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The software can import a spreadsheet with mixed quantitative and qualitative data. PAT RESEARCH provides B2B information such as Best Practices and Buying Guides, Reviews and Ratings, Comparisons, Research, Commentary and Analysis for Enterprise Software and Services. To help IT decision-makers such as CEOs, CIOs, Directors, and executives to find technologies, software, services, and strategies, we provide Best Practices and PAT Index(TM), enabled product reviews. Quirkos allows you to see how your topics are connected by coding your data. Cluster and overlap views visualize correlations between topics. This allows you to see real-time associations in your qualitative data. Qualitative Data Analysis Software allows you to understand, interpret and explain the situations and people in your qualitative data. It also helps to identify the symbolic and meaningful content. It supports most of the qualitative data analysis techniques, as well as systematic processing methods for analyzing text.

Maxqda Plus 10

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At the time of publication, a VA Section 508 assessment has not been completed for this technology. As such, only those who have applied the technology to a production environment or have approved project design and implementation plans can continue to use this technology. WebQDA software is designed for researchers in different contexts who need to analyze qualitative data individually or in collaboration.

Maxqda Plus 10

With the help of codes or memos, data can be analyzed on a four-screen screen. MAXQDA’s export and visualization options make it easy to present data. MAXQDA also includes quantitative data analysis tools, such as the. Mixed Methods tools are also available in MAXQDA. Telephone interviews, online interviews, focus groups, and email interviews are all examples of qualitative data. Qualitative Data Analysis Software offers tools to assist qualitative research, such as text analysis, transcription, coding, text interpretation, recursive abstractions, content analysis, discourse analysis, and document collation. Qualitative Data Analysis Software allows users to save time, manage large amounts of qualitative data, increase flexibility and increase validity and suitability of qualitative studies, without having to do manual or clerical tasks.

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The Technology is currently being reviewed and evaluated. This technology is not allowed to be used by the general public. Follow these steps to access the menus on this page. To access/activate submenu links, you will be able to tab or arrow down or up through the submenu options. Instructors who teach qualitative methods can receive course licenses at no cost. You can view specific quotations from certain texts and codes. This software allows users to split the text into sub-codes, and to compare and read statements from different individuals or groups.

Maxqda Plus

The outstanding mixed-methods feature allows you to combine standard quantitative data with qualitative information. Qualitative Data Analysis Software offers tools for qualitative research, including transcription analysis, code and text interpretation, content analysis and discourse analysis, grounded theory methodology, and recursive abstraction. All Veterans Affairs users need to ensure that VA sensitive data is protected according to all VA regulations. To ensure compliance with VA Handbook 6500, all instances of deployment using this technology must be reviewed by the ISO.

Businesses need software that allows them to gather as much information in a short time as possible. According to the Deputy CIO for Architecture, Strategy, and Design, all technology used by the VA requires an assessment by the VA Section 508. The federal law Section 508 (Rehabilitation Act Amendments, 1998) sets guidelines for technology accessibility.

WebQDA software is designed for researchers working in diverse contexts who need to analyze qualitative data individually, collaboratively, synchronously, or asynchronously. MAXQDA includes transcription tools and multimedia functionality that allows you to analyze any type of media file directly.

This technology uses cloud-based functionality, which can pose security risks. MAXQDA Plus, an extended version of MAXQDA, includes the MAXDictio Module. addiction is a tool that can be used to create dictionaries and search for text files. To support qualitative findings, Vocabulary and Word Frequency analyses can be used. There is potential to store Personally Identifiable Information, Protected Health Information, and/or VA Sensitive Data. Proper security standards must be observed in these cases.

This allows for the creation of products and services that are tailored to the needs and expectations of customers. Businesses can also use business research to learn about their competitors and keep up to date with the latest trends in the industry.

*Case or code filters now allow you to filter by source files as well as by code and code relationships. * You can easily identify different speakers in focus groups, compare their contributions, and analyze them. You can use an alternate web browser to ensure site functionality or upgrade to Internet Explorer. MAXQDA Reader allows you to search and read MAXQDA projects, without needing a license.

They have also oriented exercises around case study B data, as with other MAXQDA step-by-step options by Graham Hughes and Stefan Rediker. These exercises offer a variety of options for analytic actions that can be performed using survey data from a spreadsheet and focus group data. It is important to remember that once you have started a project, there is no set order or clear timeline. However, the exercises are linked to each Chapter. MAXQDA can be used in mixed-methods research, including qualitative and quantitative. You can see the emphasis on qualitative research in the program’s extensive attributes and its ability to quickly deal with large numbers of interviews.

The rapid release schedule of this technology may mean that the VA might not be able to update to the latest patch. This may lead to a deployment model that requires the use of certain versions. PAT RESEARCH, a leader in software and services selection, offers a variety of resources and services. Opportunities to update and maintain their product listings and even receive leads. It was easy to learn from a friend and you can also find helpful videos on YouTube.

Maxqda Plus 10 System Requirements

  • Memory (RAM): 2 GB of RAM required.
  • Operating System: Windows 7/8/8.1/10
  • Processor: 1.3 GHz Intel Pentium processor or later.
  • Hard Disk Space: 50 MB of free space required.
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