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The Batman

DC’s well-known and beloved superhero Batman will come to our screens once more, brought to life by devastatingly handsome actor Robert Pattinson. A Hollywood heartthrob, he has gained huge popularity since the famous Twilight saga. His godlike beauty and deep husky voice will make him a perfect Batman destined to take tens of millions of viewers’ breath away. When the Riddler, a sadistic serial killer, begins murdering key political figures in Gotham, Batman is forced to investigate the city’s hidden corruption and question his family’s involvement.

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Batman ventures into Gotham City’s underworld when a sadistic killer leaves behind a trail of cryptic clues. As the evidence begins to lead closer to home and the scale of the perpetrator’s plans become clear, he must forge new relationships, unmask the culprit and bring justice to the abuse of power and corruption that has long plagued the metropolis.



Robert Pattinson

Bruce Wayne, The Batman


Zoë Kravitz

Selina Kyle

Jeffrey Wright

Lt. James Gordon

Colin Farrell

Oz, The Penguin

Release Date

Mar 4, 2022 (Theaters)

Apr 19, 2022 (Streaming)

Streaming Service

Apple TV+

There has never been a more golden period for television than now. Today, several online streaming services offer unlimited blockbuster movies, popular TV shows, excellent drama series, and award-winning documentaries on a single platform. It is no wonder that people often contemplate if they will ever be able to watch everything when there is so little time but so much on offer.
Today, you can easily find several video downloaders that allow you to download drama from Apple TV+. We bring you a review of the Y2Mate Apple TV+ Downloader, a robust, convenient, easy-to-use, and hassle-free Apple TV+ download service.

Y2Mate Apple TV Plus Downloader’s Amazing Features

1. Download Apple TV Plus in Top Quality

“How to download Apple TV Plus videos?” The Y2Mate Apple TV Plus downloader allows you to download any video in high resolution from this top-notch streaming service platform. Besides that, you can pick the desired resolution depending on your requirements.

2. Batch Download and Fast Speed

The batch download feature of Y2Mate enables you to download Apple TV Plus videos without limitations. You can watch your favorite videos or episode series anywhere and anytime.

3. No Ads Movie Download Experience

How to download Apple TV Plus shows without annoying ads? Use Y2Mate Apple TV Plus downloader which removes ads from the original videos automatically during the downloading process.

4. High Speed Downloads in MP4

Y2Mate allows you to download Apple TV Plus movies as MP4 files for playback, which is compatible on any device. This makes sure you can watch Apple TV on computer and other devices.

5. Save Apple TV Plus Subtitles as SRT Files

You have the option to decide how to handle video subtitles before downloading. It means you can save subtitles from Apple TV Plus as SRT files. Alternatively, you can remux the subtitles directly into an MP4 file.

6. Built-in Browser for Video Searching and Playing

Y2Mate Apple TV Plus downloader offers the exact same content as the original site. The built-in browser allows you to search for your favorite videos, just simply select the video you want to download to your computer.

Steps to Download Apple TV+ Videos with Y2Mate Apple TV+ Downloader

Y2Mate Downloader is setting high notes for serious watchers who would hate to miss a single episode or scene of their favorite movies. The experience of downloading your favorite movies offline through Y2mate download is thrilling. Now let me walk you through the downloading steps.

Step 1: Open Y2Mate Downloader’s built-in browser and log in to your Apple TV+ account

You need an account in the Apple TV+ channel. You can open the channel with the built-in browser using your login credentials.

Step 2: Click the Ready to Download button and select the audio and subtitles as per your preferable language

You can select the audio of your preferred languages and its subtitles while downloading. This is the unique feature Y2Mate Apple TV+ Downloader offers you.

Step 3: Click the Download Now button, and in the background, the download will start

Once you click the download button in the background, the download will start. Meanwhile, you can watch other favorite shows, and it will not hamper the download process.

Step 4: Once downloaded, you can watch it at your convenient time

After finishing the download, you will get the notification. Now it is saved in your account. You can watch it later at your convenient time.

How Much Does Y2Mate Apple TV+ Downloader Cost?

Y2Mate Apple TV+ Downloader has two options, free and paid. In the free version, you will get 6.6MB downloading options with the v1.0.0.5 version. Despite the fact that you can get free use, the tool is 100% safe and clean. The paid version comes with the package of a $59.9 yearly premium and a $19.9 monthly premium. The paid version will unlock unlimited features, which gives you a complete entertainment family package. Check out the detailed pricing plan.

Other OTT Platforms Covered by the Y2Mate Video Downloader

Since last year, due to the COVID pandemic, the definition of entertainment has changed. We used to go outside to entertain ourselves, but now we need to stay at home to keep a safe distance from other people. In this situation, the OTT channels are helping us most for our enjoyment. The Y2Mate Downloader supports lots of OTT channels, and you can download any videos using this software.

HBO Max Downloader Software

This USA-based live streaming channel is very popular among viewers and has a unique content library of all genres. Using the Y2Mate Downloader, you can download any videos from HBO Max.

Netflix Downloader Software

Netflix is the most popular due to its original series and documentaries. If you miss any of its content while streaming live, you can use Y2Mate to download and watch it offline.

Hulu Downloader Software

The Y2Mate Hulu Downloader can download any shows or movies available on this channel for offline watch.

Disney Plus Downloader Software

Using the Y2Mate Downloader, you can download any shows or movies from this channel and share them with your kids so that you can restrict their screen time. You can also select age-group-based content to download.

Using the Y2Mate downloader software, you can download videos from OTT channels, 1000+ websites, and social media platforms.

Final Thoughts

As we said earlier, whether it is your favorite Apple TV+ series, Apple TV+ Originals, or any other Apple TV+ videos, the Y2Mate Apple TV+ Downloader stands tall and delivers on its promise. However, even though you are amazed by the rosy prospect, I wouldn’t be satisfied unless and until you take your first step into the world of Apple TV+ download to make your first customized offline library of your favorites. So, go for it now!

Updated: May 16, 2022 — 6:24 pm

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