Slate Digital Virtual Buss Compressors Download Free for Windows 7, 8, 10

VBC is a great way to add a professional touch to your mixes. The compressor is based upon the classic RED-faced compressor, which Chris Lord Alge loved. This compressor’s classic attack and autorelease work extremely well musically. You can get a powerful, aggressive sound by increasing the makeup gain by a few dB.

Slate Digital Virtual Buss Compressors

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Even though they seem to deliver zero gain reduction, all three VBC plugins can have an audible impact on the input signal. This is evident with FG–Mu which gives off an enhancer-like high-frequency sheen and FG–Grey where the mids feel slightly slopped. FG-Red, which is neutral, has a slight enhancement to the upper mids. This is the best online audio production school, with legendary pros teaching you how to do multitrack sessions. Fairchild’s valve-based 670 can operate in stereo and Mid/Side modes. Both are available on the FGM.

Slate Digital Virtual Buss Compressors

The FG-GREY begins with a precise replica of the British classic “4000 series console compressor”. It can tighten, glue, and ‘gel” the components of the mix. This is possible in both auto-release mode (which is transparent) or manual mode (which is aggressive). Slate Digital took the British discrete transformer and added some characteristics to the signal pathway. This adds a lot of clarity to the bottom end and midrange. As you compress more, the hardware unit can start sucking out too many bottoms. These are minor issues, but the transformer stage prevents the bottom from becoming too round. The midrange is more open and keeps the classic sound of your hardware unit.

The compressors are very simple and, if you have used the hardware equivalents, the control sets won’t surprise you – though they take advantage of more precise incremental parameter changes. Although it seems odd to name a plug-in FG Red when its GUI is a dark grey shade, in the post-modern world everything is a reference to another.

Slate Digital Virtual Buss Compressors Features

The VBC bundle includes a variable hi-pass filter and a mix knob. This allows you to adjust the ratio of the compressed signal to that of the dry signal. You can use each compressor in series and arrange them by dragging and dropping. It can be amazing to compress a mix with only one compressor. The compressors are also able to be used in series within the rack. This makes it easy to A/B/C compressors on source material. VBC comes with presets created by top mixers. FG-Red, as we mentioned, is neutral at low compression settings. This is the place where it shines, and adds subtle mix glue, just like the original hardware. The adjustable output transformer is what makes this really stand out.

It is possible to say that the SSL Buss Compressor was the first compressor to mix into it, rather than apply compression post-mix. It can be used correctly to add additional loudness and address problems associated with mixing in DAWs and applying glue. However, it can also cause serious damage to your mix. Many of us have wondered if putting a compressor across the mixer bus would make things worse or better, and which compressor to choose. Slate Digital has the answer.

Howie Weinberg is a famous mastering engineer who uses his RED for only the output gain and not compression. This unique feature is made possible by the FG-RED’s dedicated DRIVE knob. This knob allows you to control how many transients are emitted and the punch they produce. Virtual Buss Compressors is a trio of 100% analog-modeled dynamic processors that sound great and are perfect for programming material. Each nuance of analog compressors has been modeled, including the nonlinear characteristics and timing of their tubes, VCAs, amps, transformers, and tubes.

The FG-GREY begins with a precise model of the British classic “4000 series console compression compressor”. Although I have used the hardware model for years, I didn’t fully appreciate its beauty until I studied it during modeling. It can be used to ‘gel’ and tighten the components of a mixture in a variety of ways. This ranges from very transparent in auto-release mode to extremely aggressive in manual mode. The compressor’s personality really shines when it starts compressing.

How to get Slate Digital Virtual Buss Compressors Free

The FG-GREY will give you a slightly lower drop in the bottom, but the rich mids will still remain. The Virtual Buss Compressor is a collection of three dynamic processes from Slate Digital. They are modeled after some of the most iconic and unique bus compressors in audio. Virtual Buss Compressor adds professionalism to your mixes. Virtual Buss Compressors consists of three dynamic processors with unique sounding sounds that were modeled after some of the best mix buss compressors in audio. It was important to recreate the nonlinearities that give each compressor its unique tone, including the tubes, VCAs, amps, phase distortions as well as harmonic distortions.

The Slate VBC compressors have a practical advantage over UAD plug-ins in that they do not add additional latency. FG-Mu is a VBC plug-in that bears a slight resemblance to its hardware counterpart. The VU meters have the same shape and feature large knobs in a vintage-style design. The original Fairchild 670 had only a few controls per channel, including a time-constant switch and six positions for input gain. However, the FGMU has separate knobs to adjust output level and attack time. This knob can be used together with the input-level knob to adjust the tube saturation. Each of the three VBC plugins has A/B snapshots and preset banks. There is also a high-pass sidechain filter, an output Mix control, and a high pass sidechain filter. The rack plugin allows you to chain three units using drag-and-drop reordering and A/B snaps.

The color red is the Focusrite unit that the plug-in emulates, not the faceplate. Although the Red 3 Compressor/Limiter is not as well-known as the SSL Buss Compressor it’s a popular plug-in, Chris Lord Alge, mix artist, and DJ, is a frequent user. You have all you need to create and mix music with the variety of sounds available in ANA and the creative control that the Kilohearts Bundle offers. You’re ready to go with Slate master processing. Slate Digital was designed to offer the best digital audio tools for producers, engineers, and musicians. Unusual accuracy is used to model the saturation characteristics of the original hardware. Musician’s Friend offers two-year protection against manufacturer defects on every guitar and bass that you buy. I have been a better producer/engineer because of these products. The Slate plugins are very tangible, analog, and three-dimensional.

Slate Digital Virtual Buss Compressors System Requirements

  • Memory (RAM): 1 GB of RAM required.
  • Operating System: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
  • Processor: Intel Pentium 4 or later.
  • Hard Disk Space: 1 GB of free space required.
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