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Although it might seem like Yet Another Cleaner is just another program for cleaning up our computers’ rubbish, it’s actually quite powerful and complete. This utility will eliminate the damage caused by malicious webs and programs.

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Yet another cleaner

BleepingComputer is a community for people just like you to share their knowledge and discuss computers. You can view and browse the discussions, but you cannot reply to existing topics or create new ones as a guest. Registering an account has other benefits, such as subscribing and creating a blog, and being able to reply to existing topics. Subscribe to our newsletter to learn how you can protect your computer against threats. Today, OPSWAT published a blog posting that described their interest in investigating the claims of YAC stealing definition databases. They have also decided to withdraw their certification from YAC. While they claim YAC can do everything mentioned above, it is not clear how the product performs. We were able to tip-off Elex do Brasil Participacoes Ltda Technology Inc. as an affiliate company to Malwarebytes. They have a policy that suggests an affiliation.

Yac Another Cleaner Virus

While one cleaner might find an entry that is not a problem to be removed, another cleaner may not find it and may decide to delete the entries necessary for a program’s operation. It appears that Yet Another Cleaner has taken our detection database and modified it for their purposes. Their scanner appears to be a modified version of Malwarebytes Antimalware. They only detected a small percentage of the malware that we had both YAC/MBAM scan for. This is also confirmed by the fact that we were able to analyze a memory snapshot of the malware in action. You might have to reset your web browser if they refuse to go away. You will now be able to access the Registry Editor.

Yet Another Cleaner

If YAC has changed your search engine, it is important to change the web browser’s settings manually. You can identify in your Control panel which programs have been installed with malware and how to delete them.

We first noticed similarities between YAC’s user interface and ours when we looked at it. We now have a high-quality product thanks to Malwarebytes MSP. It’s a wonderful addition and I am confident that our customers’ systems will be protected. These steps will put the system in Safe Mode with Networking. how to remove. The guide makes use of cookies to improve your browsing experience and track how users navigate the Site. You agree to cookies by using this Site and clicking “OK”. Yet Another Cleaner is the one-stop-shop for all your computer security and protection.

How to Uninstall Yac Another Cleaner

This repository stores changes made by users to system policies, files associations, file associations, and installed software. It is the place where Windows “remembers all of this information, including how Windows boots, what files it uses, and how it interacts with other programs.

Cookies and online trackers can be used not only by social media sites but also by your Internet Service Provider or the government. Even if your web browser has the best security settings, it is still possible to be tracked by apps connected to the internet. Due to slower connection speeds, privacy-focused browsers such as Tor are not the best choice. Private Internet Access is the best way to protect your privacy online. It will scan all System Files, DLLs, and Registry Keys affected by security threats. It will scan all System Files as well as DLLs and Registry Keys damaged by security threats. This software product is different in that it quickly scans and cleans your computer.

Unnecessary or improper use of registry cleaners could have disastrous consequences on your operating system, including the inability to start it again. Some registry cleaners do not create a backup before making any changes. If the registry changes make it impossible for the system to boot up, there is no backup to restore its functionality.

Even if your computer has been cleaned of viruses and is in a clean format, the scan will identify several threats that need to be removed immediately. Yet Another Cleaner “Virus”, as the name implies, doesn’t scan for viruses. Instead, it creates fake positives to get you to pay. It can also uninstall programs and block ads. Anti-Virus software is another cleaner for Windows. It can be used to remove malware, scan for viruses and delete them from your computer if any. This is not my first choice for anti-virus software, but it might be worth a try if I’m ever in a pinch. It is free and will save me some money when I go Christmas shopping later in the year.

Yet Another Cleaner System Requirements

  • Memory (RAM): 256MB of free space required.
  • Operating System: Windows XP/Vista/7/8
  • Processor: Intel Pentium III or faster.
  • Hard Disk Space: 200MB of free space required
Updated: August 8, 2021 — 6:58 pm

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