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This means you can print documents and other documents using the printer connected to a computer without stepping away from your personal workstation. Both types of TSPrint licenses are restricted to one Remote Desktop Server. CLPrint gives you an interface to the command line for printing PDF. There is no learning curve and you can begin printing documents as soon as you are ready. CLPrint will also print automatically any PDF that is within a predefined folder. After the print job is initiated an email notification will be sent to your phone or on your Chromebook.

Password 123


It is possible to use this feature for Windows 7/Windows 2008 versions and above. Right-click on any document, and then select the “TSPrint Open Locally’ option. TSPrint copies file to the local machine and open them with an application that is the standard one.

The save dialog for standard files will be displayed where you can choose the workstation on which local you would like to transfer the file. When you use VC the TSPrint application can function for as long as you are able to join the terminal server. There isn’t a need for any additional configuration of the network. Cloud and Managed service providers can benefit from our products. Our TerminalWorks Partner Program enables you to purchase license packages for TerminalWorks products and then resell the products. Sharing a printer on networks can be quite difficult however, with TSPrint the entire process can be completed within a matter of minutes. The program gives you the option of sharing a computer’s printer through Remote Desktop Protocol.

Yes, you can utilize TSPrint to print on Windows clients operating systems, which act as remote server servers. The print job is also compressed to make it smaller and is then routed through the remote desktop connection. TSPrint Server installation creates its own printers virtual.

TSPrint Features

Print jobs are converted into the format of a file that functions well on all printers. A limited license allows you to monitor the number of users that have this TSPrint client installed. TwainScanning.NET is one .NET DLL assembly that is simply referenced in the.NET Project you are working in .NET Project and you can start scanning straight away.


When you download ‘tsprint.tar.gz from our site You will have to extract it using the terminal by using the command ‘tar xvzf tsprint.tar.gz’. Save your selected options, then shut the screen by clicking the button ‘Save. Custom printers created using the Print Manager module of TSPrint Server will be shown in this section. Configure the security options when needed by creating new Groups or Users. This can be done by clicking the green icon with the symbol of a “+” or the red button that displays an “+” symbol.

After the easy installation process, TSPrint is now in operation. As compared to the conventional method for local printer support, our approach takes just less than a quarter of the time needed for clients to be able to access the local printers. You can utilize TSPrint using both an internet connection as well as an area network that is local to you. Absolutely, TSPrint is fully compatible with your PCoIP environment. Simply install it just like you would do on an ordinary terminal server and you’ll be able to utilize TSPrint.

How to get TSPrint Free

The TSPrint Printer – This printer driver automatically opens your default printer dialog box where you are able to select the preferred printer device and alter the settings. TSPrint comes with its own printer driver that will take your print jobs, compress them and forward them to the local printer to print or email.

This is possible with the new model of TSPrint printer called TSPrint user-defined. As a default, the TSPrint install does not create a printer like this. It is possible to experience long waiting times between printing jobs when you use Microsoft Printer Redirection, which transmits the job directly to RDP. RDP connection, but without compression. With print, the printing compression technology offers exceptional performance. Please give us details of the issue you’re experiencing.

TSPrint will be the RDP printing program that you can use for printing in the Remote Desktop environment. Its simple implementation and easy-to-use make TSPrint among the most well-known remote desktop printing options that are available. The server software must install on the machine that has a printer installed. After installation, you are able to create a few configurations should you want to.

2.) We designed a basic .bat file that must be installed on the server for every user. The configuration shown in the image above is an illustration of how you can install TSPrint to enable tunneling across several RDP sessions. If you select this option, it will result in the print output shrinking or expanding to fit the size of the page. This option is available to solve issues with margins. This option will cause printing’s User Interface to be displayed prior to printing. Utilize the dropdown menus to choose the printer that you want to make the default printer. If this doesn’t solve your issue, another issue might be the cause of this.

Terminal works are among the most popular remote desktop scanning and printing solution providers available. With its user-friendly tools and easy and inexpensive licensing, our solutions can be used by anyone from small businesses to big cloud hosting providers. This policy setting alters the behavior. The server is required to be installed in a terminal machine, while it is running on the machine to where you connect. The print Default print driver is a driver that automatically copies your file to the default printer local to you with default settings.

TSPrint System Requirements

  • Memory (RAM): 512 MB of RAM required.
  • Operating System: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10.
  • Processor: Intel Dual Core processor or later.
  • Hard Disk Space: 20 MB of free space required.
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