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Absolute Database is an all-in-one Delphi database that comes with extensive SQL support Multiuser Mode, BLOBs, multiuser support, and secure encryption. The BDE alternative is completely compatible with both third-party and standard reporting and database components. Its ComponentAce Absolute Database is a Delphi database engine that lets you go away from Borland database engines. Borland Database Engine. This small, fast BDE installation is robust and user-friendly. With this tool, you do not have to install or set it up, and it’s sufficient to execute an EXE file. Reduce the size of your application and make it quicker by using the database engine! If your application is publicly accessible or for an individual company It is suggested to make use of this program in the form of a commercial edition. this software.

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Absolute Database

It is compiled directly into an EXE file and can be used on all versions of Windows starting from 98 and up to Vista. Absolute DB is entirely written in Delphi The complete source code is provided. A person can use Absolute Database Personal within the project only if he or is the sole user of the project. If your project is publicly accessible or you are an organization, you need to purchase the commercial version for Absolute Database. The reality is that you can repair the database will be available in the event of hardware failure or the operation of the operating system or the problems caused by other programs that are running. The auto-detect process detects corrupted databases and automated the repair of databases. There are no limitations during the runtime when the database is run with a single-user configuration.

It allows for automatic recycling of free distances and index pages and cubes of the BLOB. Absolute Database is a Delphi databases engine that lets you put aside Borland. Borland Database Engine. With Absolute Database it is possible to not have to install or create a particular file. You can simply execute it as an EXE file. When your application is publicly accessible or for an organization using a commercial edition of the program is suggested. Therefore, for simplicity, this software can be replaced by Borland’s database core. Borland Database Core. It comes with a full scheduling manager that manages the database easily and later performs all required operations using the databases and tables. The utilities that come with the entire source code are used in the creative illustration.

Absolute Database Features

Thus, for ease of use, this program can be used to replace Borland’s database. Borland database. One file Delphi database with extensive SQL support, robust encryption, BLOBs, and Multiuser Mode support. The BDE solution is compatible with both third-party and standard DBA-aware components as well as reporting engines.

Absolute Database

The user is able to accelerate the speed of the application while but also smaller using the replacement of Absolute Database BDE. Absolute Database 7.30 can be utilized Absolute Database 7.30 on any contemporary Windows OS operating system. Absolute Database 7.30 can be described as software created by ComponentAce LTD and it is listed in the Web Development category under Databases & Tools. Absolute Database 7.30 can be licensed under the Shareware category. This means that the software product is available as a no-cost download to users however it could be restricted in its functionality or have a time limit. It could be necessary to pay at some point to keep using the software or to access all functions. Absolute Database 7.30 was last updated on the 16th of October 2013, up to 7.30. Absolute Database does not require any drivers, DLLs, or Windows updates.

How to get Absolute Database Free

In the section that deals with the convenience we will see that the tables are restructured in a simple and simple method for keeping the most up-to-date information. It also provides support for localization and internationalization through the use of the current system area. It is advancing during the display process, but possibly it’s an operation that is slow, as are all tables and databases. It includes tables that can be shared and also encourages values that are standard. It can export scripts into SQL that is a reverse engineering procedure.

The tiny sizes of codes are incorporated into applications via the process of engineering databases and their components. The smaller dimensions of the databases are made possible by the possibility of adjusting the page size as well as the metadata for the table compression, as well as other methods. It is fast in data compression with BLOB and has short strings fields for those indexes and the ability to consume low memory.

It can answer the questions of the SQL quickly with the help of the database manager in its entirety. The absolute database is a Delphi software engine for databases that lets the user bypass all about Borland the Borland database engine. When using the absolute database it is not necessary to require an installation or configuration that is unique because it’s built directly into the EXE of the user.

The company responsible for developing the Absolute Database can be found in ComponentAce LTD. The most recent version released by the creator is 7.30. The version was rated by five users of our site and has an average score of 3.1. It’s fully compatible with standard DB-aware controls from Visual such as The quick reports, DB Memo, DBRichEdit and DB Navigator, and DB Image. It supports calculated and searched-up fields, as well as numerous aspects of TQuery as well as the database together with the properties of the tables methods and events, can be viewed here. It supports provider interfaces as well as the TDataSet. It provides advanced management of caches and the architecture of buffering. It is an advanced query of SQL and comes with an optimization tool for filtering.

It could hold the operation for adding a batch deletion, as well as updates. After the installation has been completed, you will be able to access and run the software. Absolute Database will be a no-cost trial program that is included on the Components & Libraries list of software, which is as part of Development.

It is licensed in a variety of ways as well as the Source Code as well as Source Code variation, along with numerous developer permits. The advantages of developing could be the fact that it is total compatibility with tables, TQuery, session, and last but certainly not least, the elements of database. It comes with a comprehensive developer’s guide that addresses all issue that comes up during development. Absolute Database 7.30 has been available within the Databases & Tools group and is made available by ComponentAce LTD for Windows. I can’t recall a time when I’ve had a better experience with support with any of the third toolkits we employ.

Absolute Database System Requirements

  • Memory (RAM): 1 GB of RAM required.
  • Operating System: Windows 2K/XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10.
  • Processor: Intel Pentium 4 or later.
  • Hard Disk Space: 50 MB of free space required.
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