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There’s no other media player similar to it available to let you do this simultaneously. The app was made specifically for people who run Windows 10 and can’t seem to get it running smoothly.


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You can be confident in Musictube because it runs 100 100% on every version of Windows. If you’d like to test the trial version it is possible to click this link for your direct download. You can switch between tabs to sort results by genre or look through music playlists that are most popular. OMusictube is a well-designed and user-friendly YouTube music player. However, the quality of sound and music discovery require enhancement. If you are playing an artist on Musictube the playlist will be filled with tracks of the artist. One of the greatest aspects offered by Musictube is the capability to change between the live, studio, or cover version of the playing track. You can also set the video to play by clicking a button on the right side of the screen.

You can listen to the millions of tracks through YouTube in a simple way similar to an ordinary player. Music tube plays tracks from albums in their original order. It also incorporates the album’s cover, artwork images, and lyrics. Music tube can play complete discographies or even discographies of millions of artists on YouTube. In addition to listening to simple recordings of studios, you may change into “live mode” to hear live performances, or switch to “cover mode” to experience new versions. Music tube can be edited to create a playlist that you can load within a few seconds and then it plays on for hours. You can display the video in a thumbnail or as a full window. Windows Media Player is an excellent tool if you’re an avid fan of music streaming and prefer the idea of listening on your PC.

Windows Media Player is a media player that allows you to listen to music as well as play music using digital audio files, such as WMA files. It can also allow you to play videos and play music.

Listen to more than online radio stations and save your most-loved songs. Version 1.2.3 fixes playback issues for VEVO videos as well as incorrect character encodings in search suggestions. One thing that is notable is the selective search feature, in which you can search for a specific official video, as well as an unofficial version. In this way, you’ll discover interesting fan-made items and the original videos.

Musictube Features

The lists you make are automatically saved, so you will be able to retrieve them conveniently at any time. Of course, you can delete or alter the lists at any time you want. Also, you can look up a variety of covers created by other artists to make your own or discover fresh versions of your favorite track. You can edit or add songs by simply dragging them to and from the list, or selecting random mode so that it does not become repetitive. It is highly likely that this software program is malware-ridden or has unneeded packaged software. Beware that this program may be harmful or could contain unneeded bundles of software. The concept behind MusicTube is to listen to music through YouTube in a different way than how people normally use it to experience this service online.


This test version of Musictube limit playlists only to 10 tracks and doesn’t allow video. In contrast to the usual results from the YouTube searching, MusicTube offers the user an album listing of a group or singer, or in which a particular track is featured. The list is comprised of all album covers, to allow users to be able to select what they’d like to hear visually. Simply open the program, type in the music you’re looking for, select which songs you’d like to listen to from your results, and then add them to your playlist. We’d like you to know that from time to time we might be unaware of a potentially dangerous software application. The app also offers only 50 results from a search at one time. This was very limited and disappointing. Music tube is a simple-to-use music player, which gets its music tracks from YouTube.

If you’d like to experience a different music player, you can download MusicTube onto your computer. Music Tube is an app to play YouTube videos that focus solely on music. The only requirement to play it is an Internet connection. There aren’t any update logs yet to date for the latest 1.13 of Musictube. 1.13 of Musictube. Sometimes, publishers take the time to publish this information therefore please return in a couple of days to check whether it’s been updated. Transfer sound from app to application, or across devices, using audio bridge software.

How to get Musictube Free

The most appealing feature of this program is that it runs seamlessly with all versions of Windows. It is easy to download this application onto your operating system and start using it immediately. You’ll find that it is easy to install and you’ll be enjoying the benefits in just a few minutes. Other apps that you may have looked for free online come with a license or have viruses that mean that they aren’t recommended to download.

It was unwise of me to think that the creators of the app felt an elation due to the amount of effort they invested in its development. They did not just make me feel sad to this rude shock, but they used the trust and respect I felt for them and smashed it down the road. CleanIt’s highly likely that this program is secure. Speedy Tube Speedy tube 10 lets you download music for free and videos on YouTube. Record audio from any internet stream and recognize the information about the song.

It also has the option of a full-screen mode which lets you listen to music without distraction. While using, Musictube worked fairly well however, the initial startup can be slow and glitchy, with some instances even crashing for a few minutes. Although Musictube is gorgeously constructed and user-friendly, however, it leaves a lot to be desired with regard to audio quality, and that’s not surprising. It would be great to have Musictube come with some tools for music discovery. If you like using YouTube to search for songs for listening to then you’re likely to be awed by the music player. Music tube is a much more refined method of searching for tracks separately on YouTube. The interface is elegantly designed and lets you swiftly lookup artist and songs.

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