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Chocolatey packages pack everything needed to manage a specific piece of software in one deployment tool by wrapping executables, installers zips, scripts, and zips into a package file that is compiled. Each program in this suite comes with a help document that runs using a USB drive it will ensure that the .cfg files are saved to the USB drive. NirLauncher can also be used to install additional software programs to the NirSoft package. For each utility included that is included in NirLauncher, users are able to simply run it, look at its help files, and go to the web page of the program. The Sysinternals program can be added to the launcher if the chocolatey package Sysinternals has been installed.

Password 123


Chocolatey’s Community Package Repository at present is not able to update metadata about packages on the site. This ensures that the package remains the only source of metadata about the package. The packages listed in this section are created, maintained, and controlled in the hands of the public. This is a sign that harmless software is incorrectly classified as harmful due to an unwieldy detection signature or the algorithm that is used by an antivirus program. Based on our scanner system we have concluded that these flags may be false positives. We do not recommend or support any use of this software when it is in breach of the laws. To download the most recent version of the NirLauncher package, go to the download site.

This allows all utilities to be operated from the USB flash drive with minimal hassle. NirLauncher is a suite of software that is designed to make your everyday computer usage easier. Tools include password recovery and network monitors, as well as the capability to see Web Browser info, file search, and much more.

NirLauncher is a set comprising more than 200 portable freeware applications for Windows and Mac, all created for the NirSoft website over the past few years. To modify the metadata for an application, please upload a new version. NirLauncher offers more than 100 small applications to tidy the system, make tweaks, and gain more knowledge on your device.

Nirlauncher Features

With all this in mind information, we cannot help but feel a sense of relief that the program could be stored on flash drives and be equipped with the best tools for any occasion. There are password recovery programs as well as browser cache viewers, downloaded media, as well as a variety of tools for working with the disk, fixing bugs, and cleaning undesirable files. NirLauncher is a massive collection of software from Nir Sofer developers. Nir Sofer to Windows operating systems. It comprises more than 150 programs, add-ons, and tools. It will help you quickly find the appropriate program for you at this moment without having to browse through a myriad of forums and websites for an appropriate solution. The program doesn’t require any re-installation, as all applications are organized in default. On the top of the screen are bookmarks that allow users to quickly locate the program they want to use.


The interface is thoughtfully designed, allowing users to cut down on a lot of time looking for a specific feature or utility. The utilities can be sorted by date of update names, description, and many other parameters. To begin using NirLauncher it is easy to extract all files from the package to your flash drive or any other drive you’d like to. It is essential to extract the package with the full names of the folders which means that the entire set of NirSoft tools will be placed in the NirSoft Subfolder. We’d like to point out that occasionally we might overlook a potentially harmful software program. To keep delivering the safest catalog of software and applications Our team has incorporated the Report Software feature in every catalog page. This feature sends your feedback to us.

NirLauncher is a set that includes more than 180 freeware and portable applications for Windows All of them created by NirSoft. If you’re a business that uses chocolate we would like the experience to be 100% and reliable. Because of its nature as a public repository, its reliability is not assured.

How to get Nirlauncher Free

It is important to know that these programs are portable, which means that you can use them at any time you require them. We’ve checked the files and URLs that are of this software with greater than fifty of the most popular antivirus programs in the world and no threat of any kind was found. The programs of NirLauncher will automatically select only the applications that have been updated in the past 1000 days. That means some old programs of NirSoft are not part of the package. This restriction was imposed to stop using outdated utilities or utilities that aren’t fully portable. In any version of Chocolatey, you can create your own custom packages and cache existing community software.

Maintainers for this Chocolatey Package will be notified of new comments added to this Disqus thread, but it’s not a guarantee that you will receive an answer. If you don’t hear an answer from the maintainers following posting a message on this thread and follow up using the contact form to the left of this page. You can also use this link to reach out to maintainers.

The majority of NirSoft tools are translated into other languages by volunteers from all over the globe. In the next section, you will be able to download all the translations for your desired language in a single zip file. Then, you can put them in a NirSoft folder along with the other applications. After this, you’ll be able to use the features of NirSoft in your preferred language provided there’s a translation file for the program you’re using. The applications included in NirLauncher are categorized in accordance with their primary purpose (password recovery as well as programming, network monitoring as well as system administration, audio and video related, and others).

The program functions as a menu for NirSoft utility programs, displaying the utilities in a well-organized interface, allowing users to choose one of them and launch it in a flash. NirLauncher is a set that includes more than 100 freeware portable utilities for Windows and Mac, all designed for the NirSoft website over the past few years. NirLauncher and all the utilities in the package are completely freeware, without any Spyware/Adware/Malware. The program doesn’t include any third-party software, toolbars, Web browser plugins, or any other unwelcome surprise items. It won’t install any program on your system. It won’t alter your Web browser’s homepage or any other settings of your system. NirLauncher is able to be operated from a USB flash drive without the need for any installation.

The bundles we offer can be subject to the distribution rights, meaning they could require a trip via the internet to official sites to download files during runtime. In the beginning, it’s important to remember that because of its nature as a suite that is comprised that includes more than 200 programs which is why it could generate alerts from different antivirus programs. The triggers are connected to password recovery tools and are discussed on the blog of the developer. NirLauncher is a set of software that comes with a variety of tools that are designed to enhance the speed of your computer use more comfortably (the required password is available on the application’s website). blocked is extremely likely that this software program is malware-ridden or includes undesirable software bundled with it. Beware that this program could be harmful or could include unwanted bundles of software.

Nirlauncher System Requirements

  • Memory (RAM): 512 MB of RAM required.
  • Operating System: Windows XP/VIsta/7/8/8.1/10
  • Processor: Intel Pentium 4 or later.
  • Hard Disk Space: 100 MB of free space required.
Updated: October 26, 2021 — 12:42 pm

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