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The original links on your receipt of purchase are always working. Our system’s 13-character codes may be used to retrieve the original receipt that contains current download hyperlinks. However, SpinRite is frequently recognized for its “true miracles” of data recovery. Check out some of the authentic SpinRite testimonials we’ve received to gain a better understanding of the work SpinRite has done and what it can likely do for you should you ever require it.Get More Softwares From Getintopc


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Also, this offers the benefit of using actual Microsoft MS-DOS files rather than the “FreeDOS” files which accompany SpinRite. The genuine, original MS-DOS could run more efficiently on systems that are not compatible with it. We guarantee SpinRite 100 and provide 30 days of the money-back guarantee. If there is ANY reason you are not satisfied with the purchase of SpinRite we will instantly reimburse you for the purchase.

Spinrite Feauters

Still written in 10015d4cc8ure’s assembly language, all SpinRite’s features are contained in one 170kb executable file that doesn’t require installation. It does not alter either your computer or another system in any way. You need to have the 8-character serial number of the version you have currently installed of SpinRite 5.0 in order to update into SpinRite 6.0. Find your product’s serial number to verify your purchase prior to purchase.

Our no-cost “Shoot The Messenger” utility enhances your security on Windows by speedily and efficiently closing down this “Windows Messenger” server that was never supposed to be operating by default in the initial in first. SpinRite v6.0 attains total independence from operating systems through the integration into the FreeDOS operating system. It is evident in the Windows screen above, SpinRite 6.0 can create bootable diskettes or the standard CD-R burnable ISO file to make the “SpinRite boot CD”.

The bootable SpinRite can be “installed” into any other motherboard-bootable device, for example, USB flash drives to facilitate portable booting and usage. Instead of clicking on the download link for software (which will download an instance of “spinrite.exe” and use up the link) click RIGHT-CLICK on the link, and then select “Copy Shortcut” to copy the URL onto the clipboard of your Windows clipboard.

SpinRite 6.0 is available for purchase immediately as well as upgrade and download. This data recovery software that is widely used is independent of operating systems and can be utilized to those using Windows XP, 2000, Linux, and other Intel/AMD PC storage devices and file systems. SpinRite is now bringing its famous data recovery and maintenance power to the most recent operating systems, file systems, and hard drives.

It operates much faster than it has ever been before and can assist in keeping your drives in top form, alert you to imminent disaster and take data off dying and near dead drives. Visa Mastercard American Express DiscoverSince the program is written using an assembly language, it’s always compact and quick to download even with slow connections.

How to Get Spinrite for Free

SpinRite 6.0rated first since 1988. most trusted and popular utility ever created to recover data from storage in mass quantities along with long-term preservation. If you don’t have or are aware of SpinRite go through these pages. This is an in-depth evaluation of SpinRite 5.0 as well as here is Maximum PC’s February. 2002 evaluation.

When first used, SpinRite activates and enables the drive’s disabled SMART subsystem. If SpinRite isn’t operating on the drive, it displays the “static” state of the drive’s SMART information is displayed. While SpinRite operates on the drive the SMART data of the drive which includes both traditional SMART parameter values as well as the more precise event counters for SMART are constantly monitored, polled, and then displayed.

More information regarding the health and reliability of a drive could be obtained by checking the SMART system’s output while the drive is in actual load. If SpinRite encounters areas on drives that need attention, it’ll suspend for as long as is needed to retrieve information, check the area, and trigger the drive to repair any damaged sectors.

Contrary to SpinRite which is a spin-off, this software does not perform tests for pattern data, defect scrubbing data relocation, or sector that is unreadable reparation and restoration. It is also able to repair and restore Apple Macintosh and Tivo hard drives by temporarily transferring them to an Intel-based PC. It is also a great tool to test the condition of drives that haven’t had a format. Once you have downloaded SpinRite.exe, you can install it on your computer. SpinRite.exe program, you can run it on Windows to create the bootable media format that you prefer.

This easy utility makes use of Microsoft-approved registry settings and group policy settings to inform ‘Get Windows 10 not to. It is possible to run it anytime to verify or modify the settings. This page is intended available to those who own SpinRite 5.0 and who bought the software or upgraded before the eCommerce system was operational. Then, right-click in the address line of your web browser’s URL and choose “Paste”.

The software will be pasted URL to download it into your address line, without having to use it. The basic rule is that if drives work and are recognized under DOS and possibly with the addition of additional driver drivers for the device, they will become “seen” and usable by SpinRite. The only kinds of drives that won’t function with SpinRite are those that totally depend on Windows device drivers and don’t have DOS support.

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Consultants who want to utilize SpinRite’s commercial application on client computers, as well as on companies that want to use our software must keep at least four versions of the software that are at its current revision level in order to qualify for use of the site license. To upgrade your previous version of SpinRite (and save $10 over post-release pricing) check out our typical eCommerce purchasing page. This site is NOT intended for you should you ever have used this eCommerce system with any of your money prior to.

Spinrite System Requirements

  • Operating System: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
  • Memory (RAM): 512 MB of RAM required.
  • Hard Disk Space: 5 MB of free space required.
  • Processor: Intel Pentium 4 or later.
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