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If it’s bright it means that there’s at minimum one other person watching the network, whether there’s a window with an individual user-agent, or because you are in the blacklist or whitelist modes. If the color is orange, it indicates that the tab you are currently using is the user-agent string created from the popup toolbar.

User Agent Switcher

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After the UA is modified after that, you can click the edit button at the bottom of the right-hand corner in the popup. If you can see the edit window open you can make the changes you want and then click on the “OK” button. To change the browser’s user agent just open the toolbar popup and select a desired user agent from the 26 available user agents. For mobile device user-agents, there is no have to choose an operating system. However, for desktop computers, you have to pick an operating system. After the extension has been installed you will see that the extension’s icon appears on your toolbar in the browser, as in the screenshot above. Click on the icon to modify the User-Agent settings of your browser.

The window-based setting isn’t a constant setting. It will work until all tabs within the window have been closed or the extension is reloaded. To distinguish the window using the user-agent string that is specified, this extension applies an alert badge to the toolbar. So, the ability to switch between various user-agents in a flash is an enormous benefit when you’re on the internet.

When this checkbox is enabled it is necessary to include all sub-domains into the list in order for matching to function. If this option is not checked the extension will take into consideration all sub-domains when matching is being applied. For example, if is listed in the black or white list, it will also be matching. After the extension is installed it will display a toolbar icon included in your web browser. You can open the popup using the button on the toolbar. It is possible to filter your strings using the “Browser” type or by “Operating System”.

However, it might not be the most current edition of the plugin. So downloading the code source from official website stores is the best choice as it always provides the most recent update of the plugin.

User Agent Switcher Features

Users can submit suggestions for improvements or feature requests using this form, too. The next section allows commenting on the extension, which makes use of facebook’s Facebook Comments plugin.

User Agent Switcher

The most significant characteristics of the User-Agent Switcher add-on are presented below. The summary includes a few sentences about the add-on, its functions, and the features it offers. The next section is a FAQ. This section can be helpful to find details about how the add-on operates within your browser.

Sites can also employ non-standard code that doesn’t function in browsers and changing the user agent will not allow the browser to render a page the same way as another browser. The Toolbar pop-up UI gives users an easy way to open every single user agent. When you click on any of the UAs, it will alter your browser’s user agent instantly. Don’t submit this form to complain about bugs or request additional features The information will be passed via Mozilla and not the developer of the add-on. Click the toolbar’s pop-up window and then press”Reset. You’ll notice that the color of the bar changing. Additionally, the tooltip is marked by the “disabled. “disabled” label.

How to get User Agent Switcher Free

Open the extension manager and permit the extension to operate in an incognito setting. The extension is uninstallable by using the built-in uninstall feature offered byFirefox.

If you’re using”white-list” mode, however “white-list” mode, however, the user-agent string is only available for tabs where their hostname is compatible with one hostname that is listed on the page of options. If you select”custom” mode, however “custom” mode, the user-agent string is resolved using a user-defined JSON object. Windows Phone is an OS for mobile phones that is developed by Microsoft for Windows Phone devices. Firefox OS is a new mobile OS from Mozilla Company for mobile devices. This user-agent is compatible with four Operating Systems (Windows, Linux, Mac, and chrome-os). Opera is a web browser developed in the name of Opera Software ASA. The user agent is accessible in three different operating systems. Firefox is a web browser developed by Mozilla.

It is a User Agent Switcher extension that provides the option of a menu as well as an icon on the toolbar that allows you to change to the different user agents of browsers. The extension is available for Firefox and is compatible with any platform this browser supports, which includes Windows, macOS, and Linux. Firefox supports a preference called “general.UserAgent.override” which accepts a user-defined UA string as input. When this option is enabled to “override”, it will overwrite the default UA string that your browser uses. Be aware that this method does not alter other properties of the navigator however this is by far the most secure method of overwriting the original string.

To include and utilize an individual User-Agent string simply type in the desired string in the input field and then click”save. Select “My Custom User-Agent” in the drop-down menu. The User-Agent Switcher is able to quickly and quickly change your browser’s User-Agent. The extension permits spoofing of user agents only on certain domains; it’s also possible to block certain domains from being spoofing. Spoof websites to gather data about your online navigation, such as your type of browser and operating system to deliver web pages you don’t wish to see. To find the current “User-Agent” string hover your mouse over the toolbar icon.

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