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Last but not least, I was also impressed by the “Import Single Sound Library’ function. SampleRobot helped me to sample my Kawai SX-240 so much simpler and also saved me a lot of time.

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It’s wonderful that there are options for customizing to normalize whole projects. This Wizard is a great tool to set up the project. Thank you and your team of developers for the tireless work that went into SampleRobot Pro 6.5, which is now an essential part of the sound design, music, and sampling sessions on this site. Are you just beginning your professional career in sampling? Do you not need everything, but do you want to use the various formats for export? SampleRobot Multi-X has a wide range of advanced functions for auto-sampling. The project manager, to the auto-loop processing.

While on the move and not having access to my synths, this is the perfect solution for efficiently and quickly multisampling my favorite hardware sounds.

The SKYLIFE SampleRobot 6 Multi-X has many of the professional auto-sampling capabilities from its bigger brother SampleRobot Pro for a fair cost. “So certain DAWs and their plugins allow you to create and loop multiple samples however the speed and quality of SampleRobot are the best to date.” I was extremely impressed with the autoloop feature! Every sound I threw towards it SampleRobot could be capable of creating amazing loop points.

SampleRobot Features

You can hear the sampled church organ that is played from laptop computers within Cubase through HALion. “No other program can find better loop points or supports the many formats for export.”

The editing process for your sample is supported by loop overlay and crossfade visualization. It has super-fast waveform navigation that zooms down to the sample level. SampleRobot allows you to make multi-samples.


The acoustic qualities in the Church are exceptional and the organ that has 2688 pipes that can reach 5 meters of length makes for a voluminous sound field. The best equipment was used to capture every detail that are present in the direct signal and the room sound. Thus, Schoeps microphones could be directly linked to 2 RME Micstasy racks with MADI interfaces that were used to transmit the audio signals across several computers.

SampleRobot employs a recognition algorithm for background noise in order to detect the first phase of the recording. There are times when there are peaks in the background that can be incorrectly identified as the starting location for the sample. In this situation, just move out the Silence Out marker to the area of false detection, and then begin your Auto Note process from the Information and Settings section of the sample. Then SampleRobot will detect the next peak, which is greater than the threshold for noise. You can, in general, lower the Threshold Precision of the event that you record with background noise. link to on the SampleRobot opening window. This virtual instrument replica should be played through a software sampler. The recording sessions were held in the church of St. Peter and Paul in Ratingen close to Duesseldorf.

How to get SampleRobot Free

Pre-produced sample content is easy however it limits your sonic explorations. Are you a musician, audio designer, remixer, or beat maker? Now you can make professional-quality loops and samples that showcase your unique style. You can develop your own opinions by listening to these audio samples.

Sample Robot is awe-inspiring and you’ll wonder why you didn’t have it. SampleRobot also allows you to sample music from a source that does not support MIDI.

The user will be assisted through the process using an alarm clock as well as a tone generator and audition tools. If you’re looking for a program that will send back audio playback in another program We recommend Soundflower which is available for free from a variety of internet sources. Sampling an instrument that is virtual using the same computer as SampleRobot can be a challenge at times. It is necessary to set up virtual connections to Midi and Audio. If you’re on Windows this is a great guide for older versions of SampleRobot which is compatible with the latest version. This means you’ll be sitting in silence for 12+ hours in order to get one sound playing within a sampler software at the conclusion.

You receive everything in one package for a low cost. We offer three distinct flavors of SampleRobot to meet your requirements. Pro includes everything you want from an advanced auto-sampling program. Multi-X offers you the multi-export from SampleRobot Pro and many professional features for a low cost. Korg+Wave will open the door into the world of automated sampling. Nearly everyone needs samples in contemporary music productions.

SampleRobot System requirements

  • Memory (RAM): 512 MB of RAM required.
  • Operating System: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10.
  • Processor: Intel Dual Core processor or later.
  • Hard Disk Space: 50 MB of free space required.
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