MS Office 2019 Free Download 2020 For Windows 7, 8, 10

Microsoft Office 2019 download is the 10th and the latest version of the well-liked suite of specialized business and home productivity apps utilized by the millions of business teams, home users, students, education employees, and government organizations for handling their everyday creation, management, editing, sharing and collaboration of the docs.

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With the complete support for a collaborative or individual creation, MS Office 2019 download has really taken benefit of a lot of services and solutions previously accessible just in the well-liked cloud service of the free Microsoft Office 365 a download and made them accessible for all the desktop Office users.Get More Softwares From Get into pc

Microsoft Office 2019

Key Features Of MS Office 2019 Free Download:

  • New Visuals For Enhancing The Doc Publishing: 

The free MS Office 19 has come very well-equipped with the new options to insert the visuals or graphics into docs. Office 19 download permits you to simply insert and manipulate different 3D models with just one menu option. What is more, the visuals have also been upgraded to permit Scalable Vector Graphics or SVGs, that doesn’t lose quality when you resize or rotate the graphic. The Microsoft office 2019 download is perfect for making professional-looking results, whether it is through the Word doc or the PowerPoint presentation.Do Adobe Premiere Pro Download

Morph, a method for transitioning between slides on Microsoft PowerPoint download, makes flawless transitions from the duplicated slides within secs. However, the presentations are not the only feature getting the advanced visuals in 2019. In Microsoft Excel download, you can now save high-resolution picture files of data model diagrams as a component of the new Power Pivot function of it.Do Matlab Free Download

  • Advanced Excel Links & Charts:

Excel for MS Office 2019 Free Download has come very well equipped with the new 2D mapping options and pivot table options. Moreover, mapping the charts has been appended to the types of charts. What that denotes is that now values based on particular geographical regions within the data can simply be compared utilizing such new charts. The funnel charts are also a newly appended favorite. With the funnel charts, different sales pipelines can easily be sorted to show diverse stages within a sales procedure, thus channeling the funnel type design. Links have also received a makeover.

You can now easily attach links to the cloud-based sites or files in the free MS suite 2019 download, something never seen in the earlier Microsoft Excel versions. It does not stop there, however. Microsoft Office Excel 2019 has also introduced more than five new features: IFS, CONCAT, MINIFS, MAXIFS, TEXTJOIN, and SWITCH.Do After Effects Free Download

MS Office 2019

  • Help Gets Interactive:

The days are gone when the limited help for upset users utilizing the Microsoft Office Suite. MS Office 19 has made its online help stronger with more detailed troubleshooting and step-by-step support. MS Office 19 has online support in the community help form, and now it’s possible for you to rapidly connect with different agents by asking questions through the online support channel.

MS Office 19 additionally also permits to co-author and shows the live doc editing for numerous users within a doc. MS Office 19 download has come to a step further into smashing down the regional barriers with the new doc translating abilities. Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, and Microsoft PowerPoint now permit for the complete docs to be translated into more than sixty languages under the Translator option of Microsoft.

  • New Options Appended To The Equation:

Appending the advanced LaTeX syntax to the Microsoft Word for Office 19 download has effectively upgraded the equations from the previously recognized standard syntax. In the MS suite 2019, you can now simply change the mathematical equations that are typed utilizing the common keywords, for instance, like the ones utilized for showing matrices into the professionally arranged equations. The Unicode Math equations are also incorporated into the professional format utilizing this new recognition function.Do MS Office 2019 Free Download

  • Touch Enabled Devices:

Inking tools in free Microsoft Office 19 download can now easily be crafted to your delight more than ever before. Color and pen width are simply changed, and now the eraser options permit the deletion of the bits of texts or entire written words. The touch recognition within Office suite 2019 download can also convert the shapes and hand-written formulas into the typographic math or actual text.

The Original Microsoft Bundles:

MS Office is a family of server and client services and programs created by Microsoft. Initially, the terminology for the office suite, a bundled set of the productivity apps of Microsoft, the first Microsoft Office version had Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, and Microsoft PowerPoint.

There’re numerous Office versions that are geared towards diverse OSs and users. There is the popular and classic Microsoft office 2019 free desktop version, accessible on both Mac and Windows, the browser version known as Office Online, and even iOS and Android versions. MS Office also comes with Microsoft Office 365, the cloud-based subscription service with additional features.

Microsoft Office 2019 All In One:

Two of the well-known free Microsoft Office bundles are Office Home & Student and Office Home & Business. While the two are marketed for diverse reasons, both have enormous similarities in terms of the services and apps comprised in the packages. Both of these Office bundles are just one-time purchases for one Mac or PC, denoting that once the next apps’ version is launched, you will have to purchase again for that version. Both of these MS suite 2019 download bundles have compromised Microsoft support for sixty days at no additional charge.

Both of the MS suite 2019 download bundles are licensed for home use, although Microsoft Home & Business is licensed for commercial usage as well. Both have the classic versions of Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, and also Microsoft PowerPoint, but Microsoft Home & Business has the additional app Outlook on the package. Both are affordable and great for the features comprised; however, Microsoft has provided a better deal for the Office suite. The cloud-based Microsoft Office 365 permits the users to purchase either an annual or monthly subscription of the plans.

Not just will you acquire the Microsoft support and the classic Office apps, but you’ll also have Publisher and Access among the applications, a complimentary one TB of OneDrive storage, and the apps will always be updated to the newest version throughout the entirety of the subscription.

Take The Pick:

However, while the MS Office 365 sounds like the great option out of all the available Office bundles, you may be the type only to be content with the small amounts of functions or the type who does not even require the half of what really is comprised in MS Office 365 download. If so, the classic MS Office 2019 Free Download packages such as Home & Student and Home & Business can assist with that.

Despite the one-time buy, the license to utilize the MS Office apps can be a lifetime if you are happy with that version you purchased. It can particularly be an awesome money-saver for the people who just require tried-and-tested Office productivity tools that they can utilize without much hassle.


Whatever you choose the Microsoft deals, those that are already arranged for a single buy are much more suitable, particularly for schoolwork or office work. The earlier packages before MS Office 365 download came might be lacking in functions compared to this one, but they can really be ideal for the users who are just searching for the apps they will really utilize to the fullest. MS Office 365 boasts that free one TB of cloud storage, but not everybody’s gonna require it all the time, so such MS Office suite 2019 download plans are still contemplated classics..Do Easeus Data Recovery Free Download

System Requirements For Microsoft Office 2019 Professional Plus

Before you start Office 2019 Professional Plus Apr 2019 free download, make sure your PC meets minimum system requirements.

  • Memory (RAM): 1 GB of RAM required.
  • Operating System: Windows 7/8/8.1/10
  • Processor: Intel Dual Core processor or later.
  • Hard Disk Space: 6 GB of free space required.
Updated: September 21, 2020 — 4:23 pm

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