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This webinar will present Altair’s unified solution to PCB design considerations. It includes DFM, DFA and DFE, Signal Integrity, Thermal Analysis, and Signal Integrity. PollEx is Altair’s simulation-driven design philosophy that inspires innovation and ensures compliance targets are met. Global industry leaders use it to increase efficiency, improve performance, foster teamwork, and enhance collaboration. Get More Softwares From Getintopc

Altair Pollex

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Electronic, electrical, and manufacturing engineers at top companies like Sony, Intel, LG, and LG have adopted the Pollex PCB software suite. This webinar will explain the advantages of PollEx for PCB design viewing, exploration, analysis, verification, and how they work within the unified PollEx electronics parts management software. Start with PCB Modeller, an easy-to-use and collaborative application that connects to all major ECAD systems. This allows you to view and review PCB designs quickly without losing any ECAD data. PollEx is able to import designs from all the major ECAD vendors including Cadence and Mentor Graphics, Zuken, Altium, Zuken, and Altium, as well as industry neutral formats. It has modeling capabilities that allow design reviews. This includes a comparison between schematics, PCB data, and allows faults to be identified and fixed early on without expensive ECAD licenses.

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You can collaborate throughout product development by having all of your physical, logical, and electrical attributes data in one place. PollEx offers a range of tools that allow you to design PCBs while ensuring ease of assembly and testing at the end of each line.

Design bottlenecks and errors can be eliminated by sharing data across disciplines, from conception to manufacturing. Altair’s portfolio includes simulation-driven design solutions that include, amongst other disciplines, electromagnetics and electronic design automatization.

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They began using PollEx to review PCB designs and verify them using DFM. This allows them to spot manufacturing defects in the early stages of design. They also plan to use PollEx Solvers for power integrity, signal integrity, and thermal analysis. Altair PollEx offers the best PCB design viewing, analysis, and verification tools on the market for electronics, manufacturing, and electrical engineers.

Start with PollEx Verification For DFA. This rule-based DFA check tool from PollEx covers all areas of manufacturing assembly, including collision, lead, soldering, and component height. Signal Integrity analysis in PollEx aims to achieve the highest signal quality through analyzing and adjusting multiple variables. This presentation introduces the solution and applies it to a DDR-design case study. It also includes a benchmark study. PCB Modeler allows you to review, query, search and measure, net topology, net 3D, net topology, and data extraction. You can also save and securely share certain areas of your design. A powerful feature is the ability to automatically compare PCB designs, schematics, and BOM data. This tutorial will show you how to use PollEx to verify DFE logic designs for electrical engineering. PollEx can be used to verify signal integrity, power integrity, and ESD protection. It also checks for return path routing and balanced differential pairs.

Electronic, electrical, and manufacturing engineers at top companies like Samsung, Intel, and LG have adopted the Pollex PCB software suite. Multi-disciplinary engineering teams have turned to Altair PollEx to address the problems of PCB design performance and quality requirements.

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PollEx PCB Verification verifies the quality of designs for manufacturing, assembly, and electrical engineering. Using the Export of fabrication, mounting, paneling, and testing data to your production line machinery, you can increase efficiency in PCB fabrication and assembly. Connectivity to all major ECAD systems, with export to Altair or third-party simulation tools. With tools for PCB design review and analysis, verification, and manufacturing assessment, you can create complex electronics the first time. PollEx, which uses the imported PCB design as its basis, supports design for manufacturability, design for assembly, and design to support electrical engineering. Despite the fact that PCBs have become more complex over time, the design cycle is still sequential and includes separate components libraries and databases for each stage.

Electronic design engineers must deal with this growth by producing high-speed, low-voltage PCBs, as well as considering high-density interconnection, miniaturization, and other new materials. Fragmentation and the need for globalization and outsourcing make it difficult to complete the PCB design and manufacturing process.

The company switched from digital display control circuits (or battery control circuits) to electronic design and manufacturing technology. After a thorough evaluation and working closely with the Altair Team they chose PollEx because it was able to meet their goal to improve the manufacturing process. PollEx Samsung SDI collaborates with a central solution to save 6M USD per year. This is due to a significant reduction in design iterations, revision checks, and other errors.

PollEx improves the efficiency of PCB manufacturing by exporting fabrication, mounting, paneling, and testing data. More than 500 design for manufacture checks covers the manufacturing of components, drills, FPCBs, packages, pads, patterns, placement, tooling, and drills.
Altair PollEx allows you to simulate all of these processes in one software. Electronic system design has a greater impact on nearly every product type. This means that new simulation tools are needed to achieve electronic, mechanical, thermal, or connectivity goals.

Altair’s simulation-driven tools allow your team of engineers to collaborate on all aspects of printed circuit boards development, from conception to manufacturing. Altair PollEx allows you to quickly simulate signal integrity, power integrity, and ESD protection. Explore how PollEx can be integrated into existing toolchains that offer unparalleled connectivity to all major ECAD systems.

Altair Pollex System Requirements

Before you start Altair PollEx 2020 free download, make sure your PC meets minimum system requirements.

  • Memory (RAM): 1 GB of RAM required.
  • Operating System: Windows 7/8/8.1/10
  • Processor: Intel Dual Core processor or later.
  • Hard Disk Space: 900 MB of free space required.
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