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Any references to brands on this website or page, including the names of brands and instruments are included for descriptive purposes only. For instance, references to instruments brands are included to explain the quality of the instrument, and/or the instrument in the example. Plugin Boutique does not have any affiliation or endorsement from these brands. Plugin Boutique or its Suppliers will not be held responsible for the content and/or the truthfulness that the product description. Most of the time it is you’ll need the INTENSITY trackball can be the only thing you need to utilize to enjoy a high-quality sound. However, the amount of processing can be adjusted based on frequency, also, by using the BIAS function. Get More Softwares From Getintopc

Zynaptiq Intensity

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In short, it makes everything sound more spacious and richer and brings out more detail and all this without adding noise or a boom. With the majority of types of formats available, it will operate at either 32-bit or 64-bit. This makes it compatible with systems with numerous users.A blend of sophisticated neural network-based analysis and custom transformations for output and input is utilized to split the sound into broad strokes as well as detail features.

Zynaptiq Intensity Feauters

By increasing the detail while keeping the broad strokes intact the unique sound characteristics will be enhanced, the effects of masking are reduced and details are carved out while the volume and volume increased. The plug-in comes with 10 preset bias curves comprising 2 equal-loudness curves a boost curve and linear tilt curves and many more. The curves are chosen using an exclusive visual menu that lets you test a setting using a mouse hover over.

Overall Zynaptiq is a great product. INTENSITY VST — is an outstanding sound processor that can be used for mixing and controlling and audio design. The operation is quite simple featuring two knobs that are prominent: one called Intensity that controls the degree of processing applied to the sound and the other one is Bias that allows the processing to be dependent on the frequency. If you are using Bias it will function alongside its Bias Curve control. From there is the option to select from the available curves or design your own.You can also add saturation to output to this control or blend dry and wet quantities also. Both of these options are possible through sliders on high-up on the GUI. A powerful audio processor to mix, master, and sound design. Zynaptiq Intensity is the newest type of audio processor that can be used for mixing, mastering, and sound design.



INTENSITY is a brand new type of audio processor designed for mixing mastering, sound design, and mixing. It is based on techniques that are commonly found in facial recognition software INTENSITY highlights the inherent clarity of a sound and enhances its perceived loudness and volume and provides a plethora of clarity. The unique algorithm cuts out essential signal features, making the sound more similar to their own – and operates by a single control. With the algorithm’s proprietary design and a soft-knee saturating limiter built into the output stage of the plugin, INTENSITY also excels in achieving the highest volume and generating an extremely aggressive sound.

The way it is controlled, that’s all there is to it. However, the outcomes you can achieve are quite impressive both in highlighting detail and by boosting the volume without boosting the volume excessively. The ability to focus on specific frequencies with the Bias feature significantly increases the effectiveness that the software plug-in offers. This control is a traditional one that introduces a dry, unprocessed signal back to the mixing.

It reveals a sound’s intrinsic details and increases the perceived volume as well as the volume. In addition, INTENSITY can be used to create single tracks such as Discourse, SFX, instruments which include bass, guitars, and piano, as well as full blends of the multi-channel film, stems drum transports, and other complicated substances. Unique calculation strips out the most significant points – making the sound more and more like they are – and can be controlled using a single control. In addition to the original calculation, and a reversible knee soaking limiter within the yield arrangement of the module, In addition, INTENSITY is able to surpass expectations when it comes to achieving maximum sound quality and a loud sound.

How to Get Zynaptiq Intensity for Free

It may appear somewhat expensive for a device that has so few controls but once you’ve downloaded the trial, I’m sure it will take too long to convince you Zynaptiq’s engineers came up with something quite unique. If your client has requested more of everything, this is the perfect plug-in you need to activate. The standard plug-ins (AAX Native AU the RTAS format, VST 2.4 and VST 3.0 in both Mac as well as Windows) are available at sampling rates up to 192kHz. They also allow authorization using an iLok system. The process of describing the inner operation of the Zynaptiq Intensity plug-in is a difficult task as the majority of the information provided by the makers explains what it’s not rather than what it’s. It’s said that it’s not an EQ or compressor, and neither is it an EQ even though it performs tasks that could be used by those tools to accomplish. However, explaining the functions it performs at a personal level is much more simple!

You can, however, design an individual curve that is supported by a variety of macro functions. A blend of neural-network-based analysis and custom out- and input transforms are employed to split the signal into broad strokes as well as detailed characteristics. By increasing the detail while keeping the broad strokes intact and the sounds’ characteristics are amplified. While its masking effects are reduced, the details are removed while the density and perceived volume are increased. Zynaptiq INTENSITY VST is an amazing audio processor that can be used for mixing mastering, mixing, and sound design. This program is based using the same techniques utilized in facial recognition algorithms.

However, this description is totally incorrect, since INTENSITY is not a compressor and functions in a totally different manner. It doesn’t have an RMS detector or threshold, and there’s the ratio is not there, neither is there a delay or attack. It’s not overshooting, and it can be used in spite of the absolute level or the type of input. Alongside the ability to edit graphically the Custom Bias curve shown in the main picture You can also select one of the preset curves.

With various macro functions, locating just the right curve can be simple. It adds dimension and space to a mix in a very dramatic manner, but without sounding processed. Here are some noticeable features you’ll encounter when you download Zynaptiq — including the free download of INTENSITY VST. There are several notable characteristics you’ll encounter after Zynaptiq – INTENSITY VST for free download. Zynaptiq Intensity is another sort of sound processor designed to blend the sounds of acing, blending, and.

Based on the strategies commonly used in facial acknowledgment computations, Intensity reveals the sound’s natural clarity, and increases its apparent clamor as well as density, and also adds the features that Zynaptiq describes as the most intense clarity.

From subtle glue to mastering-style limiting to overdrive to overdrive, the Saturate circuit provides an enveloping, rich tone that can be used to push the sound higher. The Wet/Dry slider on the top left of the screen does what it claims, while the output slider to the right side can be used as basic gain control, or changed into Saturate mode to include the soft-knee-saturating limiter.

Lvl Comp is designed to create an output comparable to bypassed audio for better A/B comparisons. However, the nature of the process implies that it isn’t always precise, and you might have to adjust the level of the output by a few decibels or more to ensure perfect matching.

The addition of Intensity to my own chill-out tunes made tiny sonic elements pop out. The music sounded warmer and real-time and with more separation between the sounds even when I turned off the feature the veil of discontent was just as intense as when I switched an excellent stereo mix to mono. Another friend of mine sent me a mix from an original track he’d made with a popular local artist Although he’d made an excellent job with it, the result was still a bit light.

Zynaptiq Intensity System Requirements

Before you start Zynaptiq – INTENSITY VST free download, make sure your PC meets minimum system requirements.

  • Memory (RAM): 1 GB of RAM required.
  • Operating System: Windows 7/8/8.1/10
  • Processor: i7 or better.
  • Hard Disk Space: 50 MB of free space required.
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