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The interface is simple and intuitive, yet powerful. Not only will you screen for important factors, but you’ll also find the best process settings to maximize product performance and discover optimal product formulations. The Design-Expert software was used for the design and analysis. This research produced predictive models that could predict changes in the physicochemical characteristics of pore fluid and surfactant enhanced Aquifer Remediation of PCE. Stat-Ease has been helping people achieve breakthroughs since 1985, thanks to its expertise in the design of experiments.

Stat Ease Design Expert

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Design-Expert software will help you make significant improvements in your DOE work, no matter if you are a novice or a veteran. It is an industrial analysis software that allows for data visualization, forecasting, and reporting. Los Alamos National Laboratory researchers used Stat-Ease to design a series of experiments to demonstrate how model validation techniques can be applied to structural dynamics problems. R&D engineers and scientists in companies, government laboratories, and academic departments.

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Anyone interested in process improvement can benefit from it, whether they are a novice or a green belt, or a black belt. SPC for Excel can be found in thousands of non-profit organizations, colleges, and companies around the world. The software’s 1987 release was a breakthrough year. It was praised for being “incredibly simple to use” by a DOE review.
DX13 is a powerful tool that allows you to make perfect popcorn thanks to its Poisson regression analysis. The effects graphs can now be compared side-by-side using a notebook interface. Design-Expert allows you to quickly see which results are statistically significant. You can present your findings and possibly publish them with confidence. You don’t have to believe us. Try it with any of the data sets included with the software.

A numerical optimizer, which is based on validated predictive models helps users determine the optimal values for each factor in an experiment. Design-Expert offers 11 graphs and text output to help analyze residuals. By varying all the factors simultaneously, the software can determine the main effects and interactions of each factor. You can use a response surface model to map out a design area using a small number of experiments. RSM allows you to estimate the value of each combination of factors by changing the values of all factors simultaneously. This makes it possible for you to understand a multi-dimensional surface that has non-linear shapes.

Stat Ease Design Expert

Its new Poisson regression, for example, allows the measurement of counts such as manufacturing defects to be done far more accurately than other methods. DX13 also features a wizard that allows you to contract, expand, or move the space of your experiment design. This facilitates highly efficient sequential studies. Vela Software is proud to announce that it has acquired Stat-Ease via its Tecplot subsidiary. This will add class-leading design-of-experiments software to its growing collection of engineering and analysis tools. Design-Expert provides a variety of graphs to help you visualize your results and identify standout effects.

DOE uses multifactor testing to quickly guide users to the sweet spot that meets all their requirements at a minimal cost. Version 5 was released in 1996 by the company. It was the first version that was designed for Microsoft Windows. Version 6.0 introduced a 32-bit architecture, full compliance with Windows visual conventions, and allowed for up to 256 runs of two-level blocked designs.Design-Expert’s new release includes many improvements to its analysis, design, and visualization capabilities. This was done without compromising our intuitive, easy-to-use interface. Whitcomb and Anderson wrote two books on DOE that are not academic. The books also include Stat-Ease software for educators. Whitcomb and Oehlert were awarded the Shewell Award in 2008 for their invention of the half-normal plot of effects for general factorials.

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Lecturers and professors who require flexible software to manage their coursework and laboratory work. Tableau allows everyone in the company to ask and answer data questions in real-time, resulting in better business decisions every day. Intellectus Statistics is ideal for students, faculty, researchers, and anyone who needs to visualize and analyze quantitative data, while also learning statistics. Anybody who wants to use Excel add-ins for statistical and graphical analysis. The price of a product can vary depending on the features required, support or training needed, and customization requests. Talk to the vendor to find out what they have to offer. Subscribe to our bi-monthly newsletter for frequently asked questions regarding the design of experiments. Mark Anderson, the Engineering Consultant, is energized by the new Tools in Design-Expert 13 for modeling counts. He tests a cellphone application against the built-in timing of his microwave to minimize unpopped kernels.

Gary Oehlert and Pat Whitcomb invented the Minimum-Run Resolution IV experimental designs and the Minimum-Run Resolution V experimental design in 2004. The minimum-run resolution IV (“MR4”), factorial designs estimate all main effects, free of any two-factor interactions or higher, in a minimum number of experiments. Factorial designs with minimum-run resolution V (“MR5”), estimate all main effects and any two-factor interactions in a minimal number of experiments. MR5 designs are usually done after screening a few key factors. If they interact, MR5 design needs to be further studied. Design-Expert can help you make breakthrough improvements to your product or process, no matter if you’re a beginner or an expert in the field of designing experiments.

Stat-Ease, a Minnesota-based company, serves customers worldwide through its website and a network of value-added resellers. KCV models are a better alternative to full cross-models when building. You can now use treatment Contrasts to compare each level with control or reference level. All graphs now include an adorkable legend that can be independently moved.

In 2008, they also created statistical tools to calculate power for a wide range of experimental designs. Precision can be used as a power substitute via fractional design space for mixture design and response surface methods. Stat-Ease, Inc., a privately owned company that produces statistical software, was founded in Minneapolis, Minnesota by Pat Whitcomb, in 1982. Software packages are provided to engineers and scientists by the company. The software uses Design of experiments methods to optimize product and process development. Design-Expert software can make breakthrough improvements to your product or process. You can screen for critical components and identify interactions, and then you can achieve the best process settings and product recipe.

Stat Ease Design Expert System Requirements

  • Operating System: Windows Vista/7/8/8.1/10
  • Memory (RAM): 2 GB of RAM required.
  • Hard Disk Space: 250 MB of free space required.
  • Processor: 1 GHz Intel Pentium processor or later.
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