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The software also keeps a log of URLs for all connections, which you can access from the Management section. Virtual Router Manager for Windows is a free virtual router program. It allows you to convert your computer into an internet-sharing virtual router, allowing you to share your internet with other devices nearby, such as smartphones and laptops.

Virtual WiFi Router

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This app also has the ability to set a guest limit. This feature allows you to benefit from a guest limit. Only a few users can modify the guest limit and can access your WiFi hotspot. To create a WIFI hotspot, first, replace the default WiFi password and then press the Start WiFi button. This software works with Windows using the ICS method of internet sharing. It is reliable and fast. You won’t need to worry about internet access restrictions because the devices can only be connected to one device. To stay connected while on the road or at work, there’s no need to have a heavy device.

Virtual WiFi Router Feauters

The software-based Lenovo notebook WiFi Router turns your notebook into a WiFi router. This software is designed for Lenovo notebooks and allows you to share your notebook’s Internet connection with other WiFi-enabled devices. The Intel notebook WiFi Router software-based WiFi routing utility turns your Intel notebook into an internet router. This software is designed for Intel notebooks and allows you to share your Intel notebook’s Internet connection with other WiFi-enabled devices. The software-based HP notebook WiFi router turns your HP notebook into an internet router. This is a special software-based WiFi router utility that can be used to share the Internet from HP notebooks with other WiFi-enabled devices.

Seraphinite Wi-Fi Hotspot is another easy and powerful virtual router software for Windows. This software lets you share your ethernet network with other devices through WiFi distribution. This software will create a WiFi hotspot automatically when you launch it. With this, you can quickly connect to nearby devices. You can deactivate the auto hotspot creator feature at any time and change the default WiFi name or password. You can also access the Advanced tab to increase the maximum number of clients, according to your needs. Baidu WiFi Hotspot, the next free virtual router software available for Windows. This software allows you to create a virtual router and share the internet with other nearby devices.

Virtual WiFi Router

Connectify uses Wi-Fi Protected Access II as an encryption method. Wi-Host, another free virtual router software for Windows, is also available. This software makes it easy to create a virtual router and share the internet with other devices. This software has the advantage of being able to share your internet with unlimited devices. This software is similar to other similar software. You will need to set the network name and password.

It does not offer any other features, except for enabling or disabling WiFi hotspots. Below is a list of the best Windows virtual router software. This software can be used to turn any WiFi-enabled laptop or desktop into a virtual router. You can create a virtual router to share your internet connection with other nearby devices, such as smartphones and tablets. Most of these software use WPA2 and WPA2 authentication with password protection for secure connection and authentication. Virtual router software can transfer data between connected devices and systems.

How to Get Virtual WiFi Router for Free

Connectify Hotspot is more than a virtual router. Hotspot allows you to share the Internet with all of your devices. It also lets you share files and documents with iPads, Kindles, Kindles, or any other device connected to your Hotspot. The Connectify Hotspot virtual WiFi router functions are compatible with all routing scenarios. This software app is compatible with Windows PCs and Laptops. It allows you to share an Internet connection via WiFi Hotspot and wired Ethernet.

Each software has its paid plans. If you wish, you can upgrade to the premium plans. The ISO OSI model uses 7 layers for communication. You have the right to access, modify and delete your personal data within legal limits.

This one can be used to share the internet and also to block certain devices from connecting to your virtual router. You can add any devices you wish to block to its blacklist menu. You can also access Connected, which displays information about all connected devices nearby in real-time. Jiveshwar Hotspot, another free virtual router software, is available for Windows.

It’s a portable, free and easy-to-use virtual router software that turns your laptop or computer into a WiFi hotspot for sharing internet connections. Mars WiFi is another free virtual router program for Windows. This is another easy software that allows you to create a virtual network and share the internet with all WiFi-enabled devices in your area.
After opening the file, choose the connection type you want and assign a name to the network. Your connection will allow other WiFi devices to connect to the Internet through it. Virtual WiFi Router transforms your computer into an internet hotspot. This program can be used to share your computer’s internet connection with other devices if you have a WiFi router. Turn your Windows laptop/PC into an entire house ad blocker to save time, internet bandwidth, and battery life.

You can create a virtual WiFi router from your Windows PC using only your PC’s WiFi card and Connectify Hotspot. Here are the top 20 most popular free virtual router software for creating WiFi hotspots. These virtual router software apps can convert your computer to a WiFi router. My WIFI Router is a free virtual WiFi router software that can transform your Windows XP, 7, and 8 PC into a WiFi Hotspot with just one click. It allows you to share your internet connection with friends and colleagues from anywhere and anytime. First, create a small configuration to create a virtual router. You will need to set the Network Name and Network Key in the configuration. Also, enable Internet sharing.

Virtual WiFi Router System Requirements

  • Operating System: Windows Xp/Vista/7/8
  • Memory (RAM): 512MB of RAM required
  • Hard Disk Space: 100MB of free space required.
  • Processor: Intel Pentium 4 or later.
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