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We monitor all our clients of PECompact today, out of necessity. The use of PECompact on top-of-the-line applications such as Google Desktops helps ensure the security companies have good interoperability. Companies big and small all over the world, enterprises rely on PECompact to ensure reliable executable compression, encryption, and security. Get More Softwares From Getintopc

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The bottleneck that is the slowest is typically in the disk system itself, saving the entire module in memory and then decompressing it can be beneficial in a variety of circumstances. It’s dependent on a few factors like how large your EXE is, and the speed of your disk. The time required to decompress a CPU is such that it’s not even considered to be an aspect. If you’re not concerned with the security of your data, then maybe you’ll need to cut down on EXE size further than archivers such as ZIP and RAR have the ability to do.

Pecompact Features

Because our algorithm is designed for PEs, we prepare the code with advanced algorithms to make it more compressible for dictionary-based compressors such as LZMA. Licensees are granted distribution rights to compressed modules. The program can compress a wide range of executables and modules. A lot of executable protectors aren’t accepted by the majority of anti-virus programs. The LZMA2 compression algorithm allows for faster compression, excellent performance, and speedy decompression. FFCE compression algorithm to speed up compression, excellent performance, and quick decompression. APLib compression algorithm to speed up compression, high performance, and speedy decompression.

The decompression algorithms employed by PECompact are optimized to achieve maximum decompression speed. This leads to the loading time of compressed modules frequently improving since fewer bits are required to be read from the storage medium.

With PECompact you can be that your software will run smoothly. You can learn more about the various kinds of licenses on the compact order page. Data must be extracted directly from storage media in its unblocked and uncompressed form. Compressed storage devices are immune to manipulation as well as reverse engineering.

The smaller size of your EXE could actually reduce load time due to the time it takes to retrieve data from the network or storage media being usually more than the extremely fast decompression process. Pages that aren’t utilized will be quickly paged out by Windows when needed, and your program will run like it was not compressed.

Our unique overlay emulator allows for compression of installers’ SFX and other types of PE EXEs that cannot normally be compressed. We not only provide all-inclusive DEP support but we also have loading software that takes it one step further and does not start from any web page that is not declared executable.

To prevent misuse, we’ve not included a number of plug-ins or certain utilities in our trial edition. If you’d like to test something that’s not listed, contact us and we’ll help you set it up. We will require proof that you’re a legitimate developer and/or publisher of software. From avoiding compression of shared parts of DLLs to preserving information about debugging or not compressing shell icons – you are guaranteed that PECompact is doing things the right way. It has had many years to develop and become with no bugs.

A benchmark run by a third party using an executable chosen prior to PECompact2’s launch is available. Adobe Acrobat Reader 6.0 executable compression benchmark.

PECompact compresses modules more tightly than if they were compressed with any other packer that is executable or the most modern software for data compression. This is made possible by sophisticated pre-processing technology and state-of-the-art modern CODECs. Being one of the “good guys, we collaborate with anti-virus and antimalware firms to help them scan within PECompact executables that are compressed. The use of PECompact on top-of-the-line programs like Google Desktop ensures any rare incidental false alarm caused by any company is promptly corrected. I am convinced that PECompact offers the most secure software support available however, that’s an educated guess. For instance, it can skip DLLs that are shared as a default feature and is able to bypass any shared section which allows you to keep memory sharing between processes.

How to Get Pecompact for Free

CExe v1.0bDefault3,904,512PEPack v1.0Default3,735,552FSG v1.33Default.4,031,456WWPack32 v1.20Default4,221,952EZIP v1.0Default.5,985,427PETITE v2.2Default.Error. The program could not compress.Try the test yourself using your own executable and module.

It grants restricted distribution rights for compressed modules. PECompact utilizes low CPU and RAM, meaning it won’t impact the overall performance. PECompact is also able to be integrated into Explorer’s Explorer contextual menu.

This is due to compression being focused on a particular data or file format. Modules are usually compressed more tightly than the modern software for data compression can achieve because of the optimizations applied to the modules prior to compression. With the aid of PECompact, you can cut down on the dimensions of Windows executables, and not damage the files.

It is compatible with EXE, DLL, SCR, OCX, and other formats and is designed to cater to advanced users. Emulate extra data using its physical offset. This permits compression of installer-type EXEs that would otherwise be unable to be compressed. PECompact automatically applies this feature if there is an overlay present or in the case of the /Emo option. Security software supports PECompact, which means that your EXE content is scanned to stop aiding the criminals while keeping false positive rates to a minimum.

The primary feature to be mentioned is our excellent compression. We’re specifically designed to compress PEs as well as their data, code, and other resources. One that’s superior to any ZIP compressor software, for example. In comparison to other executable compression tools, We are either superior or nearly equal in terms of compression ratio.

As an example, PECompact generally surpasses the most recent ASPack version ASPack in terms of compression ratio. Check them out on YOUR module. However, we’ll soon release a benchmark that will show the difference between the two applications. The compression results in a significantly smaller program, with an average of 60% to 70% smaller!

Pecompact System Requirements

  • Operating System: Windows 7/8/8.1/10
  • Memory (RAM): 1 GB of RAM required.
  • Hard Disk Space: 10 MB of free space required.
  • Processor: Intel Dual Core processor or later.
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