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GhostDoc Enterprise is right for you when, on top of its Pro features, you’re seeking a full-featured document builder. You can also add custom content, such as Welcome-License, Welcome, etc. Make your own document layouts and themes and a command-line version that allows CI integration and creating documentation with your build. silent deployment and activation prioritization support. GhostDoc is a Visual Studio extension that allows developers to generate XML comments from source code by using custom templates, keep updated and tidy documentation, create help documentation in various formats, utilize a smart sources code Spell Checker within Visual Studio, and much more. Developers who only require the essential features. GhostDoc Community is good for the individual developer who wants to make XML Documentation simpler by creating a base with a single method, and also generate basic watermarked CHM aid for previewing documentation. GhostDoc Community is intended solely for personal use and cannot license to any organization. Use the below links to download a no-cost trial version of our software. After installation, the software will run in an evaluation mode and provide all features available in the commercial version for 14 days.


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You’re looking for API documentation for your program, yet it’s a labor-intensive process. Even after you’ve learned how to use the “triple-slash” keyboard shortcut, making sure you fill in all the fields required for each method and class you develop takes a lot of time. Start with the documentation you’ve created by your code. You can then include whatever you need to personalize the final product. Be sure that the XML comments used as documentation for your code don’t disappear when you make changes to your code.

Software developers have to deal already enough with that, compiling and running programs only to discover that one GUI component isn’t working correctly. Transform your XML Doc comments in CHM, MS Help, or Web-based documentation to support the entire solution in one click. We have designed the features and prices of GhostDoc to meet the requirements of all types of users. There are three versions available: GhostDoc Pro, GhostDoc Enterprise along with GhostDoc Community.

If you purchased a different edition than the one you’ve installed, you will need to install the correct version to enable your license. “Documentation Maintenance” from GhostDoc “Documentation Maintenance” detects code modifications that impact documentation and then produce updates in line with the changes. Teams with more advanced users seeking premium features, integration, and non-attended deployment. Make sure you avoid runtime binding errors as well as Refactoring issues by having spelling errors in strings, comments or code highlighted. Changes can be made directly in a mockup of the help file. You can make those edits WYSIWYG-like automatically make changes to your XML document comments. To alleviate this issue, GhostDoc allows you to edit your documentation in a WYSIWYG way, with modifications being saved to the XML document within your code.

GhostDoc Features

The strict nature of XML makes it very easy to alter the formatting or miss the necessary escape for symbols. GhostDoc can also assist in the creation of efficient, clean documentation of your code, creating it, and then packaging it all without intervention. Example for PowerCollections – CHMIf If, upon opening the download of the CHM document file you will see a “Navigation to the webpage was canceled” message, or an empty page with no information, you must remove the block on the CHM file prior to opening it.


If you’ve already purchased the license, you can download the full version of the trial version. GhostDoc Pro is designed for developers looking for greater performance and features that are more advanced. If you choose to purchase a different edition from the trial version, you must install the appropriate version to allow you to activate your license. Let GhostDoc create documentation as an additional aspect of a well-run building process. Have you ever created help documentation using comments and then realized that the final product isn’t properly written? Text that’s a bit awkwardly split into distinct lines or sloppy text that is caused by an absent escape character? It’s a tedious, lengthy process to recreate it until it appears as it should.

In the majority of cases, the software is not required to be installed or reconfigured after purchase. The XML Comment Rules for GhostDoc Community do not work with Pro and Enterprise edition formats and Community versions can’t be converted to a T4 template when switching from Pro or Enterprise editions. GhostDoc Community edition is available to be used for private, open-source or educational purposes. See who can access GhostDoc Community Edition.

After you purchase the commercial license The trial version can be registered, which will eliminate the restrictions and evaluation screens that are present during the trial. Download GhostDoc CommunityGhostDoc is ideal for developers who want to make XML Documentation simpler by creating a base with a single method, and also generate basic watermarked CHM aid for previewing documentation. Download GhostDoc Enterprise-level developers who only require the essential features. Did you make modifications to a method only to forget to change your method’s XML documentation? It’s among the biggest problems with the documentation in files of the ever-changing source code.

GhostDoc System Requirements

  • Memory (RAM): 256 MB of RAM required.
  • Operating System: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10.
  • Processor: Intel Dual Core processor or later.
  • Hard Disk Space: 200 MB of free space required.
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