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Are you downloading this extension? You are all eligible and interested to use this extension. This is the WhatFont Google Chrome Extension download link, which you can download and install Google Chrome browser. WhatFont is an excellent choice for anyone looking for this. We gather the most current and useful Google Chrome extensions from the Google Chrome Extensions directory. Download Chrome extensions directly from this. What’s the simplest method to determine the fonts that are used on web pages? Firebug, as well as Webkit Inspector, are simple enough to use by developers. Get More Softwares From Getintopc


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Not only will it show crucial information, but they are able to stay on the page to make it easy to accessibility until the time you shut the pop-up window. The extension however needs you to constantly refresh pages, and allow its icon to function when you require it. The major issue of this application is that it frequently has issues loading. When you check the font of pages, you tap the icon for an extension to activate it. You’ll be able to verify that it’s working by seeing the “Exit WhatFont” button shows up. It is necessary to refresh the page if it does not.

Whatfont Features

The 03TALK Personal Conference Call plugin allows users to edit, create and showcase your anonymous and free conference call… Google pop-up+ comments and shares. We appreciate you updating it to Mojave… This is an excellent, simple tool that is a designer’s tool that is a great help in creating an online page.

Yes, you can access the information about fonts through the code sources but this is much more streamlined. The program will automatically update itself. If you are not receiving the latest feature, please install it again. Small updates for all extensions will not be recorded. Have you ever wondered which typeface is employed on a website?

Although it’s only recently added to the App Store I’ve used WhatFont for some time and it’s a great tool for font geeks such as myself, developers, and designers. When you start WhatFont when you first open it, it will ask you to enable it in Safari preferences. It will then add a small button to the search bar within Safari.

When you tap or click the button, a bigger window will open which shows The font’s font family as well as the stack information styles weight, size line-height, and hex code. WhatFont Extension The CRX Extension 2.1.0 free download needed to be uploaded for Chrome. This WhatFont extension is developed by chengyinliu.com. It is a well-known alternative to the Google Chrome extension Download website. WhatFont is an excellent plugin. Great plugin that is perfect and can save you many hours.

If you are also looking to download this extension, look at the image and follow this description. Are you seeking ways to conceal an IP address? We’ll explain to you the best method to hide your IP address by using the WhatFont extension within the Google Chrome browser in this article. Everyone can’t access every website, and in the present, we require an extension to change IP addresses. WhatFont is the most suitable extension for Chrome.

How to Get Whatfont for Free

Download.com can’t guarantee the security of software that is hosted on third-party websites. This is why I developed WhatFont to help it is easy to obtain font information on the text you’re hovering over. What’s the simplest method to determine the fonts that are used on web pages? “+Clip It” is a tool that allows you to find the fonts used “+Clip it button” is an instrument that lets you clip images and descriptions from websites to… Include products into your account on Curate at the New Zealand online store at the click of the button.

We do not support or support any use or application of the program that is in violation of the laws.

WhatFont is a basic Google Chrome Extension. With WhatFont you can look up web fonts by hovering over them. It also detects services that serve the web fonts and also supports Typekit as well as the Google Font API. WhatFontis a free personalization utility software that allows you to easily identify fonts online. It was created by Chengyin Liu. This browser extension lets you know which font was used and the other formatting employed for text on a website.

Do not submit this form to complain about bugs or request features that are added to the app This report will be forwarded to Mozilla rather than the developer of the add-on. The developer will have to provide information regarding privacy in the event of submitting their next update to the app. CleanIt’s very likely that the application is clean. Clicking the Download Now button above will allow a connection to a site owned by a third party.

It’s an excellent extension when compared with any other VPN offered in the Chrome web store. WhatFont is among the top extensions that I have ever seen and it allows users to connect to a variety of servers around the globe. To take advantage of the new web fonts, WhatFont also detects services that serve the font. It now supports Typekit and Google Font API.

Whatfont System Requirements

  • Operating System: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10
  • RAM:256 MB
  • Hard Disk: 30 MB
  • Processor: Intel Pentium IV or higher processor
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