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Furthermore, the program integrates itself into the right-click menu, which makes the deletion of files even more efficient. LockHunter is a free force file deletion software for Windows. With this program, it is possible to delete files that are blocked by other programs that you do not know about. It’s also very useful to fight malware or other applications that are ineffectively blocking various files. Contrary to other similar software that deletes files forever and allows you to retrieve deleted items at any point by using Recycle Bin. In the end, it’s an easy force file removal tool that is able to quickly and efficiently remove files and folders. Get More Softwares From Getintopc

Wise Force Deleter

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The process of deleting files from your PC might not be as easy as you imagine. When you install Wise Force Deleter, you are no longer irritated by these errors. After installation, there will be a new option called “Force Delete” will appear in the context menu. To unlock and delete a locked document simply click on it and choose Force Delete and Wise Force Deleter will be started. You can then remove the file on your Windows system in a matter of minutes and it is very useful.

Wise Force Deleter Features

In all these situations you can utilize this program to force the deletion of files. To erase files, all you need to do is to open the file or files that you wish to erase. Here is a list of the best force file deleter software that works with Windows. These programs allow you to delete folders and files that Windows built-in delete features are unable to remove. In reality, Windows can’t delete those files that are locked or are used by a specific program or application. If you attempt at deleting locked data you’ll get messages saying that the files are restricted access, locked or access denied, etc. In such situations, it is necessary to employ external tools for the removal of files that forcefully erase difficult files. IObit Unlocker is a free and light force deleter program for Windows. It was designed to solve issues with Cannot Delete and Access Denied issues.

You can then remove it from the Windows system right away. It is also able to delete files using dropping them by drag and drop or browsing and adding files, which is a great convenience. When you use Wise Force Deleter, you won’t have to deal with the frustration of not being able to remove a document, particularly when closing the file isn’t working. A Free file Unlocker is a no-cost and simple-to-use file unlocker and force deleter for Windows. By using this application it is possible to remove the folders and files that can’t be deleted with Windows the Delete feature. The software also allows you to unlock folders or files and prevent warning messages from appearing when you attempt deletion, moving, or changing the name of files.

BlockedIt’s extremely likely that this program is malware-infected or comes with undesirable software. Wise Force Deleter is a freeware that allows you to erase any file that is on the Windows system(64 as well as 32 bit). It was designed and thoroughly tested to work flawlessly on Windows 10 as well as the other Windows operating systems, starting with Windows XP up.

Wise Force Deleter is licensed as freeware on PCs or laptops running Windows 32 and 64 bits operating systems. Its capability to work with Windows Explorer to provide a shortcut for users is very useful. If you experience accidental deletion, it is possible to recover files with Recycle Bin. After installation, just right-click any program and select to select the Force Delete option from the context menu. The application interface of the program will open up and immediately remove the file, and then deletes it immediately from the system.

Other than using the context menu in Windows Explorer, the program allows you to add files via the open command and drag and drop mouse gestures. This application is helpful for removing files that cannot be deleted using Windows Explorer. Windows Explorer interface.

How to Get Wise Force Deleter for Free

A majority of these software programs include a shortcut to scan and delete files thanks to their ability to integrate into Windows Explorer. All software is quite capable of removing hard-to-delete files. Certain software can permanently erase files, whereas others transfer deleted files to the Recycle Bin. Be sure to keep these factors in mind when choosing the best software for your needs. Have you ever attempted the deletion of a document, but got an error saying that says “this file is in use by another program” or the file can’t be deleted?

It is a quick way to choose the file you want to erase. It has a disadvantage, however, it is only able to choose one file at a single time. It is possible to circumvent this, however, by creating manually-created lists of files and scheduling them to be deleted in your main windows of the application.

Windows are created to stop the deletion of any file used by an existing application since it could cause a crash. Wise Force Deleter allows you to delete any file that is on any folder on your Windows system, regardless of whether they are being used by other applications, or access is restricted to administrators without administrator permissions.

Many people abandon the deletion task due to anger. A more knowledgeable user may look for the program that is running the file and then end the process to ensure that the deletion is completed. This is a thing of the past, as the program permits you to erase any file. It eliminates restrictions on access that block deletion. It is simple to open directly within Windows Explorer. Windows Explorer interface because it is seamless with the application.

It was developed to erase files that display messages such as accessibility to the file has been blocked, the file is being used by different software, etc. To make locking and deleting files easy it offers the Integrate into Windows Explorer option. This also adds the Unlock It option in the right-click menu with which you are able to quickly verify, unlock, or delete the file.

Wise Force Deleter System Requirements

  • Operating System: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
  • RAM: 512 MB
  • Hard Disk: 50 MB
  • Processor: Intel Dual Core or higher processor
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