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Discover a wide range of studio effects, including stompboxes and amps. ELECTRIC SUNBURST is a collaboration between drum sonic, the same award-winning sample instruments team behind the STRUMMED ACOUSTIC instruments. We spent approximately one-week comparing guitars and strings to achieve the perfect sound for the guitar sound.

Native Instruments Session Guitarist

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The perfect signal path, which included high-end cables and vintage tube preamps as well as high-resolution converters, ensured that each nuance of the legendary instrument was captured. The mix balance was fully controlled by the separate recording of the neck and bridge pickup signals. To capture the fine details of the sound and to add realism and punch to the performance, a condenser microphone was placed above the strings. SESSION GUITARIST-STRUMMED ACOUSTIC captures a classic dreadnought, played by a skilled studio professional. You can easily browse a list of authentic strumming patterns, and load them as quickly as you like. Over thousands of fret positions, loops, single notes, and noises were compiled.

Native Instruments Session Guitarist Feauters

194 PATTERNS AND MELODIES- PICKED ACOUSTIC is a quick and easy way to record a track, a jingle, or a demo. You can choose from many different styles and music genres of strum patterns, as well as busting rhythms and arpeggios. You can download a separate instrument to play the melody in loops or melodies. All of these instruments are linked to authentic performance. STRUMMED ACOUSTIC is a result of years of practice and a user interface that is simple. You can control chord progressions and strumming patterns with your left hand, while your right-hand plays chords.

Two condenser microphones are used to produce a stereo sound and modern sound in the Microphone Condenser. Dynamic plays rock and folk music from the 70s using a vintage microphone. A tube condenser microphone is used to amplify the stereo width. Mix the pickups and adjust the tone control. You can adjust the timing and tuning, add fret noise, and amp hiss to create a true-to-life session guitar sound. This sound can be sent through a variety of stompboxes and modulation effects, as well as five amps and 10 cabinets. The instrument also includes a high-quality vintage compressor, studio, reverb, and delay emulations. You can create your own effects or use the many presets included to inspire you.

Native Instruments Session Guitarist

Then, we spent another week comparing approximately 50 microphones, various high-end preamps, and converters, as well as the placement of the guitar in the room and the positions of the microphones. Daniel Scholz is a teacher at Munich’s University of Music and Performing Arts. He has studied music theory and computer science.

To match your personal style, you can adjust the length, timing offset, articulation, and fret position of the patterns.You can expect authentic guitar performances with a variety of playing modes, captured from real-life playing. You can add a doubled part to your guitar directly into the Sound control panel for more dimension and width. Professional engineers have created EQ settings that will allow you to place your guitar perfectly in the mix. Convolution reverb can be added to the mix for more depth and space – right from STRUMMED ACUTIC’s interface.

How to Get Native Instruments Session Guitarist for Free

You can choose from plectrum or fingers options in flageolet, muted, and open articulations. You can create authentic live performances in all musical styles by tuning, timing, or humanizing.

This insightful feature for developers with drumasonic Daniel & Samuel will help you learn more. ELECTRIC SUNBURST DeLUXE and PICKED ACOUSTIC were created together. Using pedals, amps, and cabs as well as studio-grade mixing effects, create a ready-for-release end-to-end guitarist part in ELECTRIC SUNBURST. After locating the positions, it was important not to change them during recording sessions. This took several months. Sam and Floryan Koerber, guitarist, spent another month creating a laser-based microphone positioning system and a custom-made guitar stand that would ensure everything stayed put.

He has been a producer, mix engineer, and songwriter as well as a pianist. His work includes a variety of artists including rock, pop, jazz, and acoustic. Daniel is the creator, programmer, and developer of drum sonic virtual drums software. He was also the recipient of the Pensado Break Thru Mixer Award 2014. ELECTRIC VINTAGE, like all models in the SESSION GUITARIST series, takes full advantage of KOMPLETE KONTROL hardware integration. The Light Guide can display key ranges and articulations as well as expressive techniques such as slides and stops. This makes it easy to switch between different playing styles throughout a take. ELECTRIC VINTAGE is one of the most iconic shapes in modern music history. It features the unique twang and tone from its two single-coil pickups, a rare early USA model. The beauty of a guitar only gets better as it ages. This beautiful example was recorded using high-end vintage preamps and cutting-edge converters in-studio recording sessions. It was a natural decision to develop STRUMMED ACOUSTIC, a difficult project on the KONTAKT platform.

3 SETTINGS,3 SPECIAL SOUNDS-PICKED ACOUSTIC gives Martin 00-21 his rich, clear tone. A Sitka with a slim body and a spruce top is perfect for melodic or finger-picked playing styles. Many hits records have been made with the help of Elvis Presley and Bob Dylan over the years. This 1973 model was recreated by an experienced session professional. It was sampled using 3 different stereo microphone settings to maximize versatility.

These patterns can be grouped into 31 well-coordinated song templates that are suitable for all genres of music, from electro to contemporary pop. The auto chord mode and the convenient voicing presets make it easy to program and play convincing parts for your electric guitar. ELECTRIC SUNBURST features the same strumming engine as STRUMMED ACOUSTIC 1, 2, and 3, but adds riffs, picked patterns, and a lot more. ELECTRIC SUNBURST is a tribute to the classic guitar, which was chosen for its warm, rich, and adaptable sound.

Native Instruments Session Guitarist System Requirements

  • Operating System: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
  • Memory (RAM): 1 GB of RAM required.
  • Hard Disk Space: 6 GB of free space required.
  • Processor: Intel Dual Core processor or later.
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