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Every Movicon application, no matter if it’s Windows(tm) 8or Windows(tm) 7 Windows(tm) embedded, Windows(tm) CE, makes use of the powerful network technology that allows each device can be a client, web server, or server in different ways. Movicon(tm) 11 is the latest technology for Movicon(tm) HMI/SCADA software, a platform that allows industrial monitoring and control. Movicon is more than 15 years of innovation in technology that is firmly founded on the notions of simplicity, scalability and power, and flexibility. It’s Hilscher NetLink driver allows Simatic MPI communications to Siemens devices using the Hilscher NetLink Ethernet interface. This driver was specifically designed to work by Siemens S7 300 and 400 and VIPA System 200V, 300V 300S, and 500S series.

Movicon Features

Movicon 11 integrates various options to control security at the top level. The User Management provides an authentication method to gain access and verify any of the projects’ tasks. This CFR21 Part 11 standard is utilized to design projects that meet the strictest standards. Movicon 11 provides powerful analysis as well as a reporting software that can be utilized whenever you want to keep your data from the past.

Tables, charts, trends, and data Analysis and an inbuilt, powerful Report Designer are integrated to provide advanced analysis solutions locally as well as over the Web. Historical data analysis is fully integrated, without the need for additional tools. It gives you users access to any DB extracting data, table, and chart representation. The Report Designer lets you create and manage reports locally.

The Movicon 11.6 modular architecture is the perfect SCADA/HMI software for any kind of industrial automation. The robust and flexible SCADA/HMI program is built on the classic simple, durable and reliable technology. The PC and PLCs must be connected to the exact same Ethernet TCP/IP connection, and with an address that is compatible, that is compatible with the current subnet. The download area requires registration or login. The download contains all the features of the Movicon 11.2 program, as well as all the accessories.

The drivers allow you to specify the codes for these output command codes. For example, you could connect three PLCs that have distinct MPI IDs using an ordinary Profibus cable. Connect Netlink to the MPI port on each PLC, and you’ll be able to access all three PLC’s data areas. The driver will periodically call the stations that have been configured to collect input data. It is then used for the purpose of the driver, which is to analyze the information it has received and transmit data to the supervisor.

This driver, the Siemens SINAUT ST1 driver was designed to share the data between Siemens devices that have modules that can support this SINAUT ST1 protocol. Movicon 11 is the ideal solution for embedded systems that require hardware and high performance. Speedy communication and real-time information management, along with improved graphics, ensure the performance of even less performant hardware, which is needed by embedded devices as well as Windows CE.

If modems are being used in the driver, the modem connection should be fully transparent to this driver. The technology used for Movicon(tm) 11 are based on the latest and most innovative ideas that provide users with an HMI/SCADA platform that is reliable, robust, and simple to use and a platform that lets hundreds of systems integrators, as well as other partners across the globe, develop their applications to great satisfaction. The well-established technology allows you to blend powerful flexibility and openness with just one platform to run applications starting from Windows CE to Windows 8.

How to Get Movicon for Free

This driver has been specifically believed to be able to communicate with the Omron NJ PLC series over the Ethernet network. The driver utilizes symbolic tag addressing in conjunction with Ethernet/IP’s native command.

This section lets you download Progea’s Progea software version. The software might not be popular, but according to it can be a replacement for WinCC the communication protocol, or run time very effectively and is not limited by the number of tag options as WinCC. Movicon V4.0 can be described as a revolutionary industrial software that offers flexibility and advanced software solutions for Windows and Linux HMI applications, SCADA monitoring systems, and efficient MES analyses solutions.

Data is recorded in a transparent manner by using ODBC technology that allows projects to become completely database-independent. Movicon(tm) 11 provides an easy-to-use configuration tool that includes all the features you require to build projects and in less time than before. A wide range of functions and ready-to-use tools and resources are available to simplify and enhance project configurations.

Movicon 11 is the secure and reliable option for companies that must develop and maintain supervisory, control, and data acquisition software with operator interfaces that are able to access data from remote or mobile devices. Movicon’s technology is proven to be reliable robust, flexible, and offers unbeatable flexibility. Host Link is a Protocol Host Link is a serial multi-point protocol that is of the type Master/Slave.

The driver is able to operate with Ethernet communication, in which the connection to IP the network as well as EIB devices is either one of or several EIBNet/IP routers. This Omron FINS Ethernet driver was specifically designed for use with OMRON controllers that can be programmed. This protocol allows for the connection of a range of OMRON controllers via the Ethernet network. To ensure the greatest flexibility, the driver is able the definition of devices’ data structures (“Data Templates”), which correspond to the data that is written or read from the devices.

If the license is not available in the absence of a license, the program is executed in “Evaluation Mode with all the functions for a period of 2 hours each time so that it can be used to conduct an accurate evaluation. Create once and then deploy your application on Windows Server, Windows Desktop, Windows Embedded, Windows CE, and mobile devices. Movicon(tm) 11 includes the SoftPLC technology, which combines HMI/Scada and PLC programming environments in accordance with IEC standards. It is important to note that the installation of the program includes Help-on-Line. It is necessary to indicate the language you want you to want to use during the installation process.

Prior to the Netlink device can be utilized it is necessary that the appropriate configuration of the system is required. Particularly, you must set an IP address that is valid for this Netlink device. Emerson is where engineering and technology work together to develop solutions for the advantage of our clients, which is uncompromising and dependable to live in a world of action. The language of the specific application is determined in the process of setting up.

The driver needs to be set up with three stations, each with the unique MPI ID for the associated PLC, but each station must share the same IP address which corresponds to the address assigned by the Netlink device, as defined under “Netlink configuration”. The connection requires a converter RS232/RS485 in order for it to be connected via a serial port on the PC to an RS485 net that can be used to store several PLCs. It is necessary to establish a connection to the remote device for data exchange with them. This driver assumes an internet connection (RS-232/RS-485) is in place.

Movicon System Requirements

  • Operating System: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10.
  • Memory (RAM): 1 GB of RAM required.
  • Hard Disk Space: 1.5 GB of free space required.
  • Processor: Intel Dual Core processor or later.
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