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BenVista PhotoZoom Pro is one of these. It can resize any image file using its state-of-the-art interpolation algorithms. PhotoZoom Pro allows you to increase the resolution of any image, without compromising the quality of the pixel interpolation process. Open the image you wish to resize. Next, choose how large or small you would like to shrink it. Finally, choose the method you prefer. To get a better result, you can also use a smoothing layer.


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Another key feature is the ability to use this tool as either a standalone program or as a plugin for major image editors like Corel PhotoPaint and Adobe Photoshop. BenVista PhotoZoom allows you to increase the digital size of your photos without compromising on quality.

S-Spline is the technology behind the program. It’s a mathematical algorithm that minimizes the effects of zooming. BenVista PhotoZoom Pro Windows 10 was developed by BenVista Ltd. If this program is not in compliance with these laws, we do not condone or encourage its use. Softonic may earn a referral fee if any of these products are clicked on or purchased by you. The interface is a little confusing and can be a problem for novice users.

BenVista PhotoZoom Pro, the most popular software for scaling and reducing digital images and graphics, is undoubtedly the best. It produces larger images than any other software, and also delivers better quality results. S-Spline Max is a unique and award-winning image resize tool that preserves sharp edges, detail, and sharpness. PhotoZoom Pro produces larger images and better quality results. PhotoZoom Pro 5 features S-Spline Max. This unique image resizes technology is able to preserve sharp edges, fine details, and sharp edges. PhotoZoom Pro can be used as a standalone application or as a plug-in for other host programs such as Adobe Photoshop Elements and Corel PHOTOPAINT. BenVista PhotoZoom Pro allows you to resize multiple photos or images at once with its batch mode.

PhotoZoom Features

The only problem I found was that you can only save the resized image to a handful of image file formats, including TIFF, JPEG, and PNG. Batch mode allows you to convert, resize and rename photos. You can also automate editing user-profiles and scripts. The navigation box on the sidebar lets you zoom in, browse to your image and adjust the size according to different metric settings.


This tool is optimized for printing and on-screen use. It is a must-have for anyone looking to resize images to the best quality. Batch processing allows for large quantities of images to be resized at once. PhotoZoom Pro 7 includes multi-processor support and 64-bit support. The new GPU acceleration also helps to reduce processing times. After the PhotoZoom Pro has been downloaded, click on the icon to begin the setup process. PhotoZoom Pro is available as a free trial program in the Graphic Apps another list. PhotZoom can resize any image in a particular format, despite its interface.

How to get PhotoZoom Free

The resize options and new sizes are however the most interesting. PhotoZoom has 11 different resize options, including bi-cubic and bilinear. The image size can be adjusted to fit specific TV settings, such as NTSC or Pal, or HDV. PhotoZoom also includes a comprehensive list of presets for printing, such as tabloids, sheets, and envelopes. If you are specific about what you intend to use your image for, these presets can be very useful.

Last but not least, you can split the main window’s working area horizontally or vertically into two panels. This allows you to compare the results of two different algorithms or presets on the same image in one glance.

Most of the time, changing the size of an image, especially when it is enlarged, can cause a lot of noise or flaws. BenVista PhotoZoom employs several techniques to preserve the image’s quality when it is cropped or enlarged. You can choose from twelve image-resizing algorithms including S-Spline Max and S-Spline XL.

The best results come from the S-Spline family and in particular S-Spline Max. There are many presets that can be used to resize images. You just have to choose the right preset and the appropriate algorithm to obtain high-quality, enlarged, or decreased images. Each one can be assigned values from 0 through 100. You can also save your combinations by giving a name to them. BenVista PhotoZoom PRO is my favorite tool for resizing images. It is a great tool for anyone looking to enlarge or reduce images, photos, or other file formats. It is not uncommon for an image to be enlarged to produce disastrous results. The larger the enlargement, usually the more blurred and distorted the original image becomes. This is not true if you have the right tools.

PhotoZoom employs its S-Spline XL technology to accomplish the task. The application offers many options to zoom in or change the size of your images. Once you have opened a photo in PhotoZoom you can rotate, flip, and crop it until you are happy with the arrangement. A good zooming tool is necessary to increase the size of your photo while maintaining its quality. Noise and JPEG compression artifacts can become distractingly obvious during enlargement. PhotoZoom Pro 7 can dig up so much detail that you’ll be amazed at the level of detail it can extract from the chaos.

PhotoZoom System Requirements

  • Pentium-compatible processor
  • 1GB internal memory
  • 45MB free hard disk space
  • : The PhotoZoom Pro 5 Automation plug-in is compatible with
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