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Then, last but not least, the Professional version of Ability Office includes an integrated Database management tool. Ability Office also includes the ability to view photos, which includes a tree-like web browser as well as an extensive preview area featuring advanced filters, as well as the ability for playing slideshows. Ability Office is part of the suites with the potential to be a major competitor for Microsoft’s Office. Although it could serve as a substitute for Office 365, Ability Office cannot yet satisfy the needs of users who prefer Microsoft’s popular Office 365. This powerful spreadsheet can be used to .xls, .xlsx, and other file extensions. A menu interface with a ribbon is among the major cosmetic changes to the latest version of Ability office. You could alternatively opt for the classic menu toolbars if you prefer.

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Ability Office

Ability Office Professional also comes with an image editor with rich features and a relational database which can be utilized with Microsoft Access MDB files. The program is developed using Microsoft Visual Studio 2017, fully compatible with Windows 10.

Ability Writer can be described as the word processor program of the suite that provides an extensive text editing tool that allows you to produce professional-looking documents. With paragraph, font, and style options for customization and support for tables, shapes, as well as images Ability Writer can be a competitor for Microsoft Word. Similar to Microsoft Word is also a Word-like program, it has support for footers and headers frames, references, and formatting of paragraphs and pages.

Compatibility with other Office software suites is often mentioned in relation to the most well-known office suite available that is Microsoft Office. Collabora Online is a great alternative for businesses that require a robust office suite either on their premises or on the cloud. It is secure and gives them total control over the data of their company. Collabora Online is available for Cloud and hosting businesses who wish to include document viewing as well as… SmartOffice allows users to edit, view, print, and create Microsoft Office and PDF documents on their smartphone. SmartOffice PDF lets you browse, highlight, and annotate PDF documents. Convert Office documents to PDF, save them to your smartphone or to a cloud-based account, and use wireless printing…

Hancom Office 2020 offers an extensive set of productivity applications for everyday tasks such as spreadsheet modeling, word processing graphics, spreadsheet modeling, and working using PDFs. Hancom Office is a powerful productivity suite that combines… The user interface that uses ribbons for every product in the Ability Office suite allows for a learning curve quite easily.

Ability Office Features

A fully comprehensive suite, Ability Office is simple and straightforward to use for new users, features an industry-standard interface, and offers a high level of file compatibility with Microsoft Office. The PDF Creator lets users create PDF-friendly email documents in any of its five primary applications. This editor for photos or images is similar to Adobe Photoshop but isn’t nearly as sophisticated. Layering, tools, and effects let users make professional-looking enhancements. It also comes with an image editor with features and a relational database that integrates together with Microsoft Access MDB files.

Ability Office

PDF Reader is a version of Adobe Acrobat Reader that has the same capabilities. PDF Reader has the same features similar to Adobe Acrobat Reader, including complete annotation and protection of the document, fill and sign-in capabilities. …. Improve your document creation and data processing by using powerful applications with lots of features. Version 6 supports native OOXML export and import and also introduces the Microsoft Office 2010 style ribbon interface. Ability’s slideshow application is compatible with .ppt, .pptx, and other file extensions. A second version of the program was released in 1998 and was dubbed Ability Office 1998.

Ability Office is a full-featured office suite that includes an integrated word processor, Excel spreadsheet, PowerPoint designer as well as a databases management tool, as well as an image editor and organizer. It’s an alternative to Microsoft’s most popular program that offers powerful tools but retains a familiar environment. Ability Office can be loaded into and exported files to Microsoft Office 2016, 2013, 2010, and 2007. file formats. Ability Office provides a range of familiar interfaces which work with various versions that are part of Microsoft Office. This lets you begin using the program immediately and without the requirement for instruction.

How to get Ability Office Free

The company launched its own software in October 2006. Tesco introduced a line of its own brand software which includes Tesco Complete Office and the Tesco-branded version of Ability Office.

In my tests, I have yet to encounter an excel spreadsheet that does not function correctly within Ability Spreadsheet. Ability Spreadsheet is a product of the Ability Office suite is created, but it is also promoted via Ability Software International. Version 6 can not only be downloaded via the Ability website, but older versions of the suite are also accessible for download. Introduce tabbed user interfaces to Microsoft Office 2003, 2007, 2010, and 2013.

LibreOffice is a robust open-source office suite that surpasses OpenOffice.org. Its easy interface and extensive features allow you to unlock your imagination and boost your productivity. Ability Office can be described as an office software solution that has general capabilities. It is priced in the middle of the range, Ability Office 6 offers an intuitive user interface. People who don’t require as complex or powerful software like Microsoft Office, for example, can save money by choosing a program similar to this. Polaris Office is a high-quality office software at a reasonable cost. Provides a range of business and development tools that can be utilized to integrate with mobile office solutions that are already in place.

Following Ability Office Programs are available according to what suite version you select. Learn more about the program to help determine whether the features meet your requirements. If you’re thinking about it, go overall conditions in the official Ability Office website prior to making a purchase decision.

Ability Office System Requirements

  • Memory (RAM): 512 MB of RAM required.
  • Operating System: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10.
  • Processor: Intel Dual Core processor or later.
  • Hard Disk Space: 100 MB of free space required.
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