SketchUp Pro Free Download 2020 For Windows 7, 8, 10

If you are a designer and you utilize the 3D modeling quite a lot, then you absolutely require a trustworthy application that will help you with the structure design and modeling intuitively and effectively. SketchUp Pro is one of the best apps available for this reason because it comes with all the features you require in one place. You will locate the free SketchUp advanced design tools also, but the experience isn’t overwhelming at all, so individuals that are getting the hang of free SketchUp would not be disheartened.Do Adobe Photoshop CC 2018 Free Download

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The SketchUp Pro Free Download will permit you to generate and design 3D models; it features Style Builder, Layout, and more. You can also see thumbnails, append geolocation elements, and make the most out of a broad arrangement of settings and tools at your disposal. The UI of free SketchUp is easy to use and organized, so you would not lose the mind, and overall it’ll permit you to get the work accomplished without a lot of fuzz. You will locate that SketchUp has everything you require so that you will be comfortable, and it’ll offer a work environment that you can really handle to perfection.Do Adobe Photoshop CS6 Free Download

A Brief Intro To The SketchUp App :

SketchUp is a CAD program that offers users tools for making 3D models utilizing their PCs. You can utilize the free SketchUp app in any industry that needs 3D models comprising animation, architecture, engineering, multimedia arts, and more. SketchUp was first conceived and launched by @Last Software in the year 2000. In the year 2006, @Last Software was purchased by Google. These days, the program is being created by Trimble after it was purchased from Google in the year 2012.Do Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 Free Download

SketchUp has numerous editions accessible for the users to pick from relying on the particular requirements. SketchUp Pro is the release for the professional users out there. As such, it’s many features that are particularly created for catering to professionals and aren’t accessible in the free personal editions.Do MS Office 2016 Free Download

Features Of SketchUp Pro:

While both the Pro and Free SketchUp versions are able to create and geo-locate the 3D models, just the pro version can export and import the CAD files. The pro free SketchUp version can also be utilized for making, importing, and exporting the IFC files. More rendering styles are also accessible to the users of the pro free SketchUp version. For the geo-located models, Satellite and Terrain Imagery can also be utilized in the project.Do Adobe Premiere Pro Free Download

The users of the pro free SketchUp version also have more tools to use, like solid modeling tools and better film cams. However, the most significant feature of any edition of the SketchUp Pro app is that it can be commercially licensed, which denotes users are not limited to the non-profit personal usage that the free editions are limited by.Do MS Office 2019 Free Download

SketchUp Pro Free Download

Make 3D Objects From Scratch In An Easy To Use Environment:

The free SketchUp comes with an incorporated editor that permits you to create 3D objects from scratch, the layout designer to combine the 3D models, and the style builder to customize the models with diverse styles. The free SketchUp editor provides you with the option of importing the data from JPG, KMZ, DWG, 3DS, TGA, TIF, PSD, PNG, and different other file formats.

SketchUp also provides detailed data about every editing tool, so even the rookies can learn to easily set up the dedicated parameters with the least amount of effort. Plus, you can also draw the freehand designs, insert lines, arcs, circles, rectangles, and polygons, utilize an eraser, pull and push objects for adding or subtracting the volume from the 3D models using free SketchUp. Also, using the free SketchUp, you can make a copy of your lines at a standardized distance from the original ones and stretch, move, distort, rotate, or copy the different parts.

This free SketchUp download allows you to stretch and resize the portions of geometry, make or points guidelines, measure distances, embed text messages, assign colors and materials to objects, scale a model, move cam for zooming in/out, rotate the cam around your 3D model, and install the plug-ins.

Permits You To Append Metadata To The Files:

What’s more, while using free SketchUp, you’re permitted to append geolocation and see the model in Google Earth, export or print different projects to 3DS, WRL, DWG, PDF, JPG, OBJ, EPS, or different other file formats. Simultaneously, you can create a report (CSV or HTML) comprising all the attributes found in the model or just the chosen ones using free SketchUp.

The free SketchUp layout designer includes a useful set of features for assisting you in creating 3D model presentations, where you can easily append and arrange the titles, annotate the free SketchUp models, photographs, or other drawing components, customize the text and insert pages. The free SketchUp Style Builder offers numerous functions helpful for making the styles that can easily be applied to a drawing scene or model. You are also permitted to assign different colors to the models (for example, set the front face default color) and tweak its edges.

How Can You Install The SketchUp Pro App On Win 10?

Please note: you ought to first download and install the free SketchUp application for Win installation files just from the retail websites and trusted publishers.

  • Open any of your internet browsers; you can make use of Google Chrome or any other browser you have.
  • Then, simply free download the installation file of the free SketchUp app from the reliable download button given here.
  • Choose Save or Save as option for downloading the tool. The majority of antivirus tools will scan the app during download.
  • After the downloading is finished, double-click on the execution file for running the Installation procedure.
  • Follow the on-screen windows installation instructions to install the free SketchUp until done.
  • Now, the free SketchUp app icon will appear on the Desktop.
  • Click the free SketchUp icon to run the tool into the Windows 10 computer.


  • Win more jobs with remarkable advertising collateral
  • Communicate with everybody on your project
  • Model details for clarifying the complex conditions
  • Create visual and clear RFI graphics
  • Make highly-detailed and dimensionally accurate 3D models
  • Produce website logistics plans
  • Export and import CAD and other data types
  • No extensive training needed
  • Make convincing communication docs
  • Make the project sequencing animations


  • Provides less designing programs than the comparable programs

Frequently Asked Questions Section:

Q: How To Access The Free SketchUp Download For Win Laptop?

It’s easy! Simply click on the free SketchUp download button given here. Clicking it will start the downloading process of the free SketchUp app for Windows PC.

Q: Is The Free SketchUp App Will Work Normally On Any Windows?

Yes! The free SketchUp for computer will function just normally on the most recent Windows operating system x32/x64.

Q: Is SketchUp Totally Free? Just How Much Does It Really Cost?

Nothing! Simply download SketchUp Pro from the official websites free of charge. Any extra info about license you’re capable of founding on the owners sites.


There is a cause why free SketchUp continues to be well-liked despite changing the developer hands numerous times and being up against the rigid competition. Though the free SketchUp app has a rather abrupt learning curve, it is still easy in comparison to the different other titles available. The free SketchUp app is ideal for users coping with interior design and architecture. The free SketchUp tool is also an excellent choice for the people who are starting out. If you are not certain which CAD program to make use of, then simply download SketchUp Pro as it’s a great choice.

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