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It helps make production management & the control of inventory easier than ever before for online retailers. This is suitable for companies looking to expand and organize their day-to-day activities.

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Katana is a revolutionary way to improve the logistics component of my business successful. I have to say that its distribution method is unique. In reality, Katana grasps the fact that my primary goal is to ensure that my customers are satisfied. It examines its customer service, the benefits as well as limitations.

It comes with a “Contacts” section that allows me to save the details of my customers along with the total cost for every purchase. Katana offers continuous assistance and assistance for their customers to implement the most efficient manufacturing processes. They also have a learning center with tutorial videos, articles, and FAQs customers might have questions about making use of the service. From phone, email as well as live chat assistance, to tickets and live training, Katana ensures end-to-end assistance to assist users in achieving their business objectives. Its user-friendly layout helps make the move between sheets (Excel, Google Sheets, and so on.) effortless and effortless.

I’m always aware of the essential activities. The most interesting thing is the ability to show the deadline for delivery.

Katana is an enterprise resource planning system for manufacturing companies is a company that is company that has raised over $11million through the series one round of financing which was led by Atomico. The company has an online chat feature that is available in the event that I have any questions. Additionally, their support and help section contains some instructional videos that show how to use the functions. In a way accessing these details is a great experience that will pay back in the end. This helps the user make well-informed decisions regarding the production and fulfillment of orders.

Katana Features

“We handle the entire process, from getting the raw materials in the warehouse to planning manufacturing activities and execution when the product is done,” Vilosius explained. In the world, the ERP market was projected to be an industry worth $43 billion in 2020 according to certain estimates. That figure could grow to $60 billion in five years. For companies, especially, ERP software can bridge all of these components aiding them in identifying the bottlenecks and enhancing effectiveness. Additionally, it is able to accurately track all dates of completion.


Katana is extremely active Katana is very active on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter. Although there were many pricing options, today there are just two main pricing options. The most affordable and first price is Essential for $99 per month.

The Pro plan is comprised of everything you get out of the Essential package, but you will still get support for one user. But, you’ll be able to connect to an unlimited warehouse and gain access to features such as lots number and batch tracking. Additionally, you can access the floor-level mobile application and the ability to add up to three floor-level operators as well. Based on the appearance of the dashboard, it is to be quick in its response.

How to get Katana Free

Additionally, it is important to determine the suitability of the product, which is contingent on the needs of the user. Rebekah Carter is a seasoned journalist, content creator, and blogger with a focus on marketing business development, marketing, and technology.

The Frequently Asked Questions list could be something you take into consideration using. It is possible to get quick feedback from their social media pages.

Resource Manager-DB is a scalable and cost-effective production planning, scheduling, and tracking software that’s specifically designed to adjust to your needs. We are able to work with any information you have in order to create better production scheduling. It’s just faster and easier than you imagined. ….

We’ve designed our Customer Satisfaction based on the behavior Algorithm(TM) that collects the customer’s reviews, feedback, and Katana reviews across a vast variety of social media websites. The information is then presented in a simple to understand format that shows the number of people who had positive and negative experiences with Katana. With this information, you’ll be able to make an informed choice that you will not regret. It’s crucial to understand that there isn’t a single app within the Inventory Management Software category that will be the ideal solution that will meet the requirements of various company sizes, shapes, and types. Other solutions are built on the notion of being easy and user-friendly, but they don’t have features that are complex and desired by knowledgeable users. There are solutions that cater to a broad range of users and provide a robust toolbox of features, but this typically comes at a higher cost than the solution. Make sure that you’re conscious of your requirements to ensure you’re able to find an option that is complete with all the components you’re looking for.

Katana System Requirements

Operating Systems

  • Windows 10
  • Windows 8 / 8.1
  • Windows 7

Recommended Hardware

  • Display:┬áMinimum: 800 x 600 | Recommended: 1920 x 1080
  • Disk space: 1+ GB of disk space available for installation
  • Processor:┬áDual-core processor
  • Graphics RAM: Minimum: 1+ GB available | Recommended: 2+ GB available
  • OpenGL: OpenGL 4.3+
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