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Through the built-in NMEA coder and decoder unit, this component is able to be used for handling a diverse variety of sockets, file types as well as web-based services. The version we tested was rated by one user of our website and received an average score of 3.0. It displays latitude and longitude, altitude speed, heading, and much other information about the location. Apart from that, ZylGpsReceiver.NET can provide you with a look at the different distances it is able to convert, and support for multiple measurement units available. It is important to mention it is possible to use the .NET component can work with any receiver that is compatible with NMEA 0183 that is connected to the serial port. Get More Softwares From Getintopc


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If you’re in need of a program capable of communicating with a GPS receiver, then ZylGpsReceiver.NET is a good option.The complete source code for this component is within the downloaded package. ZylGPSReceiver is developed to interpret information like latitude, longitude altitude, speed, and latitude as well as other parameters that indicate the location of a device. With this module, you’ll be able to create robust GPS Delphi or CBuilder applications.

Zylgpsreceiver Feauters

ZylCustomGPSReceiver is a customized Delphi C++Builder component that was designed to be the foundation class for any type of GPS receiver. It is a component that contains and NMEA decoder engine that is compatible with any NMEA-capable GPS receiver. ZylGPSReceiver is a Delphi/CBuilder part that connects to an external serial GPS receiver. ZylGPSReceiver lets developers create applications for marine and vehicle navigation, and also tools for emergency locations, and fleet management, as well as services that are based on location, tracking, and agriculture.

ZylGPSReceiver is a CBuilder Delphi/Delphi component that connects to a serial GPS receiver. It gives Latitude, Longitude, Altitude speed, heading, and a host of other parameters about the location. It works using any NMEA compatible receiver that is connected with one or more serial ports.


Before you install the ZylGPSReceiver download, make sure that your PC has the minimum requirements for your system. The SMTP/POP3/IMAP Delphi Email component library allows you to send, receive and analyze mail. The users may also wish to know that there is a collection of demo programs designed for VB.NET as well as C# for Visual Studio 2010 until 2017, WPF, Winforms as well as ASP.NET are integrated in a way that they can be used as an initial point of entry.

It is possible to extend this class quickly in order to handle NMEA data from any type of sources, such as files, sockets web services, files, and more. This demo is working within Delphi and C++Builder’s IDE however, there is a pop-up dialogue. The package comes with demonstration software to Delphi and C++Builder, as well as an aid file that contains details about the components.

How to Get Zylgpsreceiver for Free

The package also includes ZylUdpGPSReceiver, an extension of ZylCustomGPSReceiver, capable of processing NMEA data from UDP sockets, and ZylFileGPSReceiver, an extension designed to process data from a text file. ZylGPSReceiver was designed to be an extension that can be integrated into Delphi and CBuilder that supports communicating and contacting an external serial GPS receiver. This makes it an ideal solution for those who want to create GPS applications. ZylFileGPSReceiver is an extension of ZylCustomGPSReceiver, which processes NMEA data from a text file.

This component can be used on any NMEA compatible receiver that connects via one of the serial ports. You are able to use it when using USB as well as Bluetooth devices since these devices typically come with drivers that direct any input coming through the USB port to the virtual serial port. This tool was designed to support all NMEA-compatible receivers connected to a computer through serial ports.

It can, however, be utilized with USB devices since the majority of them have drivers that automatically redirect the input of the USB port to an underlying serial port. These devices come with drivers that redirect inputs from devices with a USB, IrDA, or Bluetooth interface to the virtual serial interface (you could test it by going to the Device Manager in System/Devices/Ports). For Garmin receivers, you need to set up Spanner software.

ZylCustomGPSReceiver is a habit Delphi and also C++Builder element, which is intended to be the foundation class of any sort of GPS collectors. This component contains the NMEA decoder motor, and it can be used on any NMEA-capable GPS receiver. It is possible to extend this out to process NMEA information from any kind of sources, such as attachments internet benefits, files, and more.

After the ZylGPSReceiver has been downloaded, you can click it to begin the process of setting it up. ZylGPSReceiver is a trial version of the software that is included on the Delphi list of programs which is part of Development.

Zylgpsreceiver System Requirements

Before you start ZylGPSReceiver free download, make sure your PC meets minimum system requirements.

  • Memory (RAM): 1 GB RAM recommended
  • Operating System: Windows 7/8/8.1/10.
  • Processor: Intel Dual core Processor or higher
  • Hard Disk Space: 70 MB of free space.
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