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Roxio Secure Burn Enterprise is designed to ensure that confidential information is protected at all times on DVDs, CDs, and USBs. It has powerful administrative controls as well as an easy drag-and-drop workflow for users, this software is essential to build a safe secure environment.

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Roxio Secure Burn

With powerful controls for administration and a user-friendly drag-and-drop process to users, the software is essential to build a safe secure environment. Forced allows IT administrators to set up an account password on the server’s side when installing through intranet deployment, which ensures that all discs burnt by users are protected by the password. Install a Log Path Log Path IT can monitor the activity of clients by creating an access folder on the server, and installing every PC on the client to save log files into the same folder. Only access the encrypted data by Secure Burn — Other software cannot gain access to the disks, or USB drives.

It is easy to introduce customized security protocols throughout your business using tools that allow IT to alter and modify read and write privileges for individuals and groups at any point. You can control whether discs are shut after burning, force encryption once data is burned as well as set password protocols, and much more. With easy-to-roll software protocols out and implemented by IT and security personnel, your company’s security measures cannot be ignored or ignored by users. A reliable burning process Burning Blu-ray, CDs, DVDs, discs, or USB drives is as simple as dropping and dragging. Strong encryption support is available for FIPS accredited encryption, as well as password security helps your company comply with industry and government security standards and safeguard customers’ information and intellectual property. Secure protocols that are enforced make it simple for employees to be compliant with the important security requirements.

Master passwords and groups control settings, make groups of users, and create master passwords that ensure unique passwords don’t have to be entered every time. Conform to legal and government regulations to protect confidential information with the support of FIPS compliance and the powerful encryption of 256 bits AES encryption. Create all the groups you have created with the Permission Manager Tool. IT could save each group to modify their settings with ease. Enforced encryption using default passwords created by IT Set the encryption setting and passcodes. With the drag-and-drop gadget and security features that automatically detect, WinZip Secure Burn Enterprise is a great choice for users who want to have little or no impact on their work.

Roxio Secure Burn Features

Note down the date and time when files were burned. Check the list of burnt files on the disc. Create a password for encryption -Password requirements can be controlled by the administrator through The Permissions Control Tool.

Roxio Secure Burn

Secure Burn provides IT administrators with the tools to set up solid security protocols for groups, or even within individual systems. The simple drag and drop interface lets users quickly burn or save files onto DVDs, CDs Blu-ray discs, CDs, or USB drives.

Give or deny specific individuals or groups the capability to write on external media after deployment disabling Write Permission through the Permission Manager. For instance, example, the IT group can provide the ability to burn media to a particular group only for the duration of a particular project.

How to get Roxio Secure Burn Free

The process of removing and adding files, creating new folders, burning multiple discs, or encryption to multiple USBs is quick and secure. Control of Reading Permissions — Only allows access to encrypted information in discs, as well as USB drives. Unencrypted data is blocked to protect against security risks or malware that come from media external to your organization. Implement and enforce security guidelines using administrative instruments that are customized to meet the needs of your business’s security.

Allow logging to track much different information like date, computer’s name, and user name, as well as folders and files that are stored on removable media. The logs can be accessed by accessing the information with Windows Event Viewer or by using a log server software. WinZip Secure Burn Enterprise is an affordable solution to add a layer of protection for your company’s important data and data. It also can be extended to mobile media. Because protocols are controlled by IT the security measures cannot be evaded or ignored by the users. Add a new level of security to your business by using WinZip Secure Burn Enterprise, the program designed to make sure that the security of confidential data on DVDs, CDs, and USBs.

Roxio Secure Burn System Requirements

  • Memory (RAM): 512 MB of RAM required.
  • Operating System: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10.
  • Processor: Intel Dual Core processor or later.
  • Hard Disk Space: 100 MB of free space required.
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