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Computations comprise the linear elastic analyses (first-order as well as second-order) and an eigenvalue-based buckling analysis for both girder construction and concrete deck construction. The HY-8 7.2 is a “maintenance section “of the multi-phase FHWA hydraulic software upgrade plan. It is the FHWA has been developing computer-based hydraulic culvert software since the ’60s (with programs like HY-1). The FHWA released the first version of the software in the early 1980s. FHWA issued the initial Windows version (7.0) in March 2007 and then the 2nd phase of the update (7.1) during July of 2008. It is believed that the HY-8 program has been successfully running across all of the current “flavors” of the Windows operating system. It contains The interface control Document, XML Schemas, and WSDL files that are required to build plug-in software which is compatible with Center to Center Infrastructure.

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Me Design

In contrast, AASHTOWare Pavement ME Design allows users to create an instructional manual to test with mechanical pavement design. This means that it can also be utilized to conduct an analysis of the loss of support as well as load efficiency boosters. Finally, AASHTOWare Pavement ME Design is an impressive program for floors and pavement design.

This add-in was evaluated for the compatibility of Adobe Acrobat Pro version XI and DC. It is highly recommended to ensure that crucial marks are maintained in plan sets when working with a different version of Adobe Acrobat Pro. Certain features that are included in this version are enhanced over the version of the previous version and the majority of bugs or issues that were reported in the previous release have been solved in this release. To see a list of the modifications, check out the PGSuper support Information Document. Professional working environments with all the tools and features.

Live loads that users input are automatically placed in user-designated lanes, generating maximum forces at user-defined locations. The program calculates the forces that are exerted on the various elements of the culvert by using the direct stiffness technique. The user inputs data for the loading conditions, the geometry of the structure, and the size of the member.

For better design refurbishment, users can generate predicted values in AASHTO Pavement ME Design. It offers a variety of tools that examine the different designs of pavement.

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The program generates the force of the member for use for either a working stress design or load factor design according to the AASHTO Standard Specifications for Highway Bridges 17th edition. for highway loads or AREMA 2006. In the event that it is used in the case of E72 or E80 loadings. The flexible design feature calculates the needed quantity and the pattern for prestressing of strands as well as the minimum release required and final concrete strength. Specification checks the girders for their compliance with the strength, serviceability, and detailing requirements. Vertical and horizontal shear design analysis, analysis, and load rating are assisted.

Me Design

BridgeLink connects a variety of Bridge engineering software tools into a single and user-friendly platform. The software tools available in BridgeLink include BEToolbox, PGSplice, PGSuper, TOGA, and XBRate.

You aren’t allowed to sell the designs in digital format, or upload the designs to Etsy or other websites for reasons of any kind. The designs’ licenses are limited to 100 products you are able to sell. Therefore, if you sell more than 100 products, you will need to get in touch with me for the mass production license. With expertise in engineering, architecture building, design as well as manufacturing, and the entertainment industry, we assist people everywhere to solve today’s most pressing issues. Apply the approximate analysis method for overhead sign bridges that are constructed in Texas. Analysis and geometry of the structure are built in the assumption and limits that are described in the help manual. HY-8 is a computerized version of FHWA hydraulic culvert approaches and protocols. The HY-8 program is offered for free to the transportation and hydraulic communities.

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The table below provides available TxDOT as well as FHWA engineering software to aid in highway design. It gives an overview of and the minimum system specifications for every application. Everything I offer is digital goods and therefore, there is no physical delivery. It is the complete, independent install of the offline installer for AASHTOWare Pavement ME Design 2013. Vehicle Compliance Subsystem software development toolkit that includes components such as the Protocol Document, XML Schemas as well as XML Tester Application with Schema Panels required to create VCS compliant software. Transportation Sensor Subsystem software development toolkit comprising all the Protocol Document, XML Schemas, and XML Tester Application with Schema Panels required to create TSS compliant software.

The software includes concrete mixture proportioning as well as thermolysis, crack analysis, and the chloride diffusion service life. It also contains design modules for various mass concrete shapes such as bridge decks Precast concrete beams as well as concrete pavements. The current version for the BGS v9.1 user Guide contains more than 360 pages in length.

The TxDOT Bridge Geometry System is beneficial for the geometric design of bridges. design. Click here to begin the download for free of the AASHTOWare Pavement ME Design. This is a full offline installer as well as a standalone setup for the AASHTOWare Pavement ME Design. ConcreteWorks was developed by the Concrete Durability Center at the University of Texas as part of the research conducted through the Texas Department of Transportation. It improves the construction ability and endurance of concrete bridge members as well as other structural components.

SignsPC expands MicroStation by providing users with the tools for creating and marking traffic signs. It also comes with an option to use lettering to precisely put lettering cells in a space according to the standard specifications. In line with the standard established by the release of BGS v9.1 The PSTRS14 v6.1.1 User Guide isn’t delivered directly to the user’s computer, but it is saved to TxDOT’s TxDOT FTP servers. The guide is accessible via an embedded link in the Prestressed Concrete Beam Design & Analysis Program group of programs. BridgeLink integrates a suite of engineering bridge software.

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