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Macrorit Partition Expert Portable Edition is the ideal replacement for Microsoft native Disk Management. It’s the only tool that can be used for all kinds of operations. Norton Partition Magic alternative partition software for Windows 10, Partition Expert Portable Edition is there to help. We’ll show you how to utilize Partition Extender to expand or shrink the Windows 10 disk partition without losing data. You can increase the size of your partition, reduce the size of your partition, and combine spaces that are not allocated in one operation. Even though Norton discontinued updating, you’ll still be able to use Partition Extender that can manage the disk space.

Partition Extender Portable

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It is possible to save the .zip file to your USB or hard drive flash drive, and then unzip it. You can then transfer it to a location you’d prefer to. Make a basic USB or other flash drives that are small enough. Download Macrorit Partition Expert Portable Edition to your portable device and then decompress it on the computer you want to use. It is imperative to point out that the program doesn’t have reverse functions that are specifically designed for it. In case you want to alter your mind, you have to go through the process again or employ different third-party software applications. However, you must be aware that this extension is only available for partitions that are not system-based. After you’ve selected the partition you require more space on, you can make the volume you want by defining its size, or by dragging its border. This latter method is useful when you’re trying to create an entirely new volume from one that you’ve previously assigned more space.

It is possible to resize or relocate an entire disk partition, combine volume, duplicate volumes and see the partition’s properties. It’s an easy-to-operate portable partition manager that has basic functions. It displays a map of disks on the screen and displays all allocated partitions as well as free space, along with the size and status. Please remember to install the portable version to avoid having to spend time installing though the process does take very little time. The process involves decompressing the archive, opening the setup file, and following the steps given. When you launch the program, you’re received by a clear and easy-to-use interface that shows the drives along with their partitions that are dedicated to them and the sizes for each. A number of advanced functions are offered in the portable partition manager, which includes Convert FAT32 to NTFS Converting Logical and Primary Converting MBR GPT and Hides Partition and Wipes Partition.

Partition Extender Portable Features

Windows 10 Disk Management is an excellent program, but it’s not the best tool for every purpose of partitioning disks and is not the only solution for file system management particularly when a new disk is required to be partitioned on the new computer without an internet connection. The portable partition software available at the moment can save you a lot of time and energy when it comes to creating a new volume management system for your disk. Macrorit Partition Expert portable edition is the software that can fulfill your partitioning needs. It’s another excellent portable partition manager, with the most important features for managing partitions including surface test, partition test, and much more. Download the portable edition of Paragon Partition Manager or partition magical portable tool for free? Consider a no-cost alternative 100% freeware the IM-Magic Partition Resizer Free Edition which does similar to what the Paragon Partition Manager does.

Partition Extender Portable

Overall, they are great partition management tools that are portable format. It is all you need to do is review your partitions, along with extensive information that is in the bundle, such as allocated space, and other details. After clicking”Next” or the “Next” button prompts you with a new window that allows you to define the size of your new partition.

Export and copy a file folder from a specific partition to another location in your personal system. To access it without restrictions and for commercial usage, you can buy its premium version. Features that are premium like Create Bootable Disk, Migrate OS Wizard, and more are not available in the trial version. The free version can be used at no cost only for non-commercial use.

How to get Partition Extender Portable Free

It allows you to view the properties of the file system of a partition such as a file system type bytes per sector cluster size, bytes per size, version of the system First MFT cluster legitimate backup boot sector, the space available, and much more. You can see the aspects of a disk partition such as volume size and type, volume type, partition name, offset and start sector, and more. Macrorit Partition Expert can be a different portable partition manager software that runs on Windows. It is available in the installer and portable versions, which can be downloaded from its official site. The software that is listed allows you to run an analysis of errors on partitions in order to identify any errors or bad sectors. In addition, you can use advanced tools include the NTFS convert to FAT32 Converter, Logical to Primary Converter MBR to GPT Converter Partition Hider, and Partition Wiper.

Download the Portable Version of IM-Magic Partition Resizer Free. This freeware portable version can be downloaded from the following download link. You’ll be delighted to know that the program offers you a few details about the kind of drive you have and the available space you have on it. While it cannot provide exact numbers, it will show the space available in percentages and in a graphic representation. Certain features like Roll-Back Protection, as well as Bootable Media, aren’t available in the free version of the software.

The concept of Macrorit Partition Extender Free Edition is to allow you to move the free space onto other partitions you’re likely to need, for instance, a partition that is exclusively dedicated to games, for instance. Extending an existing partition is a simple and straightforward procedure that involves the following steps. Macrorit Partition Extension Version Free Edition is a small piece of software that can provide you with a straightforward and easy way to alter the way you allocate space within your computer. As the name suggests, it’s clear, it’s an edition that is portable of Macrorit Partition Extender, which means that there are it doesn’t require any installation steps to be followed to get it up and running.

Below is an overview of the top Free Portable Partition Manager Software for Windows. These are free partition management programs that are available in a portable format. You can use them quickly for freeware programs without installing the software on your computer. You can also carry these partition management programs in an electronic storage device to take them with you on the move.

I usually make use of MiniTool’s Partition Wizard to manage partitions in disks. It is possible to run a Surface Test to find out every bad sector for storage devices. It displays all details regarding the scan, including the number of errors detected as well as speed, elapsed time as well as other information.

It is necessary to upgrade to its professional version to use its full features. The IM-Magic Partition Resizer is one of my preferred software since it allows you to perform simple and advanced partitioning functions. There are also a variety of tutorials that will help you perform a variety of tasks on partitions. Two options are availably available in this situation, as you can modify the slider bar, or input the values for the partition, with a minimum and maximum shown to serve as a reference. A detailed map of your disk can also be displayed so you’re constantly updated with the modifications you’d like to apply. The software provides a variety of tutorials on using the software to perform specific tasks like shrinking partitions or merge partitions, cleaning up your disk, and so on. It is, however, Paragon Partition Manager Free is not a portable version.

Partition Extender Portable System Requirements

  • Memory (RAM): 512 MB of RAM required.
  • Operating System: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
  • Processor: Intel Pentium 4 or later.
  • Hard Disk Space: 20 MB of free space required.
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