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Iperius also allows automatic restoration of databases on various servers. It also lets you backup files to multiple locations including NAS external drives Cloud services like Google Drive, Amazon S3, and FTP servers. Iperius lets you backup and restores hyper-v virtual computers in a simple and speedy manner.

Iperius Backup

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Zip compression is free of limitations on file size, file numbers, or length of the path.

It also can make images from the entire disk, allowing users to install the system again (bare-metal restore). It creates the disk image with no interruption or reboot. You can restore it to different hardware. Iperius can transfer files and folders to any storage device that supports mass storage, such as NAS external USB drives, RDX devices, computers on the network. Zip 64 compression AES encryption and synchronization and the possibility of keeping incremental backups.

The console works seamlessly with the other products that comprise Iperius Suite, allowing also to update remotely Iperius Backup to the latest version. Complete system backup along with disaster recovery support for computers as well as servers. Iperius Backup Free has complete scheduling capabilities, which means it can create automatic backups according to specific days and times. It is possible to create backup schedules that are based on the specific days of the month, or week, and at various time periods.

Iperius Backup Features

Iperius can make images of the entire disk to enable users to automatically install the system with just a couple of clicks. It creates the image created without interruption or reboot, and you are able to restore it to hardware that is different. Centralized dashboard with statistics, error detection potential for making updates, planning and performing backups remotely, and managing groups, users, and permissions. An innovative and effective solution for backups offsite for Amazon S3, Google Drive, Dropbox, Azure Storage, OneDrive, FTP or SFTP servers, Iperius Storage, Wasabi, Aruba Cloud, Backblaze, and any S3 storage that is compatible with S3. Join us on LinkedIn, Twitter, RSS to be informed of announcements, updates, and special promotions. Choosing Iperius Backup is relying on high-quality support and a high-quality product. Additionally, it is available as Freeware, Iperius Backup is supplied with one of the most simple licensing and installation systems to install.

Iperius Backup

It works with every version of Hyper-V and allows you to create virtual machine backups in two ways which are either copying individual disk files or running an incremental image and also truncating logs. One of the most powerful features of Iperius is the capability to perform backups and virtual machine snapshots of Hyper-V servers on any computer connected to the network entirely automated. Simple, lightweight, and robust VMware ESXi backup software. It is compatible with VMware ESXi 4.x/5.x hot backup, without the need to shut off virtual machines backup to network or tape, one low-cost license to use unlimited servers and virtual machines. Iperius lets you create a recovery disc, a USB drive, or an ISO file that you can burn to CD. When you start a computer with the Iperius recovery unit, you’ll be able to access Iperius Recovery Environment(r). Iperius Recovery Environment(r) allows you to choose the backup of your drive made by Iperius and then restore it to a fresh hard disk. An easy and straightforward restore tool that works bare-metal that works on any hardware.

Iperius is a nimble and powerful application that can back up your data to every tape drive (LTO, DAT, etc.). Security of passwords with compression, AES encryption automated tape ejection, recovery to an individual file. Iperius is a versatile and lightweight program that can make multiple FTP transfers to as well as from unlimited servers. It allows you to create FTP backups in both Download and Upload directions, and use zip compression as well as FTPS AES encryption and bandwidth limits.

How to get Iperius Backup Free

Iperius is a straightforward and effective software that can fully protect servers and PCs. Iperius has also been described as a program that comes with a variety of features, which makes it a great utility for many different situations.

The most powerful all-in-one backup program to safeguard servers, PCs, and Virtual Machines. Back up to NAS, USB, and RDX drive, Cloud, FTP, LTO. Open file backup, ESXi and Hyper-V backups, Exchange Server and Exchange Online, MySQL, and SQL Server databases. It is possible to recover specific images by using an image backup as well as create an Iperius Environment(r) Recovery drive to perform a complete system restoration (bare-metal) and even with different Hardware. Iperius Backup can be the best solution to backup and secure your information.

The program allows you to create backups for NAS devices External USB hard drives RDX drives and networks of computers. It automates backups by using various scheduling options and can send out e-mail notifications informing about the outcome of the backup. Iperius supports incremental backup, compression as well as network authentication, and the execution of scripts and programs from outside. You can perform backups of images, synchronize folders and files, even to FTP destinations Copy locked or open files, and save several backups. Iperius Backup Desktop provides an adaptable and affordable solution to safeguard your computer.

The backup of the drive’s image can be scheduled and Iperius will automatically make the backup at specified dates and times. Iperius Backup allows you to remain aware of the result of the backup and send an email following every backup operation. Iperius Console provides the leading instrument for central control and management of PCs and backup.

Iperius lets you make a “hot image” of a server without rebooting or without interrupting any services as well as copying files that are locked or used database, Exchange database, virtual machine, as well as all installed applications. One of the most impressive advantages of the backup to drive images provided by Iperius is the capability to restore an operating system to another computer than that on which the backup was created. This lets us fully recover a system even when there is no original machine on which the operating system was installed. It’s robust, easy to set up, lightweight, and cost-effective. These are the qualities that make Iperius among the top applications that can be used for Exchange backup.

Iperius Backup System Requirements

  • Memory (RAM): 512 MB of RAM required.
  • Operating System: Windows 7/8/8.1/10.
  • Processor: Intel Dual Core processor or later.
  • Hard Disk Space: 60 MB of free space required.
Updated: October 7, 2021 — 9:19 pm

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