Enfocus Pitstop Pro 2017 Download Free for Windows 7, 8, 10

These profiles are made possible by Enfocus’ sister company X-Rite thanks to its Danaher status. PitStop Pro supports only the versions of Acrobat that were released prior to or during the year it was released, as shown in the table. PitStop 13 users who do not have a maintenance contract can upgrade to PitStop 2017 by signing up for an annual maintenance contract. PitStop 2017 is a revolutionary technology that expands the possibilities for preflight and correction. It also allows unique ways for objects to either be selected or ignored. PitStop Pro and PitStop Server can edit the Action Lists contained in this library. PitStop Server is available as version 13. Both PitStop Pro for Mac and PitStop Server for Windows are compatible with the Action Lists.

Enfocus Pitstop Pro 2017

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Enfocus has believed from the beginning that technology should be guided by the process. Enfocus helps customers integrate their technology ecosystems by developing solutions that reflect this philosophy. This allows them to increase efficiency, consistency, performance, profitability, and accuracy. PitStop 2017’s name change to PitStop 2017 signifies a shift to an annual release cycle, as well as changes to pricing and support policies. PitStop Server’s Adobe transparency flattener has been updated to the most recent version. The Mac OSX Sierra anniversary update and Windows 10 anniversary updates are now officially supported. One example is setting up preflight checks that only check the required objects to render or print a PDF document. You can ignore or remove any additional elements that are not needed. This reduces the file complexity and false error messages which could cause files to be stopped from production.

Enfocus Pitstop Pro 2017

PitStop Pro 2019 doesn’t officially support any Acrobat version that was released in 2020 or later. PitStop Pro 2020, therefore, does not support any Acrobat version that was released after 2021. Customers with older versions can also take out maintenance contracts prior to release. However, they must first upgrade to the current PitStop 13 version to be eligible. PitStop 13 Pro doesn’t officially support Acrobat versions that were released after 2018. PitStop Server and PitStop Pro include 40 Devicelink profiles based upon standard ICC profiles. These profiles are designed to assist users in CMYK/CMYK color transformations. These profiles are useful for managing ink and converting PDF files from one print condition to another.

PitStop Pro’s preflight reports contain a clickable list with warnings and errors. This visually indicates where the issue is. PitStop Pro 12 doesn’t support Acrobat DC. Only Acrobat versions that are listed in the system requirements will be supported. Enfocus, a Danaher business unit, is supported by Esko. It has R&D facilities and manufacturing facilities in Europe and the USA.

Premium maintenance contracts are available for customers who need to get a faster response and want to speak directly with Enfocus. Customers who do not have a maintenance contract will only be able to consult the Enfocus website’s “Known Issues and Solutions” page. They can also seek assistance from other users via the Enfocus community forum. PitStop Pro now includes an Inspector interface that allows you to analyze and edit page and transparency groups within the PDF file. For customers’ requested functionality, there are new Action Lists. These include the ability to automatically generate round corners rectangles or new ways to modify page sizes within a PDF file.

The Drupa PitStop release was the first to implement this technology. It is intended to reduce false error messages. This technology was introduced in Preflight as a market-leading first. Checks could be limited to an irregular shape, such as a cutline and structural design information.

A maintenance contract is the best way to receive major PitStop upgrades. Only maintenance contract customers or customers who purchased PitStop 2017 through subscription can contact Enfocus for priority support via the Enfocus support portal. PitStop Pro supports only the versions of Acrobat that were released prior to or after the year it was released. PitStop 2017 Pro doesn’t support any Acrobat version that was released after 2018. PitStop Pro 2018, therefore, does not support any Acrobat version that was released in 2019 and beyond. PitStop Pro supports only the versions of Acrobat that were released prior to or during the year in question.

Enfocus Pitstop Pro 2017 System Requirements

  • Memory (RAM): 512 MB of RAM required.
  • Operating System: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
  • Processor: Intel Pentium 4 or later.
  • Hard Disk Space: 300 MB of free space required.
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