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Version 1.8 was released in February 2020. It allows users to create their own templates and keyboard shortcuts. There is also a panel that lets you add stock images. The photo editor offers professional-level tools and options without requiring a subscription.

Serif Affinity Designer 1

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Version 1.6 was released in November 2017. It introduced performance improvements and an alternative GUI display mode. These are the Terms and Conditions you will need to accept if you sign up for the forum. Guidelines If you don’t want to change your cookie settings, we will assume that you are okay to continue. You don’t need to switch between publications apps. This publication app can also link with Affinity Photo or Affinity Designer. All Affinity apps are 50% off through the end of the month.

Affinity Publisher is the successor to PagePlus and the third edition of the Affinity product range. It was released in 2019. Serif does not currently have plans to replace the WebPlus or MoviePlus product lines within the Affinity range. Serif Ltd, a British publisher, and developer of the software is privately owned. It offers software and related products directly to customers via its website, contact center in the United Kingdom, and through retailers.

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Serif is expanding its reach beyond macOS. The entire Affinity creative suite will be available for Windows users. Affinity Photo is unique among low-priced Photoshop alternatives in that it does not have restricted editing capabilities and automated functions. Version 1.8 of Photo was released in February 2020. It added support for Photoshop smart objects within PSD files and increased plug-in compatibility with a focus on DxO’s Nik Collection plug-ins. Serif made major updates to Affinity Photo and Affinity Designer in November 2017. Affinity Designer was named runner-up on Apple’s 2014 “Best of 2014” list of Mac App Store content and iTunes Store content within the macOS app category. Affinity Designer was released for the first time in an iPad version in July 2018.

It is part of the “Affinity Trinity”, along with Affinity Designer, Affinity Publisher. Affinity Photo can be purchased in the Apple App Store, the Microsoft Store, and the iOS App Store.

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Pro photographers praised the macOS version Affinity Photo and Apple named it the best Mac app in 2015. Affinity Photo won the Photokina prize for best imaging software in 2016 by the Technical Image Press Association. Apple named Affinity Photo its best iPad app in November 2017. Tom’s Guide also selected Affinity Photo to their first list for Best Tech Values. Affinity Photo was awarded the Amateur Photographer’s Software of the year award in February 2019. The award was followed by the Photography News Best Software award for March 2019. Affinity photo is a raster graphics editor for macOS, iOS, and Windows.

Serif Affinity Designer 1

A beta version of Affinity Photo was made available to the public for free on February 9, 2015. “Affinity Designer & Photo for Mac upgraded to version 1.7 with multi GPU and HDR support.”

Version 1.4 introduced new features in December 2015 for managing artboards, printing, and other functions. Version 1.5 was released in October 2016. It introduced many new features such as constraints, symbols, and text styles.

Affinity Designer, a vector art and design package that is the successor to DrawPlus was launched for macOS in 2014. This was Serif’s first macOS product, and it had been created from scratch. In 2015, Affinity Photo, a photo editing, and design package was released. Serif developed Affinity Designer, a vector graphics editor for macOS, iPadOS, and Microsoft Windows.

In November 2016, the application was launched for Microsoft Windows. It began to expand its reach to other platforms. Affinity Designer offers non-destructive editing across unlimited layers with pan and zoom at 60fps and real-time views of effects and transformations. It supports RGB, RGB Hex, and LAB color models. There are also PANTONE color swatches, an end-to-end CMYK workflow, ICC color management, and 16-bit per channel editing.

Affinity Photo is Serif’s successor to PhotoPlus. In 2017, Serif decided to concentrate on Affinity products. It is described as an Adobe Photoshop alternative and compatible with common file formats like Adobe’s PSD. Affinity Designer was originally a vector graphics editor for macOS. This operating system was the first to use Affinity Designer. It is able to use core native technologies like OpenGL, Grand Central Dispatch, and Core Graphics. The graphic design program is free and allows you to edit both vector and raster images. This month’s 50% discount sale, which included a 50% free trial of the apps, ends. There are still two weeks left to grab any piece from the Affinity Suite for 50% off, including products for Windows 10, iOS, and macOS.

Serif, which makes Affinity Photo, Designer, and Publisher, offered free 90-day trial software to help people get into its creative apps during the pandemic. Although the offer ends at the end of this month, it appears to have been a huge success. Serif shared the news that over 1.5 million people have received Affinity software free of charge since the giveaway began. …I have been reviewing and tweaking images for over 20 years, and this is the very first one that I remember I would actually like to use. It is truly a desktop-class app for photo editing that runs on iOS with full Apple Pencil Support. Serif created an R&D team for Affinity Photos in 2009 under the leadership of Andy Somerfield, who is also the lead designer.

Affinity Designer is Serif’s successor to its DrawPlus software. The company stopped making it available in August 2017, in order to concentrate on Affinity products. You can also import data from certain Adobe FreeHand files, specifically versions 10 and MX. Version 1.5.1 added support for the new MacBook Pro and Touchbar. Affinity Photo was originally a raster graphics editor for macOS. This was Serif’s second macOS application. It was built from scratch to use core native technologies such as Core Graphics, Grand Central Dispatch, and OpenGL. Version 1.2 was released in April 2015. It introduced new tools and features such as a corner tool, and a mode that aligns pixels for GUI design tasks.

Serif Affinity Designer 1 System Requirements

  • Operating System: Windows 7/8/8.1/10
  • Memory (RAM): 2 GB of RAM required.
  • Hard Disk Space: 250 MB of free space required.
  • Processor: Intel Pentium 4 or later.
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