplatform license to make use of that same number of serials across both platforms. Learn how to create small and desktop server applications and redistribute the code to ISVs. DBSync for SQLite and MS SQL is a reliable bi-directional tool to migrate databases. For instance, in order to work in conjunction with SQLite on Windows, it is necessary to install the command-line shell application as illustrated in the image below. This means that a legitimate program has been flagged incorrectly as malicious because of an excessively broad detection signature or algorithm that is used by an antivirus program. This file download is in the ZIP format, and the size is very small. SQLiteManager’s trial version has some limitations.

How to get SQLiteManager Free

We do not support or approve of the use of this software in the event that it violates any or is in violation of the law. Some operations show dialog boxes until they are completed and complete the process, however, the main navigation and manipulation functions occur in one window. The main window features tabs that take the user through the Design, Manage, and SQL panels. From there the Design panel lets you browse through the items in your database.

SQLiteManager is a robust management system for sqlite databases. It combines an easy-to-use interface with lightning speed and sophisticated features. SQLiteManager is designed to handle SQLite databases. The uniqueness of this kind of database is the fact that it’s stored as a single disk and does not require the requirement of a server to host it.

DB Searcher for SQLite is an open-source tool for managing database files that work with SQLite. Sometimes, however, it is necessary to work with SQLite databases with a user-friendly GUI tool. SQLite has a range of tools that allow working with different platforms e.g., Windows, Linux, and Mac. The setup file measures around 12 MB. It will not take much time to install the software on your PC. If you choose to use the Windows version, you are able to use it with Win XP, Vista, and Win 7. It’s not free, however, you can try it for free for certain limitations. A built-in scripting program based on Lua lets you create plugins as well as automate repetitive tasks in SQLiteManager.

SQLiteManager’s report generation tool can be adapted to let you create reports in any format you can think of. The report templates are created by using a report template language and then create reports by adding SQL query results into templates. It permits conversion into SQLite database and MySQL server. SQLite Tutorial Website helps you learn SQLite quickly and effortlessly.

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