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With this software piece, developers can start creating their SQL code quickly because the program comes with Visual Query Building tools that provide support for the creation of more complex SQL statements. The software comes with SQL assistance capabilities for code along with quick fixes, which lets developers automatically fix any problems that may be present in SQL code. SQL Debugger makes it easier of identifying coding errors, and also allows you to troubleshoot SQL Server, Oracle, Sybase or Db2 stored procedures and functions. SQL Debugger is a tool for debugging stored procedures and functions. SQL Debugger features basic execution of line-by-line as well as breakpoint support and other features that are commonly used in debugging. In addition, you will profit from SQL Debugger, which assists you in identifying and fixing errors. Oracle, Sybase, SQL Server, DB2 stored procedures as well as Oracle functions. With this program, developers can effectively enhance the data quality within their organizations and gain a better understanding of SQL query development as well as increase their understanding of sensitive data that are the result of various policies and their owners. Through its many features for debugging, the program lets developers easily spot mistakes in their code no matter what database they are using.

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IDERA RapidSQL is a powerful software that allows creating high-performance SQL code for every database management system using a standard interface. This program will assist you to reduce the need for training and improve collaboration among teams within your organization.

The program offers developers the ability to alter their code in order to meet their requirements using the clear and easy-to-use development environment is the SQL IDE comes with. Embarcadero Rapid SQL XE6 is an extremely efficient SQL IDE designed for database developers who require an instrument for the development of highly-performing SQL codes for different databases, all through one user-friendly interface.

As authorized distributors and official dealers, We offer legal licenses directly from more than 200 software developers. IDERA Rapid SQL also comes with real-time parsing which gives you suggestions on the quality of code. If you’re an administrator of databases or a programmer, you will be aware of the importance of using the correct tools when you are working on your project.

RapidSQL Features

Its Integrated Development Environment in Rapid SQL allows developers to design edit, modify tune, and then deploy server-side data that is stored in IBM(r) DB2(r), Firebird, InterBase(r), Microsoft(r) SQL Server, MySQL(r), Oracle(r) as well as Sybase(r) database. The suggestions that work in context are also available offline and will aid you in saving time when working using tables, procedures, templates, functions, columns, and other elements. In addition, you can make use of the built-in code templates, which makes learning SQL syntax ineffective. Other features include syntax coloring, code folding and automatic replacement of objects hotkey assigning, and selective execution of statements. Rapid SQL lets you build complicated SQL statements by simply clicking with Visual Query Builder. Visual Query Builder. In conclusion in the event that you require an efficient program for writing SQL code and analyzing its execution, debugging, and debugging then you should consider switching on IDERA Rapid SQL, as it offers an array of useful options. It includes an expert SQL debugger which makes it easy to accomplish the process of identifying programming mistakes and allows you to troubleshoot storage SQL Server, Oracle, Sybase as well as DB2 techniques and features.


It is a good software if you require an appropriate environment for writing analysis, analyzing, and then execution of SQL code. It is able to help you write SQL code for various DBMS including Oracle, SQL Server, DB2, or Sybase using a common interface. Database developers can benefit from a variety of collaborative features for teams using Embarcadero Rapid SQL XE6, in addition to having a range that of reverse engineering as well as source code repository features accessible to them.

Additionally, you are able to manage various types of Oracle schema objects and more advanced SQL Server properties such as triggers, tables, functions, and many others. Create highly-performing SQL code for all major databases (SQL Server Azure SQL Database, Oracle Database, Sybase ASE and Db2 LUW, IQ and z/OS, MySQL, PostgreSQL, and Greenplum) through a common interface. Reduce the need for training and improve collaboration among teams throughout the company. With this program, developers can simplify the process of SQL scripting as well as query creation as well as object administration, as well as enjoy a simplified debugging and control of version. Work with your team using reverse engineering, version control, and the ability to store source code in a repository. Rapid SQL incorporates version control features and build management tools to assist you in managing and building your projects.

How to get RapidSQL Free

Embarcadero Rapid SQL XE enables developers and DBAs to create high-performance SQL code at lightning-fast speeds. It supports all the major databases platforms through an interface that is single that lets teams standardize on the same powerful diverse SQL IDE tool. The rapid SQL XE includes centralized license management as well as tool provisioning, using Embarcadero’s world-class “zero-install” deployment capabilities. These advanced features will save you substantial time in controlling your tool’s environment. The program lets you create on the most popular DBMS platforms. It also comes with Embarcadero(r) AppWave(TM), to manage your licenses centrally tools, tool provisioning, as well as “zero-install” deployment capabilities.

It is a seamless interface with the majority of commercial version control software and supports every operation, including getting, check-out, and check-in as well as history and the differences. It is the SQL IDE is a development environment that is ideal for writing and altering SQL software that is geared towards the requirements of developers for applications. The IDE comes with SQL code assistance and in real-time SQL syntax verification the project-level SQL cataloging of files and search capabilities. You can construct complicated SQL statements in a matter of minutes using the Visual Query Building tools. The application is equipped with the SQL code assistant the ability to validate syntax, searching capabilities, and cataloging of files.

Rapid SQL assists developers and DBAs create high-performance SQL code efficiently and quickly. With support for the major database platforms through one interface teams can use the same heterogeneous SQL IDE tool. A robust development environment facilitates SQL programming, queries creation, and management of objects as well as project management and version control for live databases and offline repositories of source code. Rapid SQL provides a database IDE to manage schemas of databases and to create highly-performing SQL code that can be used on multiple databases that use relational technology.

RapidSQL System Requirements

  • Memory (RAM): 512 MB of RAM required.
  • Operating System: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10.
  • Processor: Intel Dual Core processor or later.
  • Hard Disk Space: 600 MB of free space required.
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