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We will choose one of them to be the default output. It isn’t a big deal which one you choose, however you must keep track of the one you choose in case you decide to take the additional step that follows at the end. With the exception of the last three with obvious purposes, The others all dictate which audio source the particular strip will be routed. Like always I’m choosing the first strip so that it appears more organized. When this option is deactivated you’ll notice that the bar is moving when you speak, but you’re not able to hear yourself.

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Voicemeeter Banana

With these new virtual inputs, you will access more options for audio routing. If you’d like to do so, you can choose the voice meeter’s other virtual input as an output in Discord This will permit users to control the volume and outputs within the same application. It also allows users to make use of VST plugins via a VST Host program such as Mini host Modular as an add-on to every pre-fader output. Each input will be equipped with its individual VST Plugin Chain which can process your audio sources prior to when it is sent to the mixer’s final outputs. Banana VoiceMeeter is one of the programs that you didn’t realize you needed, but you’ll find yourself using it.

Voicemeeter Banana Features

Evidently, I was ignorant and opted for the complicated and lengthy troubleshooting guides instead of attempting the simplest fix and that is logging back to discord. I tried to get all of these settings to work by myself, but I realized after about 1 1/2 hours, I could locate this information and I was able to get the best tutorial possible. If it wasn’t for @NicholasNewton’s suggestion, I wouldn’t have been able to get it to work. It’s a virtual I/O and you’ll be assured that you’ll be capable of mixing and managing audio and sounds. You’ll have full control over the operation of audio or audio.

I created an account only to state that this method does not work and that it should not have been tested. When you connect your desktop audio in Discord as an input for a microphone What audio do you believe is in your desktop’s audio? This guide will allow your friends to hear their microphones and voices. The Voicemeeter Banana is a real-time audio mixer software. In the beginning, you will need to select a virtual output channel that will serve as an input for the streaming software.

Be sure to set up your microphone to route it to B2 also in order that when you complete the next step, your microphone and soundboard will be routed through. The next step is setting up Voicemeeter to use Virtual Cable as a hardware input. Simply choose the input device and select Virtual Cable in Voicemeeter.

Next, you need to configure this input in your streaming application, as previously mentioned, I use stream labs obs, so the screenshots will be of this. It’s the same procedure as the one you use when you plug the microphone in OBS. In the section for hardware input, click on any of the names when it states hardware input. The aim is to combine your microphone and desktop audio into one single track, and leaving Discord completely out.

I’m referring to it taking about 10 seconds more time to set up, but it’s easier the other way around. But, I had issues with Discord being able to recognize specific output devices. In fact, I noticed your name on the same Discord bugs report which suggests it is likely that you had similar issues. Voicemeeter lets you easily integrate the soundboard in any way you’d like to. It could be used for discord gaming or streaming content. Being competent to perform this task will demonstrate advantages provided by the voice meeter. Voicemeeter software.

How to Get Voicemeeter Banana for Free

In other words, you have to start it each when you start up your computer. The Cassette section functions as an inbuilt recorder that can be used to quickly see the changes in the levels and sound. Utilizing Voice Meter Cable as well as using the Voicemeter input as the output option for discord, and it isn’t able to get any audio recorded by discord into Voicemeter. The mute button is activated in the initial strip (the one you’re using to connect your microphone).

Enable B1; the B1 output is what will be used as the microphone in Discord So should you want others to be able to hear your microphone, this must be turned on.

I’m no expert, I’m only learning how to set it up. However, I’m not able to solve any issues. The configuration is quite simple and should run fine even if it doesn’t. Google is a much superior source to I am. There are reports suggesting that the software could be possibly malicious and could install unwanted software.

Utilizing this powerful tool, you are able to divide audio sources such as games, music, and discord and control each one of them separately. This means it becomes the default device for any application that uses input/microphone settings. This means you can utilize it for all kinds of things. for games, too. This is also a sign that the voice filter/compression described before will be applied. I’ll go over the various things I discussed above, starting with the tuning of your microphone. These are your hardware inputs usually where your microphone will be chosen or the virtual inputs for your cable. While this application functions as an audio mixer, it could also be used to be an audio player.

Compression can allow your lows and highs to be more closely matched. The gate to the right allows you the removal of sounds that are not high or background noise. Try the settings to eliminate background noise. Use the compression feature to make your voice sound more natural when speaking quietly and loud. The VB-Cables audio driver lets you convert your existing hardware inputs into Virtual ones.

Voicemeeter Banana System Requirements

  • Operating System: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
  • RAM: 4 GB
  • Hard Disk: 3 GB
  • Processor: Intel Dual Core or higher processor
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