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The app is free and portable. It can be used to fix system issues, internet issues as well as restore settings and solve other common Windows 10 problems. The portability feature in a solution-focused tool that is simple to use makes FixMy10 an ideal feature for all users of expertise.


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This is particularly true when it comes to fixing file associations, but it doesn’t matter if you know the issue you have to address or simply want to examine your system for Windows 10 problems, FixMy10 is a handy tool to have on hand. Fix various issues that tend that pop up in Windows. FixMy10 is quick to work and the controls are well-organized and simple to learn. FixMy10 is completely at no cost and you’ll start using it in the shortest amount of time. It is provided in a ZIP file and all you have to do is extract and run the executable instead of running through an installation procedure. The name implies that the program is designed to be used on Windows 10, but you are able to use this with Windows 8 as well.

We are aware that web into PC is compatible with versions 32bit and 64bit. MR Tech Systray is a Swiss army knife that includes tools as well as adjustments and system options. The free program is developed to maximize Windows 10 with over 200 tweaks. Frederick can be described as an Editor of software reviews at FindMySoft.

It’s an extremely portable application that you can run on any device running Windows 10, and it can help you solve issues so that it doesn’t need to spend hours searching the web for the answer. It’s very specific in the way it works, so the variety of users who are likely to use it will not be as vast. Furthermore, due to the regular updates that are made to the OS Certain features may be obsolete in a short time yet it will be a great tool useful for people who don’t update their PCs very frequently. Furthermore is that it takes a little time to repair the different issues that your computer has typically based on how bad your PC’s system is. The use of a PC isn’t without negative consequences. Continually installing and uninstalling software is a step closer to cluttering files, inactive file access, or inaccessible folders. It’s the same for us with the advent of the Internet daily and the files that we download may not be the most secure you can find. This is why it’s recommended to be equipped with An OS fixing tool. And for those who are using Windows 10, a good option would beFixMy10.

FixMy10 Features

It is also quick and will save you time searching the internet to find solutions. While some fixes may not last forever, because Windows 10 gets updates constantly and this results in fixings becoming out of date. Although FixMy10 might not be revolutionary in terms of its capabilities however its ability to be very portable and simple to use allows it to be used by users of a range of levels of experience.


The Help tab leads you to the website of the developer. When you face those tiny and annoying issues caused by new applications being installed, or simply Windows being Windows You can count on FixMy10 to fix your issues in an instant. A powerful application that lets users resolve some of the most common problems that can arise with Microsoft’s Windows 10 Operating System. FixMy10 Pro 2019 is free to download the most recent version via direct download.

However, constantly installing software or working in Windows 10 is not always easy. Certain users experience various issues often, and they’re trying to find solutions on the internet.

How to get FixMy10 Free

This is why you must look into taking a glance at an application such as FixMy10. It’s a fairly simple and lightweight application that can help solve some of the most prevalent issues that come in Windows 10.

It comes with three tabs that let you repair various files on your PC, which include . EXE, .BAT or.CMD files. The third tab allows you to modify restricted folders and files while the final tablets to fix the most commonly encountered issues that come with Windows 10. The most complex issues are highlighted on the final tab and there are buttons to solving them immediately. If you take the time to go through the list, you’ll realize that there’s plenty you can do using this program. The instances when explorer.exe does not start up immediately and devices that aren’t recognized when you connect them in and have faulty network settings or issues with icons are only a handful of problems that you can fix. You can also find solutions to repair corrupted system data as well as the components store items. It can take longer however it could be a great way to avoid serious issues.

We offer the fully functioning and extremely compacted FixMy10 Pro 2019 File. It is only necessary to download it by using this direct download link. If you have issues with any of the installation sets, contact us.

It gives you access to hundreds of Windows features and hidden settings. A program that can boost performance and check the state that is your Windows installation. A free tool that allows you to eliminate pre-installed apps in Windows 10.

It is easy to fix file associations by using the list that is displayed. There’s nothing spectacular or exceptional in how it looks and is. It’s a tool that was designed with the beginner in mind If you’re a novice and are experiencing issues in Windows 10, this program could have quick solutions for you.

FixMy10 System Requirements

  • Memory (RAM): 2 GB of RAM required.
  • Operating System: Windows 10
  • Processor: Intel Dual Core processor or later.
  • Hard Disk Space: 10 MB of free space required.
Updated: October 17, 2021 — 6:40 pm

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