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You can download Wifislax64 version 2.1 by clicking the Mega Link. As we’ve said the most current edition of the Linux distribution for carrying out audits and tests on networks. Choose the Save option or Save to download the software. A majority of antivirus software, including Windows Defender, will scan the program for viruses prior to download. If you choose to Save the program, it will be saved to the Downloads folder. We’d like you to know that at times we might not be able to detect a potentially dangerous software program. To keep delivering an uninfected catalog of programs and applications Our team has incorporated a Report Software feature in every catalog page, which transmits your feedback back to us. Get More Softwares From Getintopc


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It’s designed for two major languages which are first spoken been developed in Spanish while the second one is English. You can choose your preferred language at the time of running WiFi Slax on your computer. This version refers to WiFiSlax’s latest version. It is the final ISO Free download. There are mostly 10 brand-new and functional applications. It is made up of all associated WiFi Computer hacking as well as Hacking update files It is also safe or has removed all sorts of Bugs from it.

Wifislax Features

Download now, completely secure and speedy on the official site. The majority of the tools are controlled by a command console. However, graphic launchers that are translated into English for better understanding and use, are included. Here is where you are able to download the 32-bit version of Wifislax.

You might have to download version 2.0 today via the Chrome Web Store. If you’re in an office or sharing network, you can ask the administrator to run a search across the network to find out if there are any misconfigured or affected devices. Hit the button and the installation will start. Choose Apps for a deeper look at additional apps, depending on popularity and the most popular applications. Click the icon to begin launching the Application onto your Windows 10 PC.

The first step is to first click the below download button. Small improvements to improve the functionality and performance that are included in the ISO. Are there any other alternatives or programs that are similar to Wifislax? Yes, here you will look up similar programs and alternative programs. Yes, the software is available for download and works for Windows 10.

Also, visit the stops download website. Wifislax is an effective program to guard against hacking when using WiFi. This can be useful to anyone who connects externally to their devices, including Bluetooth and WiFi. Wifislax is an excellent application for testing and understanding the security of WiFi networks. Wifislax is available as the desktop version as well as an app that runs on WebDAV for mobile devices. It allows access to files from any device, so long as users have access to a computer or laptop.

If you have any applications that you don’t need or want to remove, you can do so to free up space on your computer. It’s called Wifislax64. Windows 10 – Today, Wifislax has released this Networks application for laptops and PCs. Download the most current version of Wifislax64 on PC Windows bit/32-bit.

How to Get Wifislax for Free

You can download a Linux distribution that covers almost everything you require. Simply download Wifislax64 which comes with a variety of applications that work using WiFi networks. This well-known distribution is frequently employed for network audits.

Wifislax64 is the version with 64 bits of the well-known Linux-based distribution. In this post, we reaffirm the announcement for the final version Wifislax64 2.1 which is available for download. Wifislax is an Internet and Networking freeware developed created by SeguridadWireless. The distribution software GNU/Linux can be used to audit local WiFi networks in establishments and homes. This allows access to a variety of tools within the system that are ready to assist users.

It comes with a range of tools, which include drivers and features that work with wireless chip cards. It is compatible in conjunction with Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows NT, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 2003, Windows Me, Windows 7, Windows 8 as well as Windows 10. For users to use Wifislax it is easy. The only procedure is to download Wifislax from its official site. The users can choose either a traditional desktop app or a mobile app based on WebDAV.

The process of installation takes only several minutes after which it will be a few minutes before the Wifislax Control Center will appear in the display. Users can choose from a range of options, including accessing the WiFi Internet connection in their workplace or at home. The shortcut for Wifis Lite appears. Wifis Lite browser also appears and allows easy access to any Windows computer.

We also provide a video tutorial that talks about the most effective tools to test pen-testing within your local network. If you’ve installed the application on another device and it says Install instead. It’s a Linux-based operating system specifically created for testing and hacking the hardware of your systems, such as Hard Disk RAM, Motherboard, and other connected devices.

We know that each edition will always bring performance enhancements and new tools or features that we can utilize. Some of these programs have been upgraded and belong to the same distribution, we can mention Aircrack-ng Wireshark as well as Reaver. These programs are used to examine wireless networks and their security. Wifislax is a robust software that provides you with a variety of tools to ensure that your networks are safe. It is useful to anyone who connects externally to their laptops, computers, WiFi as well as Bluetooth. This ensures that your networks aren’t accessed by other people easily, so your information isn’t stolen. This is a good option for anyone who is looking to ensure their devices are secure.

Wifislax System Requirements

  • Operating System: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
  • RAM: 512 MB
  • Hard Disk: 50 MB
  • Processor: Intel Dual Core or higher processor
Updated: January 28, 2022 — 8:29 pm

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