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They have a driver that redirects the data input via your USB, IrDA, or Bluetooth interface to an RS-232 virtual interface (you can test it using the System/Device Manager/Ports). If your USB device isn’t equipped with this driver, you can use the USB controller that comes with an emulated serial port driver like FTDI or an adapter for USB/RS-232. ZylSerialPort.NET is an Asynchronous Serial Port .NET component created to guarantee that external devices are able to communicate that is connected to the computer through serial ports. Alongside serial ports, you’re capable of receiving data via USB ports and other ports, such as IrDA or Bluetooth. These devices typically come with drivers that allow data to be transferred into serial ports. Additionally, the component is able to connect to the device through that virtual port.

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If your device’s USB port isn’t equipped with this feature Try using a USB controller which offers an RS-232 virtual port, for example, FTDI adapters and USB or the RS-232. A lot of USB, IrDA, and Bluetooth devices include drivers that automatically redirect every communication to an RS-232 virtual port. Users can also make use of USB controllers that are supplied by their suppliers with the virtual serial port driver for example FTDI or a USB/RS232 adapter instead. Since it is sending data bytes one at a time via the serial port on one communication line, people may think that the serial port interface is a thing of time. But, if you’re employing GSM modules, old modem models, or barcode readers, then it’s likely that you will require an application that can assist with this type of communication. This program is available with each of Delphi as well as C ++ Builder and includes examples for both languages.

Developers are able to test all the capabilities of the component through the shareware version that is fully functional, however, it has an annoyance screen. The paid, licensed version is royalty-free, meaning that the tool is able to be used to develop applications. Once you’ve viewed it within the tab dedicated to it You can drag it and drop it onto any shape and then change its properties using the object inspector. From there, you can create handlers for occasions you want to occur, and then save them to your favorites by double-clicking them. It is simple to access your unique serial code for the hard disks using your win32 program.

ZylSerialPort Features

ZylSerialPort.NET is a thread-based, event-driven, asynchronous/synchronous sequential port .NET framework/component. Make use of this ZylSerialPort.NET component to effortlessly connect to external devices via serial port connections, such as bar code readers, modems, GSM modules, along many more. ZylSerialPort can be described as a multi-threaded, asynchronous component that connects to serial ports within Delphi or C ++ Builder. This means that the information from the serial port is received by the background and doesn’t slow down or disrupt the application’s interface while being able to interact with users. This component lets you effortlessly communicate with and read and write external serial devices like fingerprint scanners, printers, fax machines barcode readers GSM modules, GPS gadgets, and more.


ZylSerialPort ZylSerialPort ZylSerialPort is an Delphi C++Builder thread-based serial port component that is synchronous. Utilize the ZylSerialPort component to communicate with other devices via serial port connections including modems bar code readers, and other devices. ZylSerialPort is a Delphi C++Builder thread-based serial port component that is synchronous. ZylSerialPort.NET is a thread-based event-driven, serial port that is an asynchronous .NET component. Make use of the ZylSerialPort.NET component to connect with devices outside of the serial port connections like modems, scanners for barcodes, GSM. ZylSerialPort is a collection of components that allow you to include functions that allow serial port communications to an external device like those mentioned above.

How to get ZylSerialPort Free

We suggest Delphi or C ++ programmers forget about the risk of error-prone programming to use manual serial ports and instead create a new wheel. This is a thread-based event-driven software that provides support for devices like barcode readers, modems, and GSM modules, in addition to other connected devices. It is compatible with a variety of kinds of devices, such as ones connected to computers through USB ports. To be able to utilize this library you have to be running a Delphi compiler or C++ Builder installed on your system. Like you might have mentioned that you must open the DKP to compile it, after installing it, you will be able to view the component within the Zyl Soft tab of the palette using the identical name. ZylSerialPort.NET is a component written using C# and uses .NET Framework with API calls.

ZylSerialPort System Requirements

  • Memory (RAM): 512 MB of RAM required.
  • Operating System: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10.
  • Processor: Intel Dual Core processor or later.
  • Hard Disk Space: 10 MB of free space required.
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